Acest modul a fost închis la data de 27 iulie 2023 și nu mai este disponibil pentru descărcare. Motiv: Problemă de securitate.


11 ianuarie 2022
It did update all empty ALT-tags but it doesn’t used chars like å, ä and ö. It replaced them with a and o. Edit: This plugin use the filename to create ALT-tags, not the post title.
8 februarie 2018
Could definitely use some improvements through an update. The good part, it updates your empty alt tags. The bad parts: the list it generates isn’t clickable so you still have to go search for the images to tweak their content, the alt tags often have spaces removed, so a post titled „My Summer Vacation” seems to throw „mysummervacation” onto associated images as the alt text, and finally, instead of placing this in Settings or Tools (like the screenshot shows), it adds a whole new „Maui Marketing” area to navigation bar in WordPress, which is unnecessary.
27 aprilie 2017
The plugin is concatenating the terms into the alt tag when it’s multiple words. So „red dog” becomes „reddog”. A whitelist/blacklist terms feature would be great so that you could skip images with filenames like „screenshot”. An ajax edit option would be great on the output list of media that’s been updated. The plugin stalled on a large site that I tested it on, never getting past „Loading…”. Would be worth it to chunk the output by media ID.
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