Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder – Lite


The Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

Supercharge Beaver Builder with 60+ powerful modules, 200+ section templates & 100+ page templates to build WordPress websites in record time! This Beaver Builder Addon is here to make website building an ultimate journey for you all.

Simply drag & drop custom modules and pre-designed row & page templates to reduce your website development time by around 30%!

With the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, we took the pain out of the website development process with easy-to-use custom & creative modules that allow you to build websites in minutes without writing a single line of code. Thus leaving you free from the hassles of coding!

The Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, free up your time from all the complex website development process with easy to use drag and drop modules and templates that make the process quick and easy.

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Ultimate Addons Pro & Premium Support:

This plugin is the lite version of the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder that is available for free. If you wish to avail all the time-saving features you’ll ever need, including premium support, white label branding, 60+ powerful modules, 200+ section templates & 100+ page templates and more, upgrade the Ultimate Addons to the pro version. Click Here to Get Pro Copy now!.

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Not sure of how things work? With over 170+ helpful articles, we are here to help and guide you at every step. Ultimate Addons Knowledge Base

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Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder Lite – Features

  • Ribbon: An attractive lead generation module that allows you to display headings, titles and offers within an attractive ribbon that can be customized as per your needs.
  • Image Separator: A creative module that allows you to add relevant and attractive looking images between rows.
  • Info Table : A wonderful content module that can be used to display content in a descriptive manner with a title, description, links and image to accompany them all.
  • Info List: Another content module that allows you to display a list of items with their respective information along with an image or icon.
  • Slide Box: A creative module that allows you to add content on the front and back of a box. The content on the back slides out when you hover or click on the box.
  • Flip Box: Another creative module that acts similar to a slide box; just that the box is flipped around to display the content on the back.
  • Button: A button can act as an effective lead generation module paired with your call-to-action. This module comes with several ways to make it look stylish and trendy.
  • Image / Icon: A lively content module that allows you to add an image of your choice and an icon among the hundreds available in the free library that comes with the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder.
  • Simple Separator: A simple content module that allows you to add a separator between the title and the description of a particular content. You’ll love the styling options given here!
  • Spacer: A very simple, yet useful module that allows you to insert extra space between modules or anywhere on a page.
  • Heading: The Heading module allows you to add a heading anywhere on the page. Next time you want to add a single line, remember, you have the heading module.
  • Advanced Icons: Pick an icon from the icon library that comes with the Ultimate Addons. Customize and use them as per your needs.
  • Star Rating: A simple content module that allows you to display star ratings on your site along with a title.
  • 100% SEO Friendly and quick loading modules.
  • A translation friendly interface that makes working easy and fun.
  • Built with responsive designs.

Ultimate Addons Pro Features

  • All the above-mentioned modules included in a pack of highly performing and creative 50+ modules that make building websites both, easy and fun.
  • 300+ well-designed, conversion oriented, responsive and beautiful section and page templates created with your requirements in mind. All these are loaded in a Template Cloud.
  • Easy enable and disable options for modules; to reduce unnecessary server requests.
  • Live Preview options while you are still editing a page.
  • White Label Branding
  • Unlimited usage on your own or client’s websites.
  • World class professional support directly from the developers.
  • Annual and Lifetime Licenses.

Visit the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder website to see how you can get the best value at flexible pricing packages

See what the Beaver Builder experts have to say about the Ultimate Addons!

„The amazing thing is that it comes with squeaky clean code and super hero support. What more can a website building geek ask for? Nothing.” – COLIN CARTWRIGHT – dynamikbeaver.com

„What I like most about Ultimate Addons is the fast response from the team. They seem to be online 24/7 to support their customers.” – PETER LUIT – luit.nl

„The new additional modules from Ultimate Addons provide a fantastic boot to Beaver Builder. This is a polished product and a real time-saver.” – ANDREW MCBRIDE – amvisualworks.com

„Ultimate Addons makes it possible for those of us that are “designed challenged” to build a complete website, extremely fast, and have it look stunning.” – ADAM PREISER – adampreiser.com


With regular updates, helpful tutorials, and a dedicated support from experts, we promise to make website building an ultimate journey for you!

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UABB Pro Custom Modules

With the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder you get a collection of over 35+ custom modules that include:



  • The Modal Popup Module: A lead generation module that can be used to display forms, offers, videos, images and a lot more. Modal popups can be displayed when a user clicks on text or an element or by using the exit intent trigger, the well-timed trigger. Modal popups can contain, text, images, videos and other modules too.
  • The Photo Gallery: A content module that can be used to display a set of images together. You can add captions and custom links for all your images.
  • Info Circle: A creative and interactive module in which you can add images or icons on the circumference and display the content within the circle.
  • Dual Button: An attractive module with a pair of fancy buttons connected to each other. You can style and customize the buttons as per your needs.
  • Counter: A simple counter with a lot of creativity! This module lets you display counters in the form of numbers, bars and circles. Pair them up with icons to make them more attractive.
  • Interactive Banners: A creative module used to display content. Interactive banners can be used with images and text; their main highlight being the animation effects and interactions you’ll love.
  • Fancy Text: Bid farewell to the old boring text! With the fancy text module, you can add in a tinge of creativity and fun into a plain line of text.
  • Row Separator: A popular module that lets you explore your creativity and add some beautiful row separators to make your web page look as awesome as ever.
  • Creative Link: You can use this new and creative way to highlight links. With over 18 styling options, you are sure to have some eye-catching links on your webpage.
  • Dual Color Heading: Wish to add a little creativity in your headings too? You can do that with the dual color headings.
  • Progress Bar: The progress bar module allows you to display developments and progress in horizontal and circular progress bars with a number of styling options.
  • iHover: A creative module that allows you to display some text with beautiful animations seen when a user hovers on an image.
  • Advanced Separators: A separator that can be used between two pieces of content. This could be a single stylish line, a line with an icon or an image, or a line with text.
  • Advanced Tabs: An advanced content module that lets you add a number of tabs with images, icons, text and other modules that makes navigation easier.
  • Team: A content module that lets you introduce the people you are working with. Simply drag and drop; add photos and text that best suits your team.
  • Price Box: The price box module not only allows you to display the price but, gives you a number of styles that can be used to compare a number of pricing options, products and more.
  • Advanced Posts: Have a blog on your website? The Advanced Posts module lets you display your blog posts in a single section on a page. With various layouts and styling options, you are sure to entice your users.
  • Info Banners: Banners can be boring with simple text and images. The Info banners can be customized with attractive images, great text, clickable links and animations you’ll love!
  • Info Box: An information box as it is called; contains a title and description. We let you add an image or an icon too, to make it look attractive.
  • Advanced Accordion: Avoid endless scrolling making navigation easier with the Advanced Accordion. You can add text, images, or other modules within an accordion.
  • List Icon: Have a list to display? Pick an icon that best suits your theme and use it like a bullet for each list item. You can customize them too!
  • Testimonial: You no longer need to design a section especially to pull in your testimonials. The testimonial module allows you to simply paste the testimonial text, with the user’s name and pics. You can select from the various testimonial styles.
  • Photo: Although it sounds simple, this photo module allows you to create wonders! You can add on hover effects on the photos displayed on your website.
  • Google Maps: The Google Maps module allows you to display locations with various custom styling options you’ll love to try.
  • Call To Action: Call-to-actions play an important role when it comes to conversions. The call-to-action module lets you create high converting sections that are both stylish and trendy.
  • MailChimp Subscription Form: You can now use a beautifully designed form with a few settings. Just drag and drop and integrate with your MailChimp account.
  • Contact Form: Want more users to get in touch with you? Use the Contact Form module to display a beautiful form, users would want to contact you through.
  • Before After Slider: The Before After Slider is a fully responsive module to display two different versions of an image by simply sliding over it. You can add custom text and colors too.
  • Social Share: A powerful module that lets visitors share your content across various social media platforms without installing a new plugin for the same.
  • Hotspot: Want to highlight a particular part of an image? Use the Hotspot module to add a hotspot with an icon, text or image.
  • Image Carousel: Display a set of images in a carousel that comes with various caption styling, navigation, grid settings and more.
  • Column Shadow: Add beautiful shadow effects to your Beaver Builder columns making them even more attractive.
  • Gradient Backgrounds: Create beautiful rows and columns with good looking and attractive gradient backgrounds.
  • Advanced Menu: Create an creative menus with the Advanced Menu module that is fully compatible with the Beaver Themer too!.
  • Contact Form 7 Styler: Create simple yet attractive contact forms using CF7 styler for your WordPress website and make it easy for users to contact you.
  • Gravity Forms Styler: Create an attractive and simple Gravity Forms Styler for your WordPress website and make it easy for users to contact you.
  • Content Toggle: Use the Content Toggle module of the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder and allow your users to switch between two different content types, templates or pages within the same section..
  • Business Hours: Create a stylish business hours section that suits your website with the Business Hours module of the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder.
  • Woo Products: Use the Ultimate Addon’s Woo Products module to display your products and create a better-looking eCommerce store on your website.
  • Woo Categories: Display product categories in style with the advanced Woo Categories module of the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder.
  • Woo Add To Cart: Use the Ultimate Addon’s Woo Add to Cart module built to work with Beaver Builder and WooCommerce to add advanced add to cart options quickly and easily.
  • Video: Embed a Video on a page with UABB’s optimized Video module that allows you to customize thumbnail, play button and more without affecting your page load time.
  • Table: Create responsive and beautiful tables with advanced styling and features using the Table Module of the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder.
  • Video Gallery: Flaunt all your beautiful videos within the highly optimized video gallery Module of the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder.
  • Price List: Simply drag and drop Price List module to design pixel-perfect menus, catalogs, product list or any other list of featured items Price List Module of the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder.
  • Marketing Button: Create trending and appealing call-to-actions with the Ultimate Addon’s Marketing Button that lets you add additional text with a fully customizable button.
  • Particle Backgrounds: Add interactive row and column backgrounds with animated particles using Particles background of the Ultimate Addons.
  • Business Reviews: Build trust and authority by fetching real reviews from Google and Yelp directly on to your website!.
  • >

  • Off-Canvas: Display creative flyout panels with menus, additional content, reference links, forms, etc. in a responsive off-canvas panel built with Beaver Builder.
  • WPForms Styler: Display stylish and engaging WPForms with advanced styling options through Beaver Builder itself!.
  • Retina Image: Add high definition images and logos on your WordPress website with this Beaver Builder module that makes them look great on all retina display devices.
  • User Registration Form: Build customized user registration forms with additional fields and more styling …
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    1. Install Ultimate Addon for Beaver Builder (Lite) either via the WordPress plugin directory or by uploading the files to your server at wp-content/plugins.

    2. After activating Ultimate Addon for Beaver Builder, navigate to the settings page at Settings > Beaver Builder to configure the post types you would like it to work with.

    3. A Page Builder tab will appear on the Edit Page/Post area. Also, a Page Builder option will appear in the WordPress Admin Bar on the front end of your website.

    For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base. Keep in mind that not all features described in the knowledge base are available in this version of the Ultimate Addon for Beaver Builder plugin.

    Întrebări frecvente

    Who should use the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder?

    The Ultimate Addons is the perfect collection of professional modules and templates that can be used to build websites. Therefore, it is an asset one must use with Beaver Builder.

    How can I access all the features of the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder?

    If you wish to use the advanced features of the Ultimate Addons, you will have to purchase a copy of the pro version. Purchase your licensed copy now!

    Do I need coding skills to use the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder?

    Absolutely not! Building a website with the Ultimate Addons is as simple as sending an email. It blends well with the drag and drop functionality of Beaver Builder.

    What are the requirements to use the Ultimate Addons?

    The Ultimate Addons work well with all your themes. You only need to have the latest version of Beaver Builder installed on your website.

    Can I use Ultimate Addons on client sites?

    Both, the Lite and Premium versions of the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder can be used on multiple sites. Feel free to use it on your own or your client’s websites.

    Will the Ultimate Addons slowdown my website?

    Absolutely no! The Ultimate Addons is built with ease and performance in mind. You can disable the features that you do not need and download only those templates that you need. This reduces the server reduces; thus leaving the site speed untouched.

    Is the Ultimate Addons translation ready?

    Yes it is! This plugin comes with .po and .mo files. It is already translated in a few languages. We have a GlotPress portal where you can help us translate the Ultimate Addons in your language.


    11 octombrie 2022 1 răspuns
    been using this plugin for a while, but only realized how nice the UABB button module is. so many options for customization, it’s too slick! hope to learn more about it and maybe get a pro version someday.
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    Contributori și dezvoltatori

    „Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder – Lite” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


    Istoric modificări


    • Improvement: This update addressed a security bug. Props to Patchstack for privately reporting it to our team.


    • Improvement: WPML compatibility for the Heading and Ribbon module.
    • Improvement: Improved codebase for improved security.


    • Improvement: This update addressed a security bug. Props to Patchstack for privately reporting it to our team.
    • Fixed: Info List – Undefined variable issue with PHP 8.


    • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress 6.3.


    • Security – Added nonce check to refresh cloud templates.


    • Security – Added nonce check to reload icon action.


    • Fixed: Info List – Resolved PHP notice error in Info List module.


    • Fixed: Info List – PHP Fatal error while using with WPML plugin.


    • Fixed: Flip Box – Repeat setting not working for Front and Back Background Images.
    • Fixed: Heading – Resolved PHP warning for undefined property.


    • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress 5.7.
    • Improvement: Heading – Parsed the description in the heading in a better way by using $wp_embed->autoembed.


    • New: New: Users can now share non-personal usage data to help us test and develop better products.


    • New: Introduced Advanced Icon
    • New: Introduced Star Rating


    • Improvement: Optimised the query loading time for Notices.


    • Improvement: Added Astra Theme Button compatibility from v2.2.0 for Button module
    • Improvement: Added new style type Default for Button module
    • Improvement: Added Background Color and Padding setting options in Heading module
    • Fixed: Info List – Non Numeric value notice for Image Size in rare cases


    • New: Added Typography field compatibility with Beaver Builder 2.2
    • New: Added Border field compatibility with Beaver Builder 2.2
    • New: Added Link field compatibility with Beaver Builder 2.2
    • Improvement: Added color connections to all color fields
    • Improvement: Added slider support to all unit fields


    • Fixed: Improved performance of the field replacement functionality
    • Fixed: Reduced the frontend data render calls to help with performance

    • Fixed: Heading Module responsive font size not working


    • New: Added Heading module
    • New: Custom field compatibility with Beaver Builder 2.0
    • Improvement: Deprecated uabb-simplify field and replaced it with BB’s unit field
    • Improvement: Deprecated uabb-spacing field and replaced it with BB’s dimension field
    • Improvement: Deprecated uabb-toggle-switch field and replaced it with BB’s select field
    • Improvement: Deprecated uabb-blank-spacer field
    • Improvement: Deprecated uabb-msg-box field
    • Improvement: Replaced line-height’s unit from px to em for all modules


    • New: WPML Support


    • Fixed: Global settings compatibility with Astra theme


    • New: Beaver Builder 2.0 support.


    • New: Added Beaver Themer support, Use modules from ultimate beaver to create dynamic page layouts with Beaver Themer.


    • Fixed: Sections and Templates not visible issue


    • Fixed: BB v1.10 compatibility issue
    • Fixed: Image Separator – Fixed scroll bar issue on small devices


    • Initial release