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TuxMailer Email Validation


Instant Bulk and Real-Time Validation from Within WordPress

The TuxMailer WordPress plugin automates the process of validating email addresses in bulk and in real-time (instantaneously). You don\’t need to import or export your lists anymore. Popular form builders such as Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Ninja Forms, and WP Forms Pro are all compatible with our plugin. Each month, you can validate up to 500 email addresses for free.

  • Here are a few of our most intriguing features: *

    • Validation of email addresses from inside WordPress
    • Simple and straightforward installation
    • Monthly 500 free validations
    • Real-time validation of email addresses
    • Validation of bulk emails
    • Integrates with the form builder of your choice.

Bulk Email List Cleaning

You can now clean your email lists from within WordPress using the TuxMailer plugin. Valid, invalid, unverified, and other criteria can be used to narrow down the results. You have the option of validating a subset, or the complete list, and all of this can be performed from the WordPress admin panel itself. Keep your lead lists up to date and accurate.

Real-Time Email Verification

You don\’t want any poor leads to end up on your marketing lists. They must be stopped in their tracks! To prevent users from entering wrong email addresses, integrate the TuxMailer WordPress plugin with your forms. It only accepts valid and accurate email addresses. Moreover, every email address is checked in real-time.

Easy To Get Started

It is easy and simple without being overly complicated. Merely install and activate the plugin on your website. Start by inputting the API key that you may obtain for free from the TuxMailer application, and you\’re good to go.

Get Detailed Reports

You may examine comprehensive validation results directly in WordPress or can get your reports from the TuxMailer App. TuxMailer\’s rigorous validation process, powerful filtering features, and fine-grained insights set it apart. It\’s never been easier to verify your email address list. TuxMailer helps boost your marketing ROI to new heights.

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  • Bulk Email List Cleaning
  • Real Time Email Verification
  • Easy To Get Started
  • Get Detailed Reports


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.
1. Upload the tuxmailer-email-validation plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress
3. Visit the \’TuxMailer\’ menu item in your admin sidebar

Întrebări frecvente

Where Can I Get The API Key?

You can get the API key from your TuxMailer account. Navigate to the \’Email Validation\’ -> \’API Key Management\’ page to get your API key. If you do not have an account, you can signup for free. We offer 500 free credits every month.

How Do I Add More Credits?

Visit the \’Subscription\’ -> \’Plan\’ page to top-up your credits. You can subscribe to a recurring plan or add one-time, Pay As You Go credits from there. Do note that Pays As You Go credits never expire.

Where Do I See Validation Results?

You can view the validation results within WordPress itself. Just visit the plugin\’s \’Bulk Email Validation\’ page and you will find detailed reports of your validations.

Why and Where Do You Transfer My Data?

Your data is transferred to your own account in the TuxMailer app. It is kept completely secure, private and is for your use only. The validation happens on our servers. Further, we also provide you the ability to download detailed analytics and CSV file from the TuxMailer app.

How Can I Get Support?

You can contact our 24×7 chat support which is available from within the TuxMailer App.

Which Form Builders Are Supported By The Plugin?

We integrate with Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, WP Forms and Formidable Forms at the moment. We will add support for more form builders in the future. You can also vote for your preferred form builder on our website here. ( )

I Have Installed CF7, however, The Plugin Does Not Integrate With My Forms

You need to install the Flamingo plugin if you want to use Contact Form 7 with the TuxMailer plugin.

Where Can I Download The Validation Results?

You can download the validation results from within the TuxMailer App. Navigate to \’Email Validation\’ -> \’API Key Management\’ and then click on \’Bulk Validation\’ to see your validation history. You should be able to download your data from this screen.


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