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Tidio is arguably the best free WordPress live chat plugin and chatbot on the planet. If you believe that online communication should be easy and effective, Tidio is all you need.

With Tidio you’ll engage your audience, nurture leads, automate work, and grow your business.

See how easy it is to implement our chat plugin on your website. The whole setup takes about 3 minutes. If you’re new to WordPress, don’t worry. Our support team is always there to help you.


  • A free chatting plugin that lets you talk with website visitors like you would with friends
  • A lightweight and customizable widget that will work great with your branding
  • Free mobile app (iOS & Android) to communicate with your customers from anywhere
  • Incoming visitor notifications to engage them as soon as they come to your website
  • Viewed pages list to see where your visitors are and offer them specific assistance
  • Live typing preview to stay on top of conversations and prepare your answers


  • WordPress chatbots to automate repetitive tasks, conversations, and generate leads
  • Chatbot templates that let you set up a bot conversation quickly and easily
  • Visual chatbot editor for in-depth automations without getting technical


Here’s what this looks like in practice:


Tidio Live Chat offers a fast and intuitive way for your website visitors to communicate with you. All they need to do is send a message, just like they were chatting with a friend!

But there’s more to it—

You can proactively start a conversation with your website visitors too. Simply send them a message, engage them, and turn them into delighted customers.


You have full control over the look of your WordPress chat widget. The configuration doesn’t require special knowledge or skills thanks to an intuitive setup panel.

Choose the background color, set your status messages, position the WP chat widget conveniently, and you’re ready to go!


Tidio comes packed with lightweight and beautifully designed mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Get the free mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, and make yourself available to your customers for longer. Chat with them on the go, or from the comfort of your couch.


Get notified when a new visitor arrives at your website.

Learn which countries they’re from, what device or browser they’re using, and what page they’re currently on.

Start a conversation, help them if they get stuck, or offer a discount once they put something in their shopping carts. You get to decide!


See what your visitors are typing in real-time—even before they send their message. With the live typing preview, you’ll stay on top of all conversations and speed up your chats.

Delight your customers with lightning-fast answers, and solve their issues in a snap.


Automate your live chats with WordPress chatbots to save time and reduce your workload. It’s just like adding an extra customer service agent to your team.

Use a chatbot to collect email addresses, send automatic responses to FAQs, offer discounts, and much more.


Get started with WordPress chatbots right away with ready-made conversation templates.

Find the one you need among the 30+ we prepared for various industries. Clone and customize the templates any way you need.


You don’t need technical skills to set up your chatbots or automatic replies. Use our simple drag-and-drop editor to build or edit your own triggers and scripts.

Need bots to welcome visitors or handle conversations when you’re away? No problem! Set up a custom trigger and fire up your bot exactly when your customers need it.


Stay in touch with your customers after they’ve done their shopping and left your website thanks to an integrated email marketing tool.

Send newsletters and email campaigns to give your customers a reason to come back. Choose from 260+ beautiful email templates or design your own with a drag-and-drop editor.



Tidio is the ultimate customer relationship-building platform. It also helps us recognize difficult clients and handle them in an effective manner. That wouldn’t be always possible via email.


Well designed, easy to use, and user-friendly. Great plugin for your business.


Exceed our expectations. More than a simple chat, it’s a professional online support tool.
Highly recommended if you need to manage your customers in a professional way.


Switch between languages or set up multi-language chats. Display a translated version of the widget based on the customer’s location.

The pre-translated languages include:

  • Engleză
  • French / Français
  • Spanish / Español
  • Italian / Italiano
  • German / Deutsch
  • Swedish / Svenska
  • Portuguese / Português
  • Hindi / हिन्दी
  • Arabic / العربية
  • Polish / Polski
  • Chinese / 中文 (Zhōngwén), 汉语, 漢語
  • Danish / Dansk
  • Dutch / Nederlands
  • Hebrew / עברית
  • Japanese / 日本語
  • Korean / 한국어
  • Persian / فارسی
  • Romanian / Română
  • Russian / Русский
  • Turkish / Türkçe

Capturi ecran

  • WordPress Live Chat Plugin - Let your website visitors talk to you whenever they need.
  • Customizable Widget - Find the perfect look to match your branding.
  • Free Mobile App - Communicate with your customers on the go.
  • New Visitor Notifications - Get notified whenever someone visits your website.
  • Live Typing Preview - Stay on top of conversations and give blazing-fast replies.
  • WordPress Chatbot - Automate your work and let the bot do repetitive tasks.
  • Chatbot Templates - Set up your chatbots in no time with ready-made scripts.
  • Visual Chatbot Editor - Build your bots from scratch by dragging and dropping elements.
  • Email Marketing Tools - Send beautiful newsletters and stay in touch with your customers.


Tidio WordPress chat plugin installation:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Go to “Plugins” using the sidebar on the left.
  3. Click “Add New” and find “Tidio” with the search bar.
  4. Install the plugin and activate it.
  5. The live chat icon will appear on the left sidebar of your WP admin panel.

After activating the plugin, create your account and start the product tour. Follow the steps to customize your widget, and you’re ready to chat!

Întrebări frecvente

How much does Tidio Live Chat cost?

Tidio is free and we don’t need your card details. Later on, you can unlock additional premium features for a small price starting from USD 18 per month.

I’ve installed the WordPress chat plugin—what happens next?

Click on the new Tidio live chat icon that appeared on your WP-admin menu on the left. You’ll be able to create your Tidio account connected to the plugin. Finish the initial configuration and you can start using the best live chat plugin for WordPress.

Do I need a Tidio account to use this WordPress live chat plugin?

Yes. Install the plugin, activate it, and create your free Tidio account from your WP admin panel. Alternatively, you can sign up first, install the plugin, click the Tidio icon in your WP panel, and then use your Tidio login credentials. Find out more about the installation process

Does Tidio offer a free trial?

Yes! Tidio has a free plan but you can also test all the premium features for 7 days.

Will I have to upgrade my account at some point?

No. You can use your freemium features for as long as you want. Many successful businesses stay on the free plan for years—it has everything they need. That’s why it is one of the most popular WordPress chatting plugins.

Do I need to install any additional tools to use the live chat widget?

No. Tidio is a fully-integrated WordPress live chat solution. You can start chatting right after you install the Tidio WP chat plugin and create a free Tidio account.

Can I show or hide the widget only on some pages of my WordPress website?

Yes. You can specify which pages should display the widget. You can also show it only in specific countries or even hide it on mobile devices.

Can I schedule when to display/hide the widget?

Yes. You can schedule your operating hours or show the widget only when you are online. You can also set up automatic responses to be sent on specific days of the week.

Are there any resources I can use to learn more about using Tidio?

Yes. Apart from the tips available inside the tool itself, you can learn more about using Tidio live chat from:

Can several support agents use the free chat at the same time?

Yes. You can also transfer conversations between operators. The free plan has 3 operator seats. It means that 3 operators (and an unlimited number of customers) can use the live chat at once for free. You can also buy extra seats if your support team grows.

Can visitors start chatting without providing their email address?

Yes, but you need to switch off the pre-chat survey. By default, Tidio shows a survey that visitors have to fill in before joining a live chat conversation.

Can I check if I missed any messages from my visitors?

Yes. All messages and live chat conversations are grouped and available in your panel. Tidio does not delete conversations. You can remove them permanently and clear the live chat history manually if you need.

Can I add this live chat to my Facebook page?

Yes. You can easily integrate Tidio live chat with FB Messenger. To find out more, read Facebook live chat integration.

Can I send email marketing campaigns to all my contacts?

Yes. Tidio lets you create sales and marketing cycles. Your chatbots and pre-chat survey can collect email addresses and opt-in agreements. Then, you can use contacts from your customer base for email marketing campaigns. You can also import custom email lists and contacts.

Can I integrate Tidio with 3rd party apps?

Yes. You can connect Tidio to popular eCommerce platforms, Google Analytics, marketing apps, or CRM systems. Check the full list of available integrations. You can also connect Tidio with 3,000+ external apps for free using Zapier.

Can I use Tidio in languages other than English?

Currently, Tidio is available in English and French. Other languages are in development.


21 iulie 2021
Tidio plugin is one of the best plugins I have ever installed, extremely well-crafted and intuitive to set up. In a very short time, users can design an awesome bot that will drive visitors pretty everywhere on the website. I also want to give 5* to the customer service guys, they are easily reachable and super competent.
20 iulie 2021
integrates perfectly with my website and the support is amazing, waited about 10 seconds for a reply all in great detail, very pleased with this
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Tidio – Live Chat, Chatbots & Email Marketing” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • Add preconnect hint


  • Fix missing nonce variable


  • Update menu icon
  • Use email from plugin form as default email for a Tidio account
  • Improve error handling
  • Use nonce system


  • Simplify login flow for users with only one project
  • Set widget as installed immediately after user connected project


  • Fix saving project data after creating new project


  • New integration flow
  • Refresh styles to match Tidio design


  • Change domain to tidio.com in URL
  • Change path in login URL
  • Added ability to integrate with Tidio affiliate program


  • Add asynchronous loading of chat widget option
  • Code cleanup


  • Change of the widget script placement in WordPress themes to improve the rendering performance.
  • Use admin email as a default email for a Tidio account.


  • Change of the widget script placement in WordPress themes to improve the rendering performance.
  • Use admin email as a default email for a Tidio account.


  • Refreshed texts within the plugin to be more intuitive.


  • New button added to reset the account data.
  • Account data is not automatically removed while deactivating or uninstalling plugin.


  • Remove old files, move to https api requests.


  • Add single version number across plugin.


  • Cleanup with changes after last modifications.


  • (added) curl support


  • (added) new design
  • (added) integration with tidio chat account


  • (added) compatibility with other tidio plugins


  • (added) compatibility with tidio one api


  • (added) compatibility with tidio one


  • (added) support to sites with disabled allow_url_fopen flag


  • (added) new icon


  • Compatibility with tidiochat.com


  • Added compatibility with other Tidio plugins


  • (fixed) error with location files using DIR


  • (added) translate mode
  • (added) feedback form
  • (fixed) auth problem


  • (fixed) curl followlocation error


  • (added) appearance editor
  • (added) compatibility with wordpress 3.9
  • (fixed) compatibility with others tidio plugins


  • (added) chat settings


  • Versiunea inițială.