Slim Jetpack

Slim version of Jetpack unlinked from 🙂 Supercharge your self-hosted wp site even you're…

WingerSpeed Instalări active: 4.000+ Testat cu 3.7.41 Actualizat acum 9 ani


Setup Twitter feeds to pull a user's public timeline, public list, favorite tweets, or a…

Theme Blvd Instalări active: 3.000+ Testat cu 4.9.22 Actualizat acum 5 ani

TweetScroll Widget

TweetScroll is widget that displays latest tweets from you Twitter account using new oAuth API…

Pixel Industry Instalări active: 2.000+ Testat cu 4.3.30 Actualizat acum 8 ani

Display Tweets

Display Tweets is an easy to use, future proof Twitter feed plugin that uses PHP…

Matthew Ruddy Instalări active: 2.000+ Testat cu 3.6.1 Actualizat acum 10 ani

Mini twitter feed

Embed your twitter feed or the twitter timeline from your favorite users on your Wordpress…

hectopod Instalări active: 1.000+ Testat cu 4.9.22 Actualizat acum 5 ani

Wickett Twitter Widget

Future upgrades to Wickett Twitter Widget will only be available in Jetpack. Jetpack connects your…

Automattic Inc. Instalări active: 800+ Testat cu 3.2.1 Actualizat acum 11 ani

Twitter Follow Button

Quickly adds the Twitter follow button. Can be easily implemented into your page, post or…

Alex Moss Instalări active: 400+ Testat cu 3.1.4 Actualizat acum 12 ani

Timeline Twitter Feed

Output timeline feeds and multiple hashtags into your WordPress site as flat HTML.

Ezra Verheijen Instalări active: 300+ Testat cu 4.3.30 Actualizat acum 8 ani

Get Tweets in PHP

Get latest tweets from a Twitter account with a couple of lines of PHP, and…

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