Easy Notification Bar

Easily add a custom top bar notification message to on your site with live customization…

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Dima Take Action

Easily lets you add a Top/Buttom Banner to display a notification and promotion.

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Custom top bar

You can easily customize page top bar with background color,contact number social links and a…

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Call-To-Action Bar

The 'Call-To-Action Bar' plugin adds a simple bar at the top of your page with…

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Simple Notification

Simple Notification Bar is a custom notification and alert bar plugin for WordPress which is…

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The TopBar plugin adds a notification bar on your website to highlight your newest products,…

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Top Bar Announcements and News

Displays a colored top bar in your website for news, promotions and announcements. Customize text…

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Maintenance alerts

You can use this plugin to show the website maintenance scheduled information to the visitors…

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