WP Store Locator

An easy to use location management system that enables users to search for nearby physical…

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Store Locator WordPress

Agile Store Locator is a premium store finder plugin designed to offer you immediate access…

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GEO my WordPress

Advanced geolocation, mapping, and proximity search plugin. Geotag post types and BuddyPress members, and create…

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SimpleMap Store Locator

Easy to use Store Locator / Local SEO plugin (supports international stores) using Google Maps

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Add a Locatii page to your website to help your customers find the store closest…

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Simple Locator

Add Google Maps location search functionality for any post type.

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CM Map Locations

Easily Manage locations with integrated Google Maps functionality, providing an intuitive location finder experience

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Gwebpro Store Locator

Introducing a unique and ultra-modern location management system that lets you add a Location Finder…

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Custom WP Store Locator

Create and manage multiple locations in map. you can use search widget, store locator map.…

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