Garmin Connect

Provides a widget for displaying latest activities from Garmin Connect on your site

Coded Robot LLC Instalări active: 50+ Testat cu 3.4.2 Actualizat acum 11 ani

ESPN Headlines

A simple widget to display the latest ESPN content by sport and league.

David Pean Instalări active: 40+ Testat cu 3.3.2 Actualizat acum 11 ani

Results for Handball4All

Show timetables with results and standings of handball teams and leagues provided by

Yannick Zipf Instalări active: 30+ Testat cu 6.0.5 Actualizat acum 5 luni

Odds comparison Widget

View and compare the highest odds on multiple sports, leagues and events. Shows matches from… Instalări active: 20+ Testat cu 5.2.18 Actualizat acum 4 ani


This plugin makes it easy to administer and display matches (sports or otherwise) with a…

Anders Mårtensson Instalări active: 20+ Testat cu 3.2.1 Actualizat acum 12 ani


Track cycling stats from your bike's cyclocomputer and make pretty graphs.

Andrew M. Whalen Instalări active: 10+ Testat cu 2.9.2 Actualizat acum 14 ani


Sync all of your Wordpress users to your Slurv league. Use the slurv_iframe shortcode to… Instalări active: 10+ Testat cu 4.4.30 Actualizat acum 7 ani

Cricket Score

Get the latest live Cricket Score for your website.

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Football Leagues

Top 4 European football league tables. All 4 leagues are updates approximately every 30 minutes…

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Sports Manager

BETA VERSION. Manage your league like a pro! Sports Manager is a WordPress plugin that…

Charles-Alexandre Lacroix Instalări active: 10+ Testat cu 3.5.2 Actualizat acum 10 ani

WorldNews Plugin

– WordPress news plugin is the free version of the plugin WP Latest posts which…

RFSOFTLAB Instalări active: 10+ Testat cu 4.7.26 Actualizat acum 6 ani