Butoane de partajare AddToAny

Share buttons for WordPress including the AddToAny button, Facebook, Mastodon, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Reddit, Threads, many…

AddToAny Instalări active: 400.000+ Testat cu 6.4.1 Actualizat acum o lună

Astra Widgets

Quickest solution to add widgets like Address, Social Profiles and List icons on a website…

Brainstorm Force Instalări active: 300.000+ Testat cu 6.4.1 Actualizat acum 6 zile

Simple Social Icons

This plugin allows you to insert social icons in any widget area.

OsomPress Instalări active: 100.000+ Testat cu 6.4.1 Actualizat acum 2 săptămâni

Social Media Widget

Adds links to all of your social media and sharing site profiles. Tons of icons…

Noah Kagan Instalări active: 50.000+ Testat cu 5.3.16 Actualizat acum 1 an

Jetpack Social

Scrii numai o dată, publici peste tot. Ajungi la publicul tău țintă prin partajarea conținutului…

Automattic - Jetpack Social team Instalări active: 20.000+ Testat cu 6.3.2 Actualizat acum 2 luni

Mobile Contact Bar

Allow your visitors to contact you via mobile phones, or access your site's pages instantly.

Anna Bansaghi Instalări active: 10.000+ Testat cu 6.4.1 Actualizat acum 2 zile

Sticky Social Icons

Show your favourite social media icons into the side of your website screen. You can…

Sanil Shakya Instalări active: 10.000+ Testat cu 6.0.6 Actualizat acum 1 an

SpeakOut! Email Petitions

SpeakOut! Email Petitions makes it easy to add petitions to your website and rally your…

Steve D Instalări active: 4.000+ Testat cu 6.4.1 Actualizat acum o săptămână