Theme Blvd Sliders

When using a Theme Blvd theme, this plugin gives you slick interface to build custom…

Theme Blvd Instalări active: 3.000+ Actualizat acum 6 ani

Image Flicker

Display a mini-slideshow anywhere on your site. Good for banner advertisments or a looping display…

Sam Wilson Instalări active: 100+ Testat cu 2.7.1 Actualizat acum 13 ani

Bamboo Slides

With three different animation styles, Bamboo Slides allows you to incorporate a cool looking interactive…

Bamboo Mcr Instalări active: 90+ Testat cu 5.0.14 Actualizat acum 4 ani

SDAC Post Slideshows

Highly customizable slideshows for your posts and pages using jQuery Cycle.

Jennifer Zelazny/SDAC Inc. Instalări active: Mai puțin de 10 Testat cu 3.2.1 Actualizat acum 10 ani