Resume / CV

Resume CV WordPress Plugin . Easily build resume with wordpress.

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WP Resume

Out-of-the-box solution to get your resume online. Built on WordPress's custom post types, it offers…

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Resume CV Block

Beautiful Resume CV Gutenberg Block for everyone who wants to publish a nice Resume/CV.

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My Resume Builder

My Resume Builder allows you to create a beautifully formatted Resumes in minutes.

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HM Resume Manager

WordPress Resume Manager plugin to display and manage personal resume or CV at your WordPress…

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LinkedIn SC

Parses your linkedIn resume and allows you to display it using Shortcodes.

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Resume Page

Turns any Wordpress page into a beautiful Resume Page, with built in Gihub activity and…

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LinkedIn Resume

Display your CV (also called Resume or Curriculum vitae) on your blog from your linkedIn…

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BP Resume Page

Adds a resume page to BuddyPress profile. Also adds nav menu item under Avatar and… Instalări active: 20+ Testat cu 3.3.2 Actualizat acum 11 ani

My Certificates Wall

The plugin allows to publish Certificates Wall – the set of images corresponding to certificates,…

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Viadeo Resume

Viadeo is the second professional social networks around the world with a total membership base…

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Include any hResume encoded resume in any Wordpress page and style it how you like…

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CVShout Resume

Add a resume to your Wordpress site. Use the Admin screens to input your resume…

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WP Resume Shortcode

This plugin helps you create a better resume, without managing filthy content types and overloading…

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Odyssey Resumes

An easy to use Resume plugin that allows custom templates and themes for your resume.…

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