WP Reactions Lite

Engage your users today with Lottie Animated Reactions for WordPress.

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Da Reactions

This plugin creates some reaction buttons that could be added to content and comments.

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Post And Page Reactions

This plugin helps you to have Facebook-like 7 emotions for reacting on any post or…

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WHAT'S YOUR REACTION? With Feelback Reactions your audience can express how they are feeling about…

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Emoji Reactions

Add emoji reactions to posts, pages and comments. Inspired by Slack

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Forget misleading ratings/reactions. Capture accurate data you can actually use when people share the intensity…

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Emojized allows visitors to a WordPress site to rate and react to content using Emojis.…

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Katorymnd Reaction

Katorymnd reaction Is a plugin designed for users to post reaction or feeback messages, to…

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