Garden Gnome Package

Display panoramas, virtual tours or object movies created with Pano2VR and Object2VR.

Garden Gnome Software Instalări active: 5.000+ Testat cu 6.4.0 Actualizat acum 6 luni

360 View

Embed multiple 360-degree photos and/or videos into your wordpress pages and posts with a shortcode…

Andrey Mikhalchuk Instalări active: 800+ Testat cu 5.7.11 Actualizat acum 3 ani

Easy Panorama

Embed interactive wide/panoramic images on your site. Optimised for responsive layouts, it works great with…

Leonardo Giacone Instalări active: 700+ Testat cu 6.1.6 Actualizat acum 1 an


The WP-Pano is the WordPress plugin for content management of your krpano projects.

Alexey Yuzhakov Instalări active: 500+ Testat cu 5.7.11 Actualizat acum 3 ani


Provides a scrolling field without scrollbars for pictures with huge horizontal dimensions. Especially useful for…

Fabian Stanke Instalări active: 500+ Testat cu 4.0.38 Actualizat acum 10 ani


Theasys is a plugin that lets you easily embed your Tours to your Wordpress…

Theasys Instalări active: 200+ Testat cu 5.4.15 Actualizat acum 4 ani


The plugin allow embed the Google street view panoramas to wordpress.

Alexey Yuzhakov Instalări active: 100+ Testat cu 5.3.17 Actualizat acum 3 ani

QTVR Viewer

This plugin inserts a panoramic player into a WordPress article to view a 360 panoramic…

Armando Saenz Instalări active: 100+ Testat cu 2.9.2 Actualizat acum 12 ani

WP krpano

WP krpano allows to easily embed and display panoramic images in posts using the Adobe…

Jens Remus Instalări active: 50+ Testat cu 2.9.2 Actualizat acum 14 ani

Ogulo – 360° Tour

The new Ogulo Plugin enables you to integrate your Ogulo tours fast and easy into…

Ogulo Instalări active: 50+ Testat cu 6.3.0 Actualizat acum 8 luni

360 Panorama Embed

This plugin allows you to easily embed a panorama created using Occipital's 360 Panorama App.

Mike Richwalsky Instalări active: 40+ Testat cu 3.7.41 Actualizat acum 10 ani

WP PT-Viewer

A plugin for wordpress which allows you to easily insert dynamic panoramic pictures inside your…

MarvinLabs Instalări active: 40+ Testat cu 3.0.5 Actualizat acum 13 ani


This embed plugin allows you to embed Dermandar panoramas into your blog!

efkhoury Instalări active: 30+ Testat cu 3.9.40 Actualizat acum 10 ani

Sphere Manager

SphereManager is a plugin for sharing spherical panorama images (captured by cameras such as RICOH…

MICROWAVE Instalări active: 20+ Testat cu 4.8.24 Actualizat acum 7 ani