This plugin allows you to easily add a Flattr donation buttons to your blog and…

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Adds SatoshiPay to your site, allowing you to charge small amounts for posts, images, audios,…

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Monetize your content by selling your articles, videos, music, podcasts and any other type of…

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WordPress Paywall

Make it easy for you to monetize premium content on your site through new reading…

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Jamatto Micropayments

Have you considered turning your blogs into a source of income? In fewer than 30…

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Micropayments from $0.01. Receive payments for digital content on WordPress.

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WordPress Integration for Fluid.us mircopayment Fluid is a new revenue partner for publishers. Capture revenues…

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eewee flattr

Use the system "flattr" wordrpess on your site.

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PREMIUUM Content Monetization

Revenue-per-Link™ content monetization. PREMIUUM makes it easy to sell articles, music, videos, files & links…

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