3B Meteo

Permette di aggiungere i widget meteo per le previsioni del tempo sul tuo sito in…

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The best French weather forecast widget plugin!

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Weather Layer

Display weather data on your blog thanks to Open Weather Map. Example of use :…

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My Weather

Display the weather for your city on the sidebar. Select from various layouts, designs and…

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Das Wetter von wetter.com

Das Wetter Plugin für Wordpress von wetter.com zeigt aktuelle Wetterinformationen für die Stadt deiner Wahl…

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Google Weather 4 WP

This plugin was made to show google weather info on wordpress. It was designed to…

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This plugin lets you show the data from Meteohub all-sensors.txt file easily in the content…

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Change atmospheric conditions enough and you’ll see different products and features be chosen by customers

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WP_Meteo3D Widget

With WP_Meteo3D Widget you can display weather near real time conditions for over 200 cities…

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