a3 Lazy Load

Use a3 Lazy Load for images, videos, iframes that are not lazy loaded by WordPress…

a3rev Software Instalări active: 100.000+ Testat cu 6.4.1 Actualizat acum 5 zile

Disable Lazy Load

Activate this plugin to disable the Lazy Loading feature that was added in WP v5.5.

Jeff Starr Instalări active: 8.000+ Testat cu 6.4.1 Actualizat acum o lună

Lazy Load for Images

Lazy Load WordPress images with a small javascript. Load images only after scrolling down and…

Jumedeen khan Instalări active: 400+ Testat cu 5.8.8 Actualizat acum 2 ani

LazyLoad Background Images

Helps deferring offscreen background images and improves website speed by reducing HTTP requests .

Proloy Bhaduri Instalări active: 200+ Testat cu 6.3.2 Actualizat acum o lună

Optimize More! – Images

A lightweight yet powerful image, iframe, and video optimization plugin. Lazy load, preload, and more.…

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WP Lozad

Preparation of html content for processing javascript plugin lozad.js on front.

Evgeniy Kozenok Instalări active: 100+ Testat cu 6.3.2 Actualizat acum 2 luni

Lazy Optimization

Lazy Optimization speeds up your website by lazy loading background images that are in the…

Muhammad Yasir Naseem Instalări active: 30+ Testat cu 5.4.14 Actualizat acum 3 ani

Native Image Lazy Loading

Automatically add the new loading attribute to images within your content to support native image…

JDM Digital Instalări active: 20+ Testat cu 5.2.19 Actualizat acum 5 ani