This plugin is meant to assist with the GDPR obligations of a Data processor and…

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Cookie Consent

This plugin will show a warning to the user that this site uses cookies. If…

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With EU cookie law, site owners need to make the use of cookies very obvious…

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Easily generate Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy for your site.

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Woocommerce – Loi Hamon

Plugin permettant de mettre en place plusieurs exigences imposées par la loi Hamon 2014 dans…

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Block all cookies without consent and customize the cookie note as you wish.

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MT Cookie Consent

This plugin add the javascript code for MT Cookie Consent

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WP Cookies Enabler

Easy and lightweight solution to preventively block third-party cookies installed by js and to comply…

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GDPR Notice

GDPR Notice allows you, in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation, to ask the…

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Lead-to-Clio integrates your Wordpress Blog with your Clio Account – automatically creating tasks and contacts…

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