WordPress Tooltips

Add custom tooltip automatically for post's content/title/tag/excerpt/gallery/menu, easily add image / video / audio /…

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Name Directory

Director de nume (glosar) cu multe opțiuni. Foarte ușor de adăugat pe site cu un…

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Heroic Glossary

Heroic Glossary is the easiest way to create and manage your own glossary of terms.

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Improve your UX & SEO with Codeat's Glosar: a powerful auto-link engine; customizable styled tooltips,…

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WP Glossary

Create your own glossary of hot-linked terms, inside your own site!

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LuckyWP Glossary

The plugin implements the glossary/dictionary functionality with support of synonyms.

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WP-SNAP! (WordPress System for Navigating Alphabetized Posts) creates an user interface for navigating alphabetized post…

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WordPress.org Glossary

Provides pop-up tooltip definitions of acronyms and terms defined in a glossary. As used on…

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WP Glossary Hover

When hovering over a word or phrase show the user created definition.

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Parses posts for defined glossary terms and adds links to the static glossary page containing…

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Glossy allows you to define information text that can be used throughout your site with…

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Lexicographer creates an alphabetical index of your blog, using keywords you choose. The index can…

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Given a collection of glossary definition pages, automatically creates links in your page and post…

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My Content Glossary

My Content: Glossary requires its parent plug-in, My Content Management, which creates a suite of…

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Allows to manage and display a glossary in WordPress.

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