Pixel Caffeine

The simplest and easiest way to manage your Facebook Pixel needs and create laser focused…

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Insert Headers And Footers

Include inline javascript, stylesheets, CSS code or anything you want in Header and Footer areas…

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Tracking Script Manager

Easy tag management. Manage the tracking tags, codes and scripts you use in your WordPress…

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Facebook Pixel added to every Page including Standard and WooCommerce Events with custom data. Easy…

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Advanced Social Pixel

Leverage the Facebook Pixel to its full potential! Leverage a set of advanced Facebook pixel…

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Give – Pixel Tracking

A GiveWP Add-on to help administrators gather data on donor interaction via Facebook Pixel.

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Addons for Pixel

Adds personalized commands to Facebook pixel about your pages.

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Easy Tags

Easy Tags allows you to easily add code like Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics, Google Tag…

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