Pinyin Slugs

Transforms Simplified or Traditional Chinese character titles into Pinyin to create a permalink friendly slug.

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WP Chinese Conversion

Adds the language conversion function between Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional to your WP Blog.…

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WP CN Excerpt


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Chinese Tag Names


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Automatically switch to traditional Han characters (Kanji|Hanzi|漢字|汉字), or simplified Han characters, which the website visitor…

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Space Lover

Magically add an extra space between Chinese characters and English letters / numbers / common…

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Asian Word Count

Asian Word Count is a plugin for WordPress that gives you word count statistics for…

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Pinyin Tones

This is a small plugin allowing you to turn digital pinyin notation (Chinese transliteration standard)…

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Corner Bracket Lover

Corner Bracket Lover converts all curly quotation marks (“” and ‘’) in your posts to…

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