Best solution for donations. For any charity and nonprofit website. Receive donations with PayPal integration…

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Donation Button

PayPal Donation button, Donation Goal, Send Email notification, Donation history, Donation Goal history. develop by…

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A fully customisable fundraising thermometer with PayPal integration, custom skins and support for multiple vertical…

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Lifeline Donation

The FIRST and BEST of its kind, Lifeline Donations plugin supports automated recurring donations and…

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Charitas Lite

Charitas Lite by WPLook is a WordPress Plugin to extend the Charitas Lite WordPress Theme

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ActBlue Contributions

Easily embed your ActBlue contribution forms on any WordPress page. Designed and built by Upstatement.

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A plugin for Wordpress charity fund raiser, an html5 canvas thermometer. The html5-canvas and JS…

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Climate Friendly Cart

Climate Friendly Cart allows your customers to reduce the carbon impact of their purchase as…

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This plugin enables you to easily integrate your REACH℠ campaigns and sponsorships with your WordPress…

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Available to members of Accept donations on your wordpress website. Instalări active: 50+ Testat cu 4.8.18 Actualizat acum 5 ani