heiv gallery 3

The Wordpress plugin "Heiv Gallery 3" embeds pictures and albums from an installation of Gallery3…

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WordPress Flash Page Flip

Flash Page Flip 1.0.8 Admin for Wordpress, the best Digital Paper, gallery admin, etc. La…

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An easy to use, modern looking audio player plugin. Works on all modern browsers including…

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Photo Albums for BuddyPress. Includes Posts to Activity Stream, Member Comments, and Gallery Privacy Controls.

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Misiek Photo Album

Plugin allows you to add photo albums to your site using media library from your…

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WordPress Gallery Plugin

Make your galleries stand out in an eye-catching and unique new way, Responsive gallery align…

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vk photo album

Basic photo gallery that is familiar to vk.com photo albums. Plugin registers new taxonomy for…

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SSP Director Tools

SSP Director Tools give you means for integrating SlideShowPro Director content into a WordPress blog.

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My Album Gallery

The Ultimate WordPress Album, Photo Gallery Plugin. If you need to manage large number of…

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This plugin organizes different WordPress 2.5+ galleries into albums for easy display and navigation by…

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Silverlight Gallery

Add a Silverlight gallery to your wordpress posts, witch uses the post attached images

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Hura Apps Photos

Showing your Facebook Photos, Facebook Albums on your WordPress website.

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BuddyPress Photos+tags

Photo Albums for BuddyPress with friend tagging (like facebook). Includes Posts to Wire, Member Comments,…

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