Super block slider – Responsive image & content slider


Super Block Slider is a lightweight, and feature-rich plugin for creating dynamic and engaging sliders.


standalone 5KB JavaScript file. Optimize for loading speed and performance.

Image slider

Customize each slide’s background image, giving you complete control over the visual presentation of your sliders.

Content slider

Utilize any WordPress block as content in your sliders, giving you the freedom to showcase various types of media and information.

Supports block & classic editor

Works for block editor and classic editor(via shortcode. example: [superblockslider id=”123″]).

Gradient / color overlay

Enhance the visual impact of your sliders by applying gradient or solid color overlays, creating an eye-catching backdrop for your content.

Responsive slider

Set different background images for desktop, tablet, and mobile screen sizes, allowing for optimal visual presentation across various devices.

Live Editor Preview

Preview your slider’s appearance in real-time within the WordPress editor, making it easy to fine-tune and perfect the design before publishing.

Touch & mouse drag

Supporting both touch and mouse swipe gestures, providing a seamless user experience on touchscreen devices and desktops.

Title or Dot Icon Navigation

Customize the navigation with title-based navigation or dot icons, allowing your users to easily navigate through your sliders.

Parallax Effect

Add a visually appealing parallax effect to your slider, this effect creates a captivating scrolling experience by moving the background at a different speed than the foreground content.

Adaptive slider height

The slider’s height adjusts automatically based on the background size, ensuring that your slides are displayed properly.

Transition Animations

Choose from 20 transition animations to add dynamism and flair to your sliders.

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Slider examples

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  • Slider result
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  • Slider result


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  • Super block slider - Responsive image & content slider


  1. Visit Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for super block slider.
  3. Install and activate the super block slider plugin.

Manual installation

  1. Upload the entire super-block-slider folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Visit Plugins.
  3. Activate super block slider.

After activation

While in Page/Post edit mode simply add/search for super block slider.


1 februarie 2023
As said in the title, I'm yet to use this plugin extensively. That being said, I am really impressed and very grateful to the care and attention that has gone into this block.It is truly a piece of art. It respects the hard work WP and it's community have put into to block editor and it respects us users by giving us a perfect solution.
11 iulie 2022
It is really super slider 🙂 Thanks for this plugin.
9 iunie 2022
Wow, great plugin really works for us ! During the implementation asked for some minor changes to accommodate our need. The builder really stepped up and resolved swiftly. Highly recommended ! Look on to see how its used by us.
18 mai 2022
This plugin is really easy to use, works like a charm - and the support is excellent.
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Istoric modificări


  • Fix WordPress 6.3 gradient crashes, bugs.
  • Fix animating class


  • Add class superblockslider__slide–animating-in, superblockslider__slide–animating-out when slide is animating.


  • Added shortcode support for use in classic editor.


  • Fix bug: Frontend autoplay not stopping when it should.


  • Fix bug: Overlap timing of transition animate speed timing and autoplay timing.


  • Fix bug: Reduce mobile touch sensitivity.


  • Added content overflow options.
  • Added mouse drag event changes slide
  • Fix bug: Adaptive height not working in editor when slider is created.
  • Optimise touch event code
  • Add 6 more gradients
  • Add donation link


  • Fix Editor description for parallex.
  • Fix Parallax code.
  • Fix mobile gesture not stopping autoplay.


  • Added „Adaptive slider height”.
  • Fix bug causing slider to disappear if transsition effect is set to „Fade”.
  • Fix bug: GradientPicker component causing crashes on full-site-editing mode.
  • Fix ful-site-editing errors


  • Fix bug: JS defer causes supersliderblock not to run.


  • Add Mobile swipe gesture.
  • Update responsive settings descriptions.


  • Fix bug causing crashes if 2 or more slider is created.
  • Changed editor text and rearange controls.
  • Lock move control of single slide by default.


  • Fix bug – CSS style causes slider arrow to overlaps content.


  • Add custom responsive screen size images option.
  • Fix bug – Added overflow style to content container.


  • Fix bug – Slide index not set correctly if Super slider block is a child block.
  • Slide title line height style.
  • Update descriptions in editor.


  • Fix parallax effect.
  • Fix slide title line height in slide editor.
  • Add src/js/
  • minor bug fixes.


  • Add support for WordPress version 5.9


  • fix bug – WordPress version 5.8.1 cause slide index to be undefine.


  • fix bug – Editor fade effect : selected slide not visible if child block selected.


  • fix bug – track css transition all


  • fix bug – Firefox transition-timing-function.
  • fix bug – Chrome background image flicker.


  • fix bug – fade effect not changing in editor.


  • Add Parallax background image


  • Add slide link option


  • Fix bug – Title indicator to render html.
  • Fix bug – Title indicator word-wrap.
  • Fix editor .wp-block max-width css.


  • Changed Super block slider category to ‘Media’ from ‘Widgets’.


  • Fix bug – initial active slide not correct cause by older versions.