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18 februarie 2019
OK, so this isn't just a "this plugin doesn't do what I had hoped it would do" review, although that is true also. I was hoping, since there's a "compact" version, that it would make everything smaller, but all it does is change the width, which generally just screws up the existing formatting. If you're trying to get rid of the search or cart buttons, it does that, but there are better plugins (or just code) for doing this.
2 februarie 2019
Simply switches some CSS properties like display. No responsive design. No attempt to correct alignments. I.e. hiding the search bar should mean the secondary menu being right justified, not left hanging somewhere in the middle. Waste of time.
25 iunie 2018
This plugin works well for me. FYI, I further compacted the "Compact" header design with .site-header { padding-top: 0; } { padding-bottom: 0; } What I would love to see is a way to get the main menu to line up to the right of and on the same row as the site name (which I've converted to a logo). Thank you!
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