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Block Bad Bots and Stop Bad Bots Crawlers and Spiders and Anti Spam Protection

Block Bad Bots and Stop Bad Bots Crawlers and Spiders and Anti Spam Protection



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Important: Read Before Installing:

This plugin scans your website for potential issues and provides suggestions before install.

To skip the check (proceed at your own risk):

Click „Next” three times, then click „Finished”.

Bots can have a negative impact on your website in a number of ways. They can overload your server, which can cause performance problems such as slowness and longer response times. They can also look for vulnerabilities in your website and steal your content, which can damage your SEO.

Stop Bad Bots, SPAM bots, Crawlers and spiders without DNS Cloud or API (EndPoint) Traffic Redirection and without slow down your site. No google penalties. Multilanguage ready. Included also Dutch, French, Germany, Italian and Portuguese language files.
Italian: Blocca bot dannosi, bot SPAM, crawler e spider senza DNS Cloud o reindirizzamento del traffico API (EndPoint) e senza rallentare il tuo sito. Nessuna sanzione su Google. Tradotto in italiano.
Português: Bloqueia Bots, SPAM bots, Crawlers e spiders sem DNS Cloud ou API (EndPoint) redirecionamento de tráfego e sem deixar seu site lento. Sem penalidades do Google. Traduzido em Português.

Introducing our new comprehensive visits log page with Ajax-powered traffic monitoring. Analyze and dive deep into the visits your website receives, including hack attempts. And yes, you will know when Googlebot visits you (googlebot, big, Twitter, Facebook and other bots). Take full control by effortlessly adding visitors to the blacklist or whitelist with a single click when needed.

New Feature: Our plugin now offers a comprehensive set of analytics tools, providing insightful data on your website’s performance. With daily and monthly visit counts, referral sources, page visit metrics, and visitor engagement statistics, you gain a clear understanding of your site’s traffic patterns and user behavior. Additionally, interactive charts and summaries highlight the reasons behind blocked attempts, empowering you with actionable insights. Explore our analytics suite to track human visitors and distinguish them from bots, providing a holistic view of your website’s performance and ensuring an accurate assessment of its impact.

With the exponential increase of AI tools, expect the increase of sophisticated bot attacks. Protect your site from advanced bots and AI-powered attacks with our comprehensive bot protection solution.

Stop Bad Bots is completely self-contained and does not need to connect to any outside API or service. No DNS, API or Cloud Traffic Redirection. No Slow Down Your Site!

No .htaccess neither robots.txt required.

When a bad bot try to open any your WordPress page we show a 403 Forbidden page. Then, in your statistics like webalizer or visitor metrics, for example, you can see status 403 (forbidden) and 0 bytes. For more details, visit our online guide and FAQ page.

You don’t need create robots.txt neither touch your .htaccess file.

Easily integrated with our anti hacker plugin to add an extra layer of protection and prevent also hacker bots. You can find more details about Anti Hacker below.

  • Not using WordPress? Check out the free standalone PHP version of StopBadBots (also Docker)
  • Your Bad Bots Table is updated with periodic free online automatic updates
  • Premium Option with Firewall protection.
  • Premium Option with weekly automatic table updates from our server instead 3x year in free version.
  • Included also Bad Bots IP Table. The plugin can block also the bat bots by IP using fake or blank User Agent.
  • Included also Bad Bots Referer/Referral spam Table. More than 8.400 bad bots included
  • Included also Visits Log with Whitelist and Blacklist Buttons
  • Anti Hacker: Protect also Against Hacker Attacks (with free Anti Hacker Plugin extension)
  • Anti Spam: Protect also Comments Form from bad bots
  • Anti Spam: Protect also Contact Form 7 and WP Form Plugins from bad bots
  • Protect Login Form Against Bots and Brute force Attacks
  • Stop Data Thieves From Stealing You and harm your SEO
  • list of bad bots
  • More than 4800 Bots, 8400 bad referer/referral and 3300 bad IPs Included!
  • You Can Add more …
  • **No DNS or Cloud Traffic Redirection. No Slow Down Your Site! No Google penalties for slow sites.**
  • Block User Enumeration
  • Block PingBack Request
  • Limit Bot Visits (Rate Limiting) (Premium)
  • Whitelist Table (Premium)
  • Block HTTP tools table (Premium)
  • **The Plugin doesn’t block main Google, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft), twitter and Facebook bots.**
  • Easy to manage the list. You can add more bots, IPs and referrer or deactivate any bot
  • Save bandwidth.
  • Optionally receive an email alert
  • Block False Google/Microsoft (Fake Google Bot) Bots (Premium Version)
  • Block ahrefs bot
  • Block semrush bot
  • Block Screaming Frog
  • Block Moz
  • Block IA powered bots
  • Spider blocker

Get Real: Unleash the Power of Bot-Free Visitor Analytics:

Demo Video
Demo Video Ajax-powered Traffic Monitoring
Online Documentation
StartUp Guide
FAQ Page
Plugin Site
Compatible With Anti Hacker Plugin

Check Page Load Time (speed test website)

This plugin allows you to monitor the average load time for each page (page speed test) on your site, generate a chart showcasing the load times for the past 7 days, and identify the 20 slowest-loading pages.
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reCAPTCHA V3 (and Turnstile Cloudflare) for all pages of your site

If you want protect ALL pages of yoursite with invisible reCAPTCHA or Turnstile Cloudflare, try this new free plugin:
reCAPTCHA For All free plugin
Block spammers, hackers, crawlers, spiders and malicious traffic.

Block visitors from China, Cuba and North Korea

If you are getting a lot of spam and malicious traffic from China, Cuba and North Korea, with our plugin
you can block them without worry about install (and mantain) huge databases of IP address.
Just let our plugin take care that (Premium).

Ban spammers, crawlers, spiders, hackers and bad behavior

This plugin let you ban users by IP, user agent and referrer url.

Anti Hacker Protection

If you want protect ALL pages of yoursite against hackers and their bots, try this free plugin:
Anti Hacker free plugin
We recommend and facilitate the installation of this free plugin, with just one click, on our plugin dashboard, visible immediately after installing Stop Bad Bots.

  • Prevent unauthorized access to your account by protect your login page also against bots and brute force.
  • Firewall to Block Malicious Requests, Queries, User Agents and URLS. 100% Plug-n-play, no configuration required.
  • View Table of the Blocked Visits and add IP to Whitelist from table and logs failed login attempts.
  • Option to disable Json WordPress Rest API (also new WordPress 4.7 Rest API) or disable WordPress Rest API (disable WordPress API)
  • You can also disable the WordPress xml-rpc (xmlrpc) (or disable only Pingback) API with just one click.
  • WordPress Debug enabled warning.
  • Disable file editing within the WordPress dashboard.
  • Replace insecure login error message.
  • Hide WordPress version number.
  • Disable Application Passwords: Block external applications to request permission to connect to a site and generate a password (WordPress 5.6 new feature)
  • Limit Visits, Limit Bots Attempts (Premium Version)
  • limit only 404 requests (Premium Version)
  • Check Google Safe Browsing Blacklist
  • Multilingual ready.
  • Disable WordPress native sitemap (for user’s) creation.
  • Disable xml-rpc
  • Disable Pingback

    Malware Scanner

  • Security Malware scanner (one click scan) for 797 malwares also in free version (unlimited files).
  • Scans every folder and inspects every file on a website (deep scanner) for traces of malware, exploits, trojans, worms, viruses, backdoors as well as JavaScript code obfuscation, exploits, malicious iframes, malicious code injection, malicious code obfuscation, auto-generated malicious content, redirects, hidden eval code and more.
  • Scan all Pages, Posts and Comments against malwares.
  • Alert for plugins and themes without updates for long time or with old versions.
  • Scan your site now before Google blacklists it or your web host takes it down.


  • User enumeration. (is one of the most popular attacks to identify the valid user names)
  • Comments in media page.
  • Bad Queries.* Block All Feeds (Optional).
  • Creation of new Administrators from plugins and themes with vulnerabilities.
  • Fake Google and Bing (MSN) bots (Premium Version)
  • Search for Theme’s vulnerabilities (Premium Version)
  • Search for Plugin’s vulnerabilities (Premium Version)
  • Tor (The Onion Router) Traffic – Optional – (Premium Version) Tor anonymity provides value to online attackers.
  • HTTP Tools (you can manage the strings)
  • Blank User Agent
  • Spider (Spider Block)

Analytics Spam Referrals

This plugin is not about Analytics Spam referrals.
For more details about that, please, visit our FAQ page:
and look for Analytics SPAM referral

Free plugins from the same author:

Stop == Changelog.txt

The changelog.txt contains changelog entries, so we can keep the size of the standard WordPress readme.txt file reasonable.

External service (1)

If the settings of Stop Bad Bots is „Standard or Maximum Block”, we can test some visitors Ip
from the RIPE database. We send only the IP number of your visitor.
The RIPE will provide important information about your visitor’s IP that will allow us to identify their hosting.
This is a free service. Ripe is a not-for-profit membership association.

RIPE NCC Privacy Statement:

External service (2)

If the ‘Receive bot’s table updates by participating in the Real-Time Bad Bots Security Network’
option in the StopBadBots plugin settings is enabled, your site can share information about bots with StopBadBots.
In return, your WordPress site will receive bot’s table updates.

The collected data includes: bot ip, bot user agent, time

We will update our database with bot information and release it to you by updating your database every 4 months.

This plugin is a service. If you choose the premium version, your site will receive weekly updates for its bot, IP, and referrer tables.
Only in this case, when applying your purchase code, it will be sent to our server, which will return whether it is valid or not.
These are the terms of use for our plugins.

To learn more details about the StopBadBots plugin and look the bots table, visit the plugin site.

Capturi ecran

  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard
  • Settings Page
  • Default Bot Table
  • Visitors Log Ajax Page
  • Visitors Chart


1) Install via wordpress.org
2) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

Întrebări frecvente

How to Install?

1) Install via wordpress.org
2) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

Where is the Startup Guide?


Where is the OnLine Manual?


Where is the Faq page?


How can i get support?


Where is the demo video?

Demo Video

How does the plugin handle scanners and scrapers?

The plugin effectively detects and blocks scanners and scrapers. It monitors incoming traffic and identifies patterns typical of scanning and scraping activities, using traps and blockers to deny access and protect your site.

Is my website safe from attacks with this plugin?

Yes, the plugin enhances your website’s security by detecting and blocking various types of attacks. It prevents overload by managing excessive requests and forbids access to malicious entities.

Can the plugin remove malicious traffic?

Absolutely. The plugin identifies and removes malicious traffic, ensuring that only legitimate users can access your website. It also uses fake user agent detection to catch and block scrapers.

How does the plugin monitor traffic to detect threats?

The plugin continuously monitors all incoming traffic for suspicious behavior. It uses advanced algorithms to detect and respond to potential threats in real-time, ensuring your website remains secure.

What should I do if a legitimate user is blocked by the plugin?

If a legitimate user is blocked, you can adjust the plugin settings or whitelist their IP address. For further assistance, you can contact support through the provided contact form.

Does the plugin provide protection against overload attacks?

Yes, the plugin is designed to protect against overload attacks by limiting the number of requests a single user can make in a short period, thus preventing denial of service.

How does the plugin handle fake user agents?

The plugin detects and blocks requests with fake user agents, which are commonly used by scrapers and other malicious tools to bypass security measures.

How do I know if the plugin is effectively protecting my site?

The plugin provides detailed logs and reports on detected threats and blocked attempts. You can review these reports to ensure your site is being protected effectively.

What steps should I take if I notice unusual activity on my site?

If you observe unusual activity, review the plugin’s logs to identify detected threats. You can blacklist the malicious IP address with just one click directly from the visit logs. Adjust security settings as needed and feel free to contact support for additional help.


2 iulie 2024
I have a site configured in a way that makes similar plugins fail. This one works like a charm. When I did encounter a problem, I filed a ticket. I got an acknowledgement in less than 20 minutes and by the following morning, the plugin had been updated and the issue fully resolved. Bravo!
4 mai 2024
Install Bad Bots and be super annoyed because the plugin wants to install an addition. No matter where you look in wp/admin. No, it’s not worth it. Let them bad bots amuse themselves on your site.
3 mai 2024 3 răspunsuri
Apensa de aparentar uma boa ferramenta e ter dado um trabalho para equipe de desenvolvimento criar, ao instalar a mesma ela não me passou muita confiança sobre seu funcionamento e viabilidade, nem se realizava o que prometia.
18 februarie 2024
I had not realized it was bots killing my websites until I tried your plugin. The plugin blocks about 20,000 bots a day and now my sites are running the fastest they ever have! Thank you!
11 decembrie 2023 3 răspunsuri
This plugin helped me at first, but it forced me to install another plugin that installed against my will and didn’t even work, so I finally uninstalled it and use the competing software, which is less intrusive and respects its users.
10 decembrie 2023 3 răspunsuri
This is probably the worst plugin i have ever installed. When i installed it, a SECOND plugin was also installed named Antihacker something. NEVER asked for it, nor i gave permission for it. Then i was informed that my site/server has issues from the Antihacker plugin RED line. But the errors were from the Antihacker plugin Deprecated PHP „trim” or something. Going from 8.2 to 8.1 didn’t help. I was able to unistall Antihacker and i was curious about the actual plugin. But i was bombarded with notices and banners and things. And i uninstalled it. This plugin shouldn’t exist here in its current state. Does Wordpress.org allows to plugins to install other plugins without the user knowing that? Without permission?
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