Slickstream Search and Engagement


Slickstream is a startup with a simple mission: To help publishers create exceptional user experiences and maximize their visitor engagement.

This plugin is for users of the Slickstream Engagement Suite — it adds our embed code to your pages and registers tools that you can place anywhere on your pages. These tools provide visitors with a simple interactive way to see all of the content available on your site in a highly engaging way. We use contextual information to maximize the likelihood that a visitor will see another page that will interest them.

You have several tools and options to choose from, including Responsive Search, Filmstrips, User Favorites and Games. For more information, or to sign up for our 30-day free trial, visit us at

Capturi ecran

  • A Slickstream filmstrip for recommendations
  • Slickstream favorites (hearts)
  • Slickstream as-you-type search


  1. Visit and tell us about your site.
  2. Install and activate this plugin.
  3. On the settings page („Slick” under Settings), enter the site code we give you and click Save.
  4. Check with us if you’d like any customization of your widgets


17 ianuarie 2020
Wow. That's my one word review. WOW. You want more? I'd pay the monthly fee just for the incredibly detailed stats and tracking information they provide. It's pretty much (not 100% but close) all the information I want to know about my content and traffic to it, organized in a way I can easily understand. I'm getting compliments about the recommendation strip and within an hour of setting this up, readers were clicking the heart to save their favorites. The search function is better than any search plugin I've ever tried - I love it, and I get a nice report daily of what people are searching. (Note to self: my readers seem to want Dark Chocolate Cake recipes ...) Most definitely recommend this!
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Slickstream Search and Engagement” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • First production release


  • Revised for configuration
  • Meta tag for featured image


  • Tested on WP 5.0.3


  • Moved to


  • Improved image assets


  • Tested with WP 5.1.1
  • Cleaned up documentation


  • Added category metadata


  • New description, screenshots
  • Embed code uses


  • Added shortcode support for Slickstream story embedding


  • New meta tags for user, postID integration
  • Game shortcode and widget


  • Fix for game shortcode


  • Remove (unintended) whitespace from site code


  • Add category hierarchy into metadata


  • Fix bug in category rendering


  • Major speed-up based on new embed code
  • Removed next-up widget support


  • Fix bug with widget declaration

= 1.1.2
– Changed embed code to absolute URL

= 1.1.3
– Trim site codes in case someone adds whitespace

= 1.1.4
– Declare compatibility with WP 4.3

= 1.1.5
– New inline embed code that fixes problem with Firefox Private Browsing

= 1.1.6
– Name and description updates only, no functional changes

= 1.1.7
– Revised shortcode for story-viewer

= 1.1.8
– Added widget and shortcode support for content-grid widget

= 1.1.9
– Added widgets and shortcodes for story-carousel and story-explorer
– Revised shortcode for story-viewer to use new embed code style
– Added option for Genesis-based filmstrip container reservation

= 1.1.10
– More options for Genesis-based container reservation
– Internal testing option added

= 1.1.11
– Minor fix to category fetching
– Tested with WP 5.7.1

= 1.1.12
– Filmstrip injection now supports Genesis, Trellis/THA, and Thesis-based themes
– Added Slickstream LD_JSON

= 1.1.13
– Removing Slickstream LD_JSON

= 1.1.14
– Bumping stable version

= 1.1.15
– Support for Kadence theme hooks

= 1.1.16
– Slickstream JSON metadata

= 1.1.17
– Remove extraneous logging
– Add support for custom injection hook