Acest modul nu a fost testat cu ultimele 3 versiuni importante ale WordPress. S-ar putea să nu mai fie întreținut sau susținut și ar putea avea probleme de compatibilitate când este folosit cu versiuni recente ale WordPress.

SimpleForm Contact Form Submissions


Thanks to this lightweight plugin, you can view all data sent through the contact form in a sortable table form, or retrieve only data you need from the WordPress database by using the date filter or the search box. You can permanently delete the messages, move the messages to the trash or restore them from the trash. You can mark messages as spam, as unread or answered. Select columns and pagination from “Screen Options”. No configuration required. Once activated, you will find the new “Data Storing” option in the Settings page. Make sure to keep this option enabled, and you no longer need to worry about losing important messages, since each new form submission will be stored in your WordPress database!

For more detailed information refer to the SimpleForm plugin page.

In the video you see some features referring to SimpleForm 2.0 version that will be released soon!


You don’t know SimpleForm yet? Check out our Demonstrație and find out how it works.


We wish to thank everyone who has contributed to SimpleForm Contact Form Submissions translations. We really appreciate your time, your help and your suggestions.

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Capturi ecran

  • Pagină setări
  • Pagină trimiteri
  • Pagină mesaje trimise
  • Consent field for GDPR compliance


Activarea modulului SimpleForm Contact Form Submissions se face la fel ca pentru orice alt modul.

Folosind panoul de control WordPress

  1. Navighează la „Adăuga modul nou” în ecranul Module din panoul de control
  2. Caută „SimpleForm Contact Form Submissions”
  3. Dă clic pe „Instalează acum”
  4. Activează modulul în ecranul Module din panoul de control

Încărcând în panoul control WordPress

  1. Navighează la „Adăugă modul nou” în ecranul Module din panoul de control
  2. Navighează în zona „Încarcă”
  3. Selectează „” pe computerul tău
  4. Dă clic pe „Instalează acum”
  5. Activează modulul în ecranul Module din panoul de control

Folosind FTP

  1. Descărca „”
  2. Extrage directorul „simpleform-submissions” pe computerul tău
  3. Încarcă directorul „simpleform-submissions” în directorul /wp-content/plugins/
  4. Activează modulul în ecranul Module din panoul de control

Întrebări frecvente

Pot instala acest modul fără SimpleForm?

No. You cannot. You need SimpleForm to activate this plugin.

De ce această funcționalitate nu este integrată în modulul SimpleForm?

We have designed SimpleForm to be a minimal, lightweight, fast and privacy-respectful plugin, and we want to keep it that way. You can choose to enable this feature at any time, and with a single click, depending on your needs.

Unde pot verifica trimiterile mele de formulare?

Make sure you have selected the “Data Storing” option in the Settings page within the General tab, then open the Submissions page.

How can I disable storing submissions to the WordPress database?

Go to the Settings page within the General tab and uncheck the “Data Storing” option. The submissions list in the dashboard will be removed. User data storing will be disabled, and this data will be included only within the notification email.

Can I disable only the IP address storing?

Of course. You can select this option in the Settings page within the General tab.

Cum îndeplinește SimpleForm condițiile GDPR?

This plugin stores personal data collected through the contact form. Enable the “Consent Field” in the Form Editor page and make it a required field for requesting the user’s explicit consent.

Care este numele tabelului în care sunt stocate datele?

The table name is „wp_sform_submissions”, but if you changed your WordPress MySQL table prefix from the default „wp_” to something else, this table will also have that prefix.


Nu există nicio verificare pentru acest modul.

Contributori și dezvoltatori

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Istoric modificări

2.0.1 (29 March 2022)

  • Fixed: the line breaks are preserved in the message
  • Fixed: backslashes removed in the message
  • Fixed: incorrect display of the number of entries when entries have been moved
  • Fixed: incorrect displaying of form status
  • Fixed: deprecated jQuery functions warning
  • Changed: restyling of entry data page
  • Changed: last entries data are recovered upon the plugin activation

2.0 (25 January 2022)

  • Changed: minor improvements
  • Changed: message data page
  • Added: compatibility with SimpleForm 2.1 version

1.6.5 (12 August 2021)

  • Fixed: admin styles issues
  • Corecție: erori de index nedeterminate
  • Added: option for showing a mailto button to activate the default mail program for sending a reply
  • Added: button to permanently remove a form from forms list

1.6.4 (2 June 2021)

  • Changed: code cleaning
  • Changed: minor improvements
  • Fixed: failure to open the message page when the form data storage option has been disabled for the main form
  • Fixed: compatibility with SimpleForm 2.0 version
  • Fixed: unread count option styling issue

1.6.3 (24 May 2021)

  • Added: compatibility with SimpleForm 2.0 version

1.6.2 (12 April 2021)

  • Fixed: PHP error while deactivating the plugin in a WordPress multisite network
  • Fixed: inaccuracy of notification bubble in the editor page and settings page
  • Fixed: inaccuracy in the counting of messages when data storing option is disabled
  • Fixed: loss of settings while deactivating the plugin
  • Added: option for deleting messages from the database when uninstalling the plugin
  • Added: support link in the plugins page

1.6.1 (7 April 2021)

  • Fixed: PHP error while deactivating the plugin
  • Corecție: erori de redactare

1.6 (7 April 2021)

  • Added: answered messages view
  • Added: status option in the submitted message page

1.5.1 (22 March 2021)

  • Changed: code cleaning
  • Fixed: failure to perform a bulk action if selected from the dropdown below the table
  • Fixed: failure to perform the deletion action when the junk view is selected

1.5 (19 January 2021)

  • Corecție: erori de redactare
  • Added: junk view for the submissions
  • Added: compatibility with SimpleForm Akismet plugin

1.4.4 (04 December 2020)

  • Changed: activation function
  • Changed: plugin is no longer deactivated if core plugin is missing

1.4.3 (26 November 2020)

  • Fixed: database update error on updating
  • Fixed: notification bubble error

1.4.2 (26 November 2020)

  • Added: compatibility with SimpleForm 1.10 version

1.4.1 (16 November 2020)

  • Changed: minor issues in code
  • Fixed: error during plugin deactivation if SimpleForm plugin is missing
  • Fixed: error during messages status update if plugin is already active

1.4 (14 November 2020)

  • Changed: code cleaning
  • Added: unread view for the submissions
  • Added: option for change the columns that must be displayed in the submissions table
  • Added: option for add a notification bubble to contacts menu item for unread messages
  • Added: action links in the plugins page

1.3.3 (19 September 2020)

  • Fixed: error loading the language packs for translation

1.3.2 (18 September 2020)

  • Fixed: error during saving settings

1.3.1 (11 August 2020)

  • Corecție: problemă de securitate
  • Corecție: erori de redactare

1.3 (27 June 2020)

  • Added: trash status and related view for the submissions list
  • Corecție: eroare de paginație când numărul de trimiteri per pagină este modificat

1.2.1 (10 May 2020)

  • Fixed: database update error on updating
  • Corecție: probleme minore în cod

1.2 (1 May 2020)

  • Adăugare: filtru pentru dată
  • Corecție: probleme minore în cod

1.1.4 (11 April 2020)

  • Fixed: search for last name and phone missing
  • Corecție: eroare neașteptată de ieșire în timpul activării modulului

1.1.3 (1 April 2020)

  • Fixed: database update error on updating

1.1.2 (31 March 2020)

  • Corecție: erori la actualizarea bazei de date
  • Corecție: erori de index nedeterminate

1.1.1 (27 March 2020)

  • Adăugare: compatibilitate cu versiunea SimpleForm 1.5
  • Corecție: probleme de vulnerabilitate la injectarea SQL
  • Corecție: probleme minore în cod

1.1 (15 February 2020)

  • Adăugare: casetă de căutare

1.0 (15 January 2020)

  • Lansare inițială

See changelog for all versions.