Simple WP Events


Simple WP Events is a free plugin to easily create and manage events on your website.

Whether it’s an on-site or virtual event, this plugin handles all your event hurdles for you. Our team of elite and experienced engineers has ensured that it’s simple, fast, and reliable.

Simple WP Events is built by the WP Minds team and packed with all the features to kick off events on your website.

Simple Events Plugin is lightweight, quick to set up, and easily customizable.

A Simple plugin specially made for Attorneys, Coaches, Teachers, etc who need to create a quick form to get signups for their seminars/webinars. A place where they can set up events on the go to track registrations and collect user data.

It is packed with numerous features:
✔️ Easy event creation
✔️ Block editor support
✔️ Custom menu labels
✔️ Custom page slug
✔️ Template overriding
✔️ Events taxonomies (categories & tags)
✔️ Locations post type to reuse locations
✔️ Add event to Google Calendar
✔️ Completely responsive for all devices (from mobile to tablet to desktop)
✔️ Custom HTML email templates
✔️ Hooks & filters for customization
✔️ Shortcodes for archive page and widgets
✔️ Easily manageable entries by viewing and filtering records from the dashboard
✔️ Custom notification templates
✔️ Export events, registrations, and subscribers to CSV file

Just getting started? Visit the documentation site to get set up.

Our Team is Consistently Working on Adding More Premium Features and Add-ons to This Plugin Which Will Be Made Available Very Soon.

Capturi ecran

  • Subscribe Form
  • Add Event Screen
  • General Settings
  • Display Settings
  • Forms Settings
  • Event Archive Page
  • Event Single Page
  • Form Entries Page


Installing the plugin is easy. Just follow one of the following methods:

Install Simple WP Events from within WordPress

  1. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select ‘Add New’
  2. Search for Simple WP Events”
  3. Install and Activate Simple WP Events from your Plugins page
  4. You’re done!
  5. Don’t forget to configure plugin settings to customize it your needs before starting to use it.

Install Simple WP Events Manually

  1. From the dashboard of your site, navigate to Plugins –> Add New.
  2. Select the Upload option and hit „Choose File”.
  3. When the popup appears select the file from your desktop.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait as the upload completes.
  5. When it’s finished, activate the plugin via the prompt. A message will show confirming activation was successful.
  6. Don’t forget to configure plugin settings to customize it your needs before starting to use it.

Întrebări frecvente

Coming Soon!


Nu există nicio verificare pentru acest modul.

Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Simple WP Events” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări

Update: Past events are changed to draft so that they are not indexed.
Added: Auto formatting for phone number field.

Fixed: Deleted entries issue.
Added: Texting permission option for registration form.

Update: Moved MailChimp functionality to a separate addon.
Added: Send registrants data to MailChimp.

Added: Register button for single events in widget shortcode.
Added: Option to export events (all, future, past, on going) to CSV.
Added: Option to export registrations (with dates nad event title filters) to CSV.
Added: Option to export subscriptions to CSV.
Fixed: Add to calendar option for google calendar when start and end dates are same.
Added: Option to disable archive page.
Fixed: Captcha execution on subscribers form.
Fixed: Location and date filters in shortcode.
Fixed: location duplication issue.
Fixed: CSS for calendar list dropdown.

Updated: Subscriber form layout for number and permission fields.
Fixed: Class conflict with form fence plugin.
Fixed: Location not displaying properly in widget.

Version 1.4.1
Fixed: CSS conflict with list style.
Fixed: Forms CSS for show/hide fields.

Version 1.4.0
Added: Metabox to limit seats per registration for each event.
Fixed: List style and indentation on archive and single event page.
Fixed: Edit entry not working for subscriptions.
Fixed: Empty venue when no location selected.
Added: Settings fields to show/hide optional fields in registration/subscribers forms.
Added: Filter events by type on posts screen.
Added: Option to turn webinar confirmation email on/off.
Added: Duplicate event option to create a copy of the same events.
Added: WP-editor for email templates and forms descriptions.
Updated: Background of meta box heading and event type field to make it stand out.
Added: Checkbox to show/hide events on the archive page.
Added: Unique class selector for each event on the archive page.
Added: Type attribute in the shortcode to display events of one type only.
Added: Settings field for redirect URL for event type webinar.