Shipping method dropdown for WooCommerce


Introducing our WooCommerce Shipping Display Enhancer, a powerful plugin designed to elevate your customers’ shopping experience by providing advanced customization options for shipping methods on the checkout page. Tailor the presentation of shipping methods to suit your business needs with the following key features:

Shipping Method Display Style:

Transform the way shipping options are presented at the checkout with our plugin’s innovative dropdown display style. Enhance the aesthetics of your checkout page and simplify the user experience by neatly organizing shipping methods in a dropdown format.

Arrangement by Price:

Take control of the order in which shipping methods are displayed based on their pricing. With our plugin, you have the flexibility to arrange shipping methods in either ascending or descending order, ensuring a seamless and intuitive checkout process for your customers.

Single Shipping Option Showcase:

Streamline the decision-making process for your customers by showcasing a single shipping option, either the most economical or the most premium, while retaining the option for local pickup. Our plugin empowers you to tailor the display to highlight the preferred shipping choice, providing a clear and focused selection for users.

Force user to select shipping method before checkout

you can disable the auto selection of first shipping method this way user will be forced to select a shipping method of there own choice.


  1. Flexible shipping for WooCommerce

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  • Option to Force user to select shipping method before checkout


  • Tested for WC 8.6.0