Remove clutter and save space by placing content inside an expanding/collapsing accordion element. Accordion elements are SEO friendly: content will b …

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Nav Menu Collapse

Adaugă funcționalitatea de a restrânge și extinde meniurile de navigare în administrarea WordPress.

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ACF Admin Flexible Content Collapse

Collapse and expand the layout settings in ACF field editor for a better overview and easier sorting of the layouts or moving fields between layouts.

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This plugin allows you to hide text under the tags [spoiler]your text[/spoiler].

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JS Archive List Widget

A JS widget (can be used in posts) for displaying an archive list with some effects.

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Collapsing Archives

This plugin uses Javascript to dynamically expand or collapse the set of months for each year and posts for each month in the archive listing of your …

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Admin Collapse Subpages

Using this plugin one can easily collapse/expand pages with children and grand children.

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Truncate Comments

The plugin uses Javascript to hide long comments (Amazon-style comments).

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Expandable FAQ

It’s a MIT-licensed (can be used in premium themes), high quality, native and responsive WordPress plugin to create and view expandable F.A.Q.'s

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Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Construiește aranjamente de pagină responsive, folosind piesele pe care le știi și le îndrăgești, cu ajutorul unui constructor de pagină simplu, care trage și plasează.

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XG Accordion

XG Accordion is a modern Plugin. It's have 05 styles with huge option. You can use this to make easily Accordion on your website easily.

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ACF Fold Flexible Content

A simple plugin for enhancing the ACF Flexible Content Field. Collapsed flexible content panels with helping icons.

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