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SANTechno Breaking News


To Make every post Breaking news by adding the Breaking News Bar at the Top/Bottom of the page. the plugins has an admin page to configure it – no code knowledge required!


Upload Plugins:
Click on Plugins Menu in the admin and select Add New >

Locate your downloaded files and find ‘’, click upload > choose file > Install now > Activate the plugins at the end.

Plugin Settings:
After activation the plugin create Breaking News Settings Menu in the admin go ahead and click that to change the default settings:

  1. A: Enable Breaking News > if checked it will show on the website otherwise it won’t be available
  2. B: Text: That’s going to be the default text for the red area on the frontend. Make sure you choose appropriate text for the area that won’t break the design.
  3. Position: you have option to show it on the top of the page or at the bottom of the page, default it top.
  4. Pick Title Background color: you have two option here to make it gradient > or choose the same color for both options will be the flat color.
  5. Title Text color > default is white > you can choose whatever you want.
  6. New bar color > that the gradient color for the news bar section
  7. News bar text color
  8. Opacity: default is 0.8 make it 1 to none.

Post settings:

At the bottom of the post edit section the Breaking news section will be added you have an option to choose any post you want to make it breaking news by selecting Is Breaking News? To Yes.

Select Time to show : this is indicate how many hour(s) you want to show this post as a breaking news, after that it will disappear automatically so you don’t have to go there and select No!

Note: the system will check the post Date and time and will add the hr(s) on top of that so if the post is really old you need to add bigger time to show. Default is 2 hrs


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