Reward Points for Woocommerce




It is a plugin which provides the customers to get the reward points on the basis of the purchase of the products or the money spent by them.


  • NEW : User can see the reward point balance on his account page.
  • NEW : Can enable / disable the points notification message on Cart as well as on Checkout page.
  • NEW : Can edit the points notification message.
  • Option to set reward points on the basis of the money spent by the customers.
  • Option to set the redemption value.
  • Customers get the reward points once the order has been completed.
  • Admin can see the complete reward points details of the customer based on Email id, Completed Order, Amount spent, Reward Points, Amount in Wallet.


Take a look at how to set up Reward Points in Woocommerce.

Premium Features:


  • User can apply the points at the checkout page and cart page.
  • Option to set points based on the price range.
  • Option to set the Percentage(%) For Product Price
  • Option to set the Referral Points.
  • Option to set the Birthday Points.
  • Shortcode of Reward points: [phoen_reward_points_user]
  • Customers can view their points in their my account.
  • Option to set the Product Based Points.
  • Option to set the first account sign up points.
  • Option to set the review points.
  • Option to set the points for the Payment Gateway (only for Paypal).
  • Option to set the points when first time customer placed the order.
  • Can set the points expiry date.
  • Can also set the points earning date.
  • Admin can view the details of the points earned by the customer from the backend.
  • Admin can also managed the customers points from the backend.
  • Option to set the redemption value.
  • Customer get the reward points when the order has been completed.
  • Option to set the redeem reward points per order.
  • Advanced styling options.


Premium WordPress Themes

Here is our premium wordpress theme

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Support Email


  • Our plugin support the Multisite Network.

Capturi ecran

  • Backend view of General Settings.
  • Settings to change the points notification messages.
  • Reward Points balance shows on account page.
  • Apply points option on cart page.
  • Shows the applied reward point.


  1. Install WordPress
  2. Go to your WordPress admin panel, and then to Plugins. Click on „Add New” and then upload the zip file of the plugin using the „Upload Plugin” button you can find on top of the screen.


8 octombrie 2019
The support team was very helpful and we found many of their plugins useful.. They offer many other useful plugins, i appreciate this plugin suppliers work and their quick support response.
15 mai 2019
This plugin never worked properly from the beginning. After waiting weeks for them to finally look into multiple issues because of a holiday we gave up. We decided to give it one more chance and the plugin had an even more severe issue. You cannot even apply the correct amount of points to your shopping cart. If you have 1000 points that equal up to a $20 you should be able to get your $14 order for free. When applying the points we were getting errors that we can only apply 14 points??? Why because there's $14 in your shopping cart. That's not how it's advertised and obviously not working correctly. The reason we purchased the premium version was for the premium features which also never worked. We tested other plugins which worked so it was not our website theme that was the issue which they blamed it on. They basically stole this plugin from WooCommerce Rewards and sold it themselves. Just spend the extra money and buy it from so you can deal with a non-fraudulent company. They have been delaying us for weeks and now have to report this to our bank and PayPal. DO NOT BUY THIS, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!
8 mai 2019
After refunding returned shipments, customers get an insane amount of points that they can use for hundreds of euros in discount! Since they're giving any support on this plugin anymore i'd strongly recommend not installing it!
18 ianuarie 2019
This plugin could have been nice but : - It says multilingual support : You can translate a few sentences in the admin panel but the majority of labels are directly in the php code. The .po file seems to be useless because I never manage to display one of my tranlations from this file. - The source code is just bad developped... a lot of duplicate code, no optimisations, no good practice. You can easily apply for more points than you really have. - 2 customers used their points before I removed the plugin : The first used more points than he really had. The second still had the points he used after his purchase and get the points for the new purchase... so in time he should have more and more points... - In top of that, the plugin authors refused to refund me because I didn't let them access to my backoffice and FTP to correct the problems. But I can't trust them, and if they introduce any other bug I could have lost money... (a better idea is for you to test your work properly / bugs can happen, but this is too much and too critical). I bought the plugin because it says it has multilingual support which is a lie, for me it is a good enough reason to ask for a refund !
3 noiembrie 2018
Need Development but good start. Small bug : Apply button title pattern="[a-zA-Z ]*$" its limited to classic latin letters people may get angry if the site is russian, arabic, espanol or turkish.
7 septembrie 2018
I like your plugin very much, but there is a big problem with it. That points is endless... For example: 1. Client get 5% from cost of product. 2. Client buys product for 1000 USD. 3. Order is closed. 4. Client gets 50 points. 5. Client want to buy product for 500 USD. 6. Client uses his 50 points, - price is 450 USD. 7. Order is closed. And guess what is points balance... It must be 22,5 USD, but instead we get 72,5 USD. It means that points are endless...
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Reward Points for Woocommerce” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări

3.3 – 11/11/2019

  • compatible with latest version of woocommerce

3.2 – 20/09/2019

  • Support contact number updated

3.1 – 21/08/2019

  • compatible with latest version of woocommerce

3.0 – 12/08/2019

  • Bug fixes. Add the option to change points notification message on cart and on checkout page.

2.4 – 27/02/2019

  • Compatible with latest version of woocommerce and wordpress

2.3 – 26/12/2018

  • added premium features image file

2.2 – 13/12/2018

  • Compatible with latest version of woocommerce and wordpress

2.1 – 05/11/2018

  • Compatible with latest version of woocommerce and added new feature.

2.0 – 20/09/2018

  • Added features of premium version in the premium tab

1.9 – 07/08/2018

  • Compatible with latest version of woocommerce and added new feature.

1.8 – 13/04/2018

  • Compatible with latest version of woocommerce and added new feature.

1.7 – 10/01/2018

  • Add pagination option

1.6 – 4/12/2017

  • Bug fixes

1.5 – 26/10/2017

  • Compatible with latest version of woocommerce and added new feature.

1.4 – 26/09/2017

  • video tutorial added

1.3 – 27/09/2017

  • Bug fixes

= 1.2 – 6/06/2017
* Bug fixes

1.1 – 4/05/2017

  • Bug fixes


  • Initial release.