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21 noiembrie 2018
Solved issues with WooCommerce and PayPal on servers with cURL/NSS installed. Amazing!
3 septembrie 2016
Provides the ability to set cURL options such as forcing ciphers on environments unable to auto negotiate. For example; PayPal IPN through cURL on CentOS. Host: 1&1, dedicated server OS: CentOS
3 septembrie 2016
I had an issue with PayPal sandbox and an IPN connection on a server hosted with Host Gator, getting the error "SSL connect error." Installed this plugin and set the CURL option for CURLOPT_SSLVERSION to 6 and problem solved. I am assuming the reason this plugin was initially created was for this same PayPal issue as the plugin's examples where for PayPal sandbox. 5 stars for an easy way to set Curl options in WordPress. Thanks!
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