Random Image Block for Block Editor


Gutenberg Block for displaying random image from media library. You can use this block to display random image in your post or page.

Block Controls & Features

  • Image Preview in Sidebar
  • Image Size ( Desktop is in free Version, Tablet and Mobile are in Pro Version )
  • Image Alignment
  • Image Object Fit ( Pro Version )

More features are coming soon InshAllah.

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Acest modul oferă 1 bloc.

  • Random Image Block Display random images from a gallery.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/random-image-block directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

Întrebări frecvente

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, it will work with any standard WordPress theme.


1 noiembrie 2023 14 răspunsuri
Orignal review before big update (3*): I tried a whole day to let ChatGPT or other AI’s write a plugin like this and they all failed. I’m so happy I found this plugin! Great work. But, in its current state, it’s quite limited. You don’t see the selected images in the sidebar, you can’t resize the image, it doesn’t make the images responsive… The basic options are there but I’d love to see more options to tweak it to my liking. – Review of v1.0.1 (4*): Ok, we are getting there. A bit more options. Sadly, this plugin went for a PRO version for various options. I totally understand people needing to make money and keeping the company afloat. I’m quite thankful that there is a „life time” option for the license. 🙂 While you would have the impression that this plugin isn’t responsive in the free version since you can’t edit the mobile and tablet views in the free version, my testing tells otherwise. Maybe that can be communicated better to the user. I highly dislike how the plugin puts their options and upsell underneath the „settings”. I’d love it having it’s own menu-item. Since it’s better to explain to clients to say: „WordPress options go here and plugin options go here”. A big thumbs up from me as a polyglot to make this plugin translate-able. A lot of devs forget about this but not here 🙂 (PS, the upgrade message in the block editor from index.js is forgotten to be tagged as translate-able) The devs are setting steps in the right direction and this plugin has a lot of promise. At it’s current state it is still a bit rough around the edges and limited but I’m convinced that with more development this plugin can be something quite unique and amazing.
8 septembrie 2023 1 răspuns
This is the only random image block I could find and it works. it’s easy to use simply by selecting images in the image manager. Thanks!
26 august 2023 2 răspunsuri
Simple and sweet. Random Image Block functions precisely as it’s designed.
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Istoric modificări

1.0.3 – 22 Nov 2023

  • Added: Caption Over Image (Pro Version)
  • Added: Some Core Controls

1.0.2 – 06 Nov 2023

  • Some Fixes
  • Added Menu Page
  • Code Optimized

1.0.1 – 29 Oct 2023

  • Added Block Controls
  • Added Pro Version

1.0.0 – 6 June 2023

  • Initial Release