Quick Contact Form


An easy to use, GDPR compliant, drag and drop contact form. There is nothing to configure, all you have to do is set up your email address and add the shortcode to your pages.

You can create multiple different contact forms with ease.

This contact form plugin comes with all the basic contact form features including basic form fields, captcha for spam protection, email notifications, auto responder and message store, you can see all your form submissions right inside your WordPress dashboard

The plugin has been built to make creating contact forms painless and easy. Certainly no need to be a developer to create simple but powerful contact forms. This is why thousands of website builders, designers, business users and power users chose Quick Contact forms!

But don’t just take my word for it. See what our users think:

Rare a contact form plugin has it all – responsive and feature-packed simple to use! Couldn’t ask for more!
Chris Evans | Website Designer & SEO Consultant

Excellent – lots of options, but still easy to use
Thanks a lot for this plugin! It bridges a rather large gap between completely preconfigured form plugins that lack essential fields, and more complex plugins that are very difficult for beginners to figure out. The built-in preview of the form as you are building is very helpful, and it has a really nice range of field type options and style settings, which are named in a more user-friendly way than most. Also, the drag and drop works smoothly and easily without any funky bugginess.
syzygist | WP user


  • Drag and drop fields with easy to edit labels and captions
  • Massive range of built in styles with custom CSS support
  • Display and download messages
  • Custom error and thank-you messages
  • Multiple form support
  • Fully editable autoresponder
  • GDPR compliant

PHP 8.0

Tested with PHP 8.0 – please note there are notices and warnings but these do not impact functionality. Read about Notices and Warnings here

Upgrade to Pro

  • Create your own mailing list from selected responses
  • Send emails from the plugin
  • View and access emailed attachments
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Active Campaign integration

Developers plugin page

quick contact form plugin.

Capturi ecran

  • This is main admin screen.
  • This is an example of multiple forms on a single page. Everything on the form is editable.
  • This is the messages screen (a copy of all the emails sent from the form).


Acest modul oferă 1 bloc.

  • Contact Form


  1. Login to your wordpress dashboard.
  2. Go to ‘Plugins’, ‘Add New’ then search for ‘Quick Contact Form’.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions.
  4. Activează modulul.
  5. Go to the plugin ‘Settings’ page to edit your email address.
  6. Edit any of the form settings if you wish.
  7. Drag and drop the ‘Quick Contact Form’ widget to your sidebar.
  8. To use the form in your posts and pages add the shortcode [qcf].
  9. To use the form in your theme files use the code <?php echo do_shortcode('[qcf]'); ?>.

If you wany more than on form on your site just create a new form on the setup page and save.

Întrebări frecvente

How do I change the labels and captions?

Go to your plugin list and scroll down until you see ‘Quick Contact Form’ and click on ‘Settings’. Select the ‘Form Settings’, ‘Error Messages’ or ‘Reply options’ tabs. Change the settings and Save (quite important this last bit).

What’s the shortcode?


How do I change the colours?

Go to the plugin settings page and click on styling

Can I add more fields?


Why not?

Well OK yes you can add more fields if you want but you are going to have to fiddle about with the php files which needs a bit of care an attention. Everything you need to know is in the wordpress codex.

It’s all gone wrong!

If it all goes wrong, just reinstall the plugin and start again.

Does anybody read these things?

I did, and so have you. Maybe there will be more, who knows.

Have you got any pictures of cute kittens?

No but I’ve inherited 2 ancient, deaf and grumpy Persians.


5 noiembrie 2020
Rare a contact form plugin has it all - responsive and feature-packed simple to use! Couldn't ask for more!
20 iulie 2020
I liked the form from the begin. After support acted immediately on my enquiry for multilingual forms I can not else than to give this plugin full points )))
9 ianuarie 2020
Thanks a lot for this plugin! It bridges a rather large gap between completely preconfigured form plugins that lack essential fields, and more complex plugins that are very difficult for beginners to figure out. The built-in preview of the form as you are building is very helpful, and it has a really nice range of field type options and style settings, which are named in a more user-friendly way than most. Also, the drag and drop works smoothly and easily without any funky bugginess. It does indeed take its style from the theme, which is great if custom styling is a little over your head, though you can tweak things like border (or not) easily without needing any special knowledge. You can create a custom message for a successful form submission, or redirect to a specific page. I was particularly intrigued by the option (on Send Options tab) to allow submission of the form to create a new WordPress user, which could be handy if you are offering private content in exchange for signups. I tested the form, and the notification email came in very promptly. As well as receiving them via email, you can review submissions in your Dashboard under Messages (though the enormous "upgrade to Pro" button in this section is a bit overwhelming). About the only thing it lacks is the ability to import/export settings. This would be great for sending preconfigured settings to some of my more technically challenged clients. But that's not a complaint. This a very generously-featured plugin as it is.
1 martie 2018
I originally used contact form 7 but it kept giving me errors that I could not resolve despite lot of google search. There are several contact form plugins but I didn't like most of them. Then I found Quick contact form. Wow! It was very easy to set up and it just worked! It worked on my development website which was on a test domain with different website address (this is where contact form 7 gave issues). It worked seamlessly when the site was migrated to its final home. It offers tons of customization, styling options. It is simple and clean. I just wish that there was one more option where the label for a field could be shown outside of the field text box. It's inside the box by default and cannot be changed. Not a big deal but would love to have that flexibility. Other than that a 5 star plugin all across!
21 aprilie 2017
It works, it's easy to setup and use and Aerin is a really cool guy who never lets his users down.
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Quick Contact Form” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • security fix


  • better email debugging
  • fix issue with quoted from emails not being accepted


  • Fixed mail list for PHP 8
  • Removed some warnings
  • Removed deprecated licence code ( legacy pro user sorry if you haven’t moved over – but you have been given 18 months notice )
  • Removed SMTP option – if you need SMTP use one of the several SMTP plugins
  • Removed custom CSS from settings – if you need custom CSS use the customizer – additional CSS


  • Fixed fatal error if slider width set to ‘blank’ or non number


  • Fixed fatal error if slider width set to ‘blank’ or non number


  • Fixed conflict with Gravity Form 2.5


  • Fixed issue with widget settings
  • Fixed PHP 8.0 Fatal error


  • Added anti spam hook and integrated Fullworks Anti SPam


  • Library update


  • Language localisation of default error messages etc


  • change of maintainer from Aerin to Fullworks


  • Removed Mime from message headers


  • Added Gutenberg block
  • Fixed email builder in message centre
  • Revised email header formatting


  • Data storage consent option
  • No data retention option
  • Active Campaign option


  • PHP7 bug fix


  • Upgrade now has Mailchimp integration
  • Multiple redirection options


  • Added an upgrade option
  • Removed depreciated WP function


  • Option as to where the custom CSS load: external stylesheet or in document head


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Option to select email address for messages report
  • Styles no longer loaded in head
  • Datepicker uses WP localizer
  • Thickness and handle corner styles for the slider
  • Submit button hover styles
  • Styling option for input margins and padding


  • Option to require an attachment
  • Validation and transmission without page reloads
  • Slider width styles
  • Improved autoresponder
  • Better style handling


  • Autofill option
  • Bug fix for attachment uploads
  • Improved attachments filename filter


  • Widget update for WP 4.3


  • New Autoresponder
  • Updated header styling options
  • Code optimisation
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Option to remove styling
  • CSS Tweak to prevent double line spacing
  • CSRF and XSS security patches


  • Bug fix on the telephone number validation
  • Tweak to Akismet functions


  • Stylesheet bug fix.
  • Updated javascript for range slider


  • New range slider field
  • Akismet bug fix
  • Admin notice bug fix
  • Page now reloads to form location not top of page
  • Removed captcha column from messages report


  • Option to delete individual messages
  • On submit now returns page to the form location


  • Now with Aksimet validation
  • Locale scripts for dates
  • Fixed captcha styling bug
  • Better styling support for submit images


  • Added styling options for the Error messages
  • Fixed line height bug (that has been bugging me for ages)
  • Fixed validation error on selector fields


  • Added error message styles
  • fixed broken link to CSS editor


  • Bug fix to the multiuse selector fields
  • fixed broken link to CSS editor


  • Added second multi use field
  • Changed selector fields to mulit use fields


  • Added new multi use field
  • Made Captcha a selectable field
  • Added new styles for input fields
  • fixed minor bugs (including the wrong shortcode)


  • Fix so submit buttons now work properly


  • Bug fix


  • Submit button border styling
  • Allow background images
  • Moved selector options to the form field settings
  • Added delete buttons to the setup page
  • Fixed a bug in the submit button image styles
  • Fixed a formatting bug on the messages page
  • Made the settings pages a lot more pretty (and easier to use)


  • Jquery bug fix


  • Added SMTP option
  • Styles now have color pickers
  • Fixed the line height problem for some themes.
  • Improved WordPress 3.8 styling


  • More options for the thank-you messages
  • WordPress 3.8 compatible


  • Closed an XSS security hole
  • Fixed some styling issue on the error messages.
  • Added formating options for textarea
  • Added more styling options for the submit button
  • Added clickable lablels for radio and checkbox fields


  • Fixed a complete cock up on the message styling


  • Small bug fix to stop duplicate info being sent.
  • Improved the way fonts are managed
  • Added styling options for the submit button
  • Added XSS filters
  • Custom CSS now loads as an external file


  • Whole new message display and download option.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed empty message fields


  • More options when you send the form.


  • New form field. Adds a date picker to your forms.


  • Option to select mail function


  • Added dropdown to sidebar widget so you can select named forms


  • Changed the order of the columns in the form settings page
  • Made it easier to swap between named forms in the settings pages
  • Fixed some spellings errors
  • Bug fix: you can now add multiple email addresses on a fresh install


  • Bug fix: wp_mail chopped the last character of the senders name off!


  • Changed to wp_mail to fix webhosts blocking gmail and other webmail services
  • Changed language to UTF-8
  • Code tweaks


  • Reset buttons on each page
  • Simple validation of form names (replaces spaces with hyphens)
  • Code tweaks


  • Multiple forms! Something that has been a long time coming.


  • Put all the admin functions in a seperate file (700 lines of code less for your visitors to load).
  • Added options to change the fonts and field borders.
  • Moved the styles to the documment head (no longer inline).
  • Improved the tracking options.

4.4 & 4.4.1

  • Bug fixes in the CSS
  • Tweaked the admin code to make the UI a bit less sensitive to user settings


  • Added option for 100% width (for responsive themes)


  • Cleaned out a whole load of code – file is now 6Kb smaller.
  • Rewritten the help files
  • Tweaked the validation function


  • Fixed a bug in file attachment processing
  • Added stripslashes to the admin fields (a few had got missed)


  • Option to send file attachments.
  • Custom CSS support.
  • Allow redirection after message has been sent.
  • Reworked the ‘form settings’ instructions and added drag and drop arrows.
  • Direct links to the CSS and PHP editors from the appropriate setting page.
  • A lot of coding changes to speed up form processing.
  • As soon as the last few users upgrade from Version 2 I can remove about 100 lines of code!

3.2 and 3.3.1

  • Validation can check the email and telephone number format even if they are not required fields.
  • Missing apostrophe added (bugfix).


  • Random maths captcha added.
  • Editable email subject line.
  • Background colour options.
  • Changed the layout of the form editor to make it simpler.
  • Improved the the instructions for use.
  • Fixed a small bug in the checkbox validator.


  • Now lots of fields to select and arrange.
  • Changed the way files are written to the database.


  • Added tab to edit the error messages.


  • Added options to edit the thank you message.
  • Added options to display and track messages.


  • Added options to select which fields you want on your form.
  • Added a forth field so you can have email and telephone number (woo!)
  • Tidied up the way messages are displayed.
  • Fixed sorting bug.


  • Added reset options.


  • Tweak to the stylesheet to cope with the hopeless Internet Explorer CSS support.


  • Major upgrade to the settings interface.
  • Option to display latest messages on your dashboard.


  • Added sidebar widget.
  • Changed text colour of required fields (looks much nicer).


  • Added an optional maths checker to catch the spambots.
  • Added email and telephone number validation.


  • Changed the way error and the thank you messages are displayed (no more popups).
  • Added option to select which fields are required.


  • Fixed ‘onclick’ bug


  • Initial Issue