Acest modul a fost închis pe 1 septembrie 2018 și nu mai este disponibil pentru descărcare. Motiv: Încălcare directivă.


Works well & great support

We used this on a client site and it works well. We did run into an issue where the discount given to a particular role resulted in triggering the "Sale" flag to be displayed. This did not make sense to me, so I contacted support, who was very responsive and helpful. It turns out it was not an issue with the plugin itself, but just the way Woo works. We came up with a custom solution so that the "Sale" flag only shows when you enter a value in the "Sale price" field, not anytime the original price is discounted. We shared the custom code with their support team, so if you are having the same problem, check out their website for the code.

Great customer service!!

Great plug in and great customer service! I had a unique situation and purchased a couple of their plugins. Though they did not work for my needs, the plugins did work great for what they were designed to do. I requested a refund and with no hesitation they did. Thank you

Amazing support

While this plug-in didn't work exactly the way I expected I was blown away by the quality and speed of response provided by the service team.

Great Plugin

Does exactly what it says, with many options and most important you can choose which groups can see the cart, which can see the prices etc. This is a great plugin, thanks
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