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5 martie 2018
Looks Great but when installed i didn't find Manage Preferences, User Selection Shortcodes for Selection of Categories
19 ianuarie 2017
There remain some suggestions for future version: automatically sending notif if post is published WITHOUT extra scheduling the notification (very important for planned publishing of posts) editing different subscribers (select/deselect categories) shortcode for subscription in order to use it in pages/posts verification, WHO received/din't receive notification (not only list of sent notifications), especially if no entry in "sent notifications", but subscribers received them Apart from that: Very good plugin! Thank You very much!
21 noiembrie 2016
I checked out several plugins for email notifications, but most were too overblown for my taste. post-notif on the other hand delivers exactly the features i need. Also, the support is very good.
29 octombrie 2016
Had some trouble but Devon was right on it. Many great features. Subscribing to a single category made easy!
3 septembrie 2016 5 răspunsuri
I would really like the plugin to work on my site, bu unfortunately it has some problems. I guess the problem is triggered by my use of WordPress MU Domain Mapping. If I select the top menu item in the kontrol panel in a domain mapped subsite - I get a 404 "Object not found". On the site public front a subscribe action seem to work. A confirmation letter is received - but when the subscriber tries to save subscriptions options a black page is shown. I did not investigate any further. Sorry.
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