Pie Register – Custom Registration Form, Invitation based Registrations and User Login WordPress Plugin


Pie Register is a quick and easy to use WordPress Registration Plugin which customize website registration forms with easy to use features like drag and drop from builder, invitation-only registration, email templates, apply conditional logics, data import & export, implement role-based redirection and can convert the WordPress website into membership-base site.

It also comes with robust add-ons to help with profile searches, email marketing (Mailchimp), social login, two-step authentication

With Pie Register, you can quickly create a registration form to let visitors register to your website and pay for priority content and services via PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.net.

It also allows you to block certain users based on preset criteria and by using reCAPTCHA, Match CAPTCHA, Honeypot, No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA, and even timed submission on the forms to make sure the site is not being spammed by bots. Read details here.

The integrated role based page access makes sure that users can access only the allowed pages. Unwanted users can be blocked by username, email and IP address adding an extra layer of security to the website.

Plugin comes in two versions, community and professional. The community version is free, has limited features and is supported by the plugin community and developers via the forums; the professional version has more advanced features and comes with ticket based support with the development team.

Best of all Pie Register offers perpetual licensing – purchase once and use for a lifetime, no hassle or recurring periodic payments. Upgrade Now

Features of the plugin include:

Robust features to help you create complex registration forms.

  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
    Drag & Drop fields to create registration forms for users to register to your blog or site.

  • Responsive Mobile Friendly
    Pie Registration forms is 100% responsive meaning it works on mobile, tablets & desktop.

  • Advanced Fields
    Advanced fields section provides additional fields through which you can create complex and detail registration forms.

  • Verify & Moderate Registrations
    Let Admin approve and moderate user registration requests before user’s can login.

  • Invitation only Registration
    Have an exclusive site? Let users register only when you send them an invitation code.

  • ShortCode (Easy to Embed)
    Easy to embed, makes it possible to showcase your form in Page, Post, sidebar widgets and more.

  • Membership Fees
    Charge one-time membership fees to your site or blog using the integrated payment gateway.

  • Spam Protection (ReCaptcha)
    Choice of extreme spam and bot prevention by using reCAPTCHA, Match CAPTCHA, No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA.

  • Email Notification
    Pie Register lets you, the admin, control the message exactly to your liking. Use custom Email templates to say it like you want to.

  • Data Import/Export (user default Data only)
    Import and Export user and configuration data using built-in facility in Pie Register through CSV.

  • PayPal Standard
    Use PayPal standard to process membership payments using Pie Register. Setup Payment Success, Payment Failed, Reactivate Account, and Already Active Account messages.

  • File Upload
    File upload field allows your user to upload documents, images and videos. Files could be received through email (one at a time) via the file upload field on the registration form.

  • Support
    We have robust open source community support Forum, our helpful How-to videos that are short and to the point.

Additional features in the Pro version includes:

  • Unlimited Numbers of Registration forms
    Create unlimited number of forms, track how many users register through each forms.

  • Verify & Moderate Registrations
    Setup user verification by Admin Approval AND Verify Email Address.

  • Conditional Logic
    Show or hide fields and forms based on user input. Use conditional logic to build advanced registration flows.

  • Timed form submission
    Prevent bots for event timed submission.

  • Customizable Login Security
    Pie Register PRO advanced security will let you throw CAPTCHA based on the number of unsuccessful login attempts. You can even block IP addresses automatically based on security settings.

  • Data Import/Export (user and settings)
    Want to quickly duplicate or move your existing WordPress user or configuration data? Import and Export user and configuration data using built-in facility in Pie Register through JSON.

  • Role based redirection
    Rules for Role Based Redirection to land users on different pages based on user role.

  • Block Users
    Block unwanted users by usename, email and IP address.

  • Built-in Form Themes
    Built-in form themes that can be changed from settings > UX. One can change the default forms UI and apply the built-in form themes according to website UI.

  • Restrict Widgets
    Set visibility of widgets for specific user roles and user logged-in status.

  • Content Restriction
    Restrict access to website pages or posts based on user role or current logged in status.

  • File Upload
    With the upgrade Admin can also now restrict file size, view uploaded files in admin dashboard and download files in bulk.

  • Ticket based support
    Use our ticketing system to get premium support directly from the Pie Register Support and Development team.

Upgrade to WordPress Registration Plugin Pro Version


Stripe (Payment Gateway)
Use Stripe addon to process membership payments using Pie Register.
Users can pay via credit card after filling the registration form using Stripe payment method.

Authroize.net (Payment Gateway )
Use Authorize.net addon to process membership payments using Pie Register.
Users can pay via credit card after filling the registration form using Authorize.net payment method.

Social Login
Let your site or blog users to login via their Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo and WordPress accounts.

Use Pie Register to export your site users into MailChimp lists to send communication, sales and marketing emails.

Twilio Two-step Authentication (SMS)
Have a super secure site? No Problem. With Pie Register and TWILIO you can use SMS (texting) to add an additional security layer by having users verify registration via SMS/Text message to their cell phone. Admin can also be notified when new user registers.

Profile Search
With the Profile Search tool, admin can provide users the feature to search or filter to display user data. User information displayed in search results can be limited based on admin’s choice.

Geo Location
Collects Geo location data from your users who registered on your site. Information like Country, City, Zip Code, Latitude/Longitude and location map for the user will accessible.

More Addons details, click here: https://pieregister.com/addons


Please visit the documentation page for this plugin. Also, you can download documentation PDF from here.


Here are some basic form shortcodes that you can embed:

  • For login form use: [pie_register_login]
  • For Registration form use: [pie_register_form]
  • For forgot password form use: [pie_register_forgot_password]
  • For profile page use: [pie_register_profile]

Addons Shortcode:

  • For social login use : [pie_register_social_login]
  • For Profile Search use: [pie_register_search_profile_result]

Helpful Links:

Community forum: https://pieregister.com/forum/
Blog: https://pieregister.com/blog/
Contact Us: https://pieregister.com/contact-us/


  • For support visit Pie Register forum.

Capturi ecran

  • Registration Page
  • Pie Register Settings
  • Invitation Tracking Dashboard Widget
  • Unverified User Management


  1. Upload the pie-register directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Set the options in the Settings Panel.

Întrebări frecvente

How can I add or delete preferences to my registration page?

You can customize your registration pages from Pie Register’s simple and user friendly form editor.

Will I be able to charge my users?

Pie Register effectively integrates your payment process which enables a quick and secure payment process for you.

How can I be protected from spammers?

Pie Register has built in support for reCaptcha, that prevents bots or spammers to get registered!

I don’t want my blog to be overcrowded? What to do?

You can use the Invitation Codes feature to block unwanted registrations. You can view the stats from its built-in Dashboard widget.


3 octombrie 2019
Drag and drop interface to build forms makes things easy. Support is great. Recommend!
26 septembrie 2019
I installed this plugin in a desperate attempt to defeat the 50+ BOTS per day that were registering on my website. No, Captcha did not stop them. Using the Invitation Code feature of the standard version, I present the user with a registration question that a BOT would not know, but any hobbyist in this field would know immediately. Seems to be working fine!
25 septembrie 2019
Pie Register plugin is suitable for those who are looking for an intuitive, easy to set up registration plugin and do not want to pay an annual subscription fee. The plugin itself is free. If you need extensions, you can buy them individually or use the Pro version, which allows you to use all extensions. At the same time you pay once and for life. Another very important plus - fast support. Despite my poor English, I am understood and problems are solved within 24 hours. I like this plugin and I hope that it will be developed and expanded in particular, taking into account the Russian specifics. I would like to see new versions of the plugin can be integrated with the payment system Yandex Kassa and mail service Send Pulse.
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Pie Register – Custom Registration Form, Invitation based Registrations and User Login WordPress Plugin” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • Added: Expiry date option in Invitation Codes. (PRO)
  • Added: Auto generate Invitation Codes option. (PRO)
  • Added: Import CSV option under import/export for invitation codes. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Removed several warnings in Profile edit form.
  • Fixed: Removed wrongly activated error message in WP admin area.
  • Fixed: Username field validation.
  • Updated: UI updated Invitation Codes Settings.
  • Updated: Language files updated.


  • Fixed: Errors on plugin installation.
  • Fixed: Strength indicator meter.
  • Fixed: Paypal IPN log issue.
  • Fixed: Conditionalo logic fields on Profile page. (PRO)
  • Updated: Language file(s) updated.


  • Updated: Replaced deprecated eregi() function with preg_match().


  • Added: Russian language option in Google recaptcha.
  • Added: Filter added to set character length for password field.
  • Fixed: Required validation issue on address field.
  • Fixed: Users data issue on plugin upgrade form version 2.x.x series.
  • Fixed: Allowed Russian letters in Name field.
  • Fixed: Varous issues fixed in Attachments listing. (PRO)


  • Added: Users can be connected to selected Registration form. (PRO)
  • Added: Label added with Section break field.
  • Updated: Small bugs fixed.
  • Updated: Language file(s) updated.


  • Fixed: Upload field on edit form.
  • Fixed: Attachement pagination (PRO)
  • Removed: PHP warnings on edit form.


  • Updated unverified users list.
  • Added terms and conditions field.
  • Fixed issues in file upload field.


  • Fixed issues on Attachment page.


  • Content restriction added on CPT UI (Custom Post Types).
  • File size restriction option added in file upload field. (PRO)
  • Administrator can view uploaded files (via file upload field) in admin dashboard and download files in bulk. (PRO)
  • Other small bugs.


  • Removed SQL injection issue.


  • Fixed restriction issue with custom user roles.
  • Fixed PR forms page with elementor page builder.*
  • Updated Profile page UI.
  • Removed several PHP warning.


  • Added languages for Google Captcha.
  • updated language files (.po) with new text domain.
  • Added validation rule for alphabetic letters only.
  • Added remove profile picture option on edit.
  • Fixed several bugs.


  • Fixed warnings on plugin activation.
  • Fixed something went wrong issue on Login form.
  • Fixed auto delete unverified users after grace period.
  • Added css class on field container.
  • Added replacement keys on notification subject field.
  • Added view users by PR forms. (PRO)
  • Added multiple admin email option on admin notification.


  • Updated front-end forms UI.
  • Fixed several UI issues.
  • Updated English Language Pack (PO Files).
  • Fixed email verificaition issue.


  • Fixed wp_mail conflict issue.
  • Fixed dropdown field validation issue.
  • Added placeholders for name, confirm email & confirm password fields.
  • Fixed undefined index error on login form.


  • Fixed vulnerability issue.
  • readme.txt updated.


  • Fixed several bugs.


  • Fixed login form security issue.
  • Fixed several typos.


  • Search field in invitation codes grid added.
  • Meta login link redirect issue fixed.
  • Error on uninstalling plugin issue fixed.


  • Removed warnings messages.
  • Fixed widget messages issues.


  • Removed warnings on Pie Register pages.


  • Fixed dump data on edit profile page.


  • Fixed iframe issue in HTML field.
  • Fixed PR reCaptcha load if enabled in settings or forms.
  • Fixed Registration Form not loading in Form settings without title issue.
  • Fixed page/post redirection issue.
  • Other issue and PHP warnings issues.


  • Fixed sql vulnerability issue in invitation codes grid.


  • Fixed reCaptcha conflict issue.
  • Fixed WP menu issue.
  • Notify unverified user email template updated.
  • Other small issues and PHP standard fixes.


  • Fixed tooltip issue on WP post editor.
  • Fixed UTF-8 charachter issue in Import Users.
  • Updated English Language Pack (PO Files).
  • Fixed Profile picture as Avatar.
  • Other small fixes.


  • Fixed Pro features issues.


  • Fixed HTML Script field issue.
  • Fixed jQuery conflict issue.


  • Fixed several typos.
  • Fixed HTML Script field issue.
  • Fixed page visibility restriction issue for administrator role.


  • Fixed email address edit verification issue.
  • Fixed rest password issue.


  • Fixed „Visual editor” issue.
  • User Account Delete Issue.
  • Email Address Capitalization Error Issue.
  • Small changes and fixes.


  • Fixed „Visual editor” issue.


  • Admin UI updates
  • Major security fixes


  • Fixed „Remember me” issue.


  • Fixed Security Vulnerability and SQL Injection issues.
  • Section break field label can now be keep emptied.
  • Added Hooks to PR Profile Update action.


  • Fixed Password reset key error.
  • Fixed Addresss line 2 (was required to fill)
  • Removed unnecessary files


  • Fixed Un-escaped string on Dashboard Widget.


  • Fixed Security vulnerabilities a.) Login b.) Invitation code.


  • Input Sanitization and other Security issues fixes
  • Username Field is now optional on Registration Form
  • Minimum Password Strength can be set on Registration
  • ckEditor fixes
  • Fixed several typos
  • Change of Email Verification
  • Added security for password changes in Profile (front-end)
  • Fixed Several CSS Issues and many other stuff


  • Allowed multiple addresses on Registration Form
  • Allowed multiple email addresses in Admin Notification
  • Added Nonce on Import n Export Forms (Backend)
  • Added Nonce on User Verification Forms (Backend)
  • Fixed Password Reset Bug
  • Remove Settings and Pages created by Pie Register on uninstall hook
  • ReCaptcha Keys Validation on General Settings Page


  • Added WP hook on PR Login
  • Added ability to Verify Email on later change
  • Added Minimum Password strength limit on Registration Form
  • Fixed Forgot password issues
  • Fixed Export BY Date
  • Fixed Other Languages Issues in Subject Line and Email Templates
  • Fixed ‘Block Output CSS’ issue
  • Fixed First Name Required issue in Profile Area
  • Fixed Not Show Fields in Profile issues
  • Fixed ‘error notices’ being thrown on WP_DEBUG
  • Removed License Key requirements
  • Added Italian in our Language pack


  • Fixed SSL issues with Login/Registration and Redirection
  • Fixed File Upload errors
  • Fixed Conflicts in Form Editor
  • Fixed Notification related errors happening on some Servers
  • Updated language files


  • Fixed Password Protected pages error


  • Added Profile Picture & File Upload variable to Email templates.
  • Added Support for Interim Login
  • Added Math Captcha
  • Fixed CSS issues
  • Enqueue PR scripts on it’s own pages.
  • Added reCaptcha Skins
  • Added WP Filters on User Profile Pictures.
  • Allow some HTML on Description Boxes
  • Fixed several Conflicts with other themes and plugins.


  • Replace all Static URI calls with proper WP URI Functions
  • Added ability to redirect Users to an External URLs on Logout
  • Changed Password Strength Meter wth WordPress
  • Fixed Several jQuery/Javascript issues and conlicts with several themes and plugins
  • Fixed Invitation Code table upgrading issue (Removed DB Delta)
  • Made Default Fields labels editable both at Form Editor and Translation files
  • Fixed Several Spelling Mistakes
  • Tested with different Plugins and themes


  • Added Paypal IPN verification
  • Added Logout URL with after logout page redirection via Settings page (i.e: http://example.com/?piereg_logout_url=true)
  • Updated Email Templates
  • Fixed Headers Problems on Email Templates
  • Updated Replacement keys on Email templates
  • Remove user Password variable from Templates
  • Fixed All Email templates Notifications
  • Fixed Invitation Code Validation when set not Required
  • Fixed After login Redirection issues
  • Updated Text Editor
  • Fixed Post Header hidden problems.
  • Added User IP variable on Email Templates
  • Compaitbility checks with many other plugins and much more.


  • Made License key requirement optional and removed Popup of Un-Registered Version.


  • Upload missing file invitation_code_pagination.php into the package.
  • Fixed File Upload issues.


  • Added Invitation Code Dashboard Widget
  • Added Return and Reply Path on All Emails sent via Pie Register
  • Removed Option to Modify Avatar
  • Stopped PR pages if already exist.
  • Added option to Override WP Profile Page
  • Added Option to Override WP Login/Registration/Forgot Password Pages.
  • Enhanced Invitation Code Module
  • Fixed Shortcodes related issues.
  • Display Error when CURL or FOPEN library not installed on Server.
  • Updated User Role Function.
  • Fixed Upgrading issues.
  • Fixed Email sending issues.
  • Fixed CSS issues.
  • Added option to import version 1.0 Email templates.
  • Fixed lot of minor issues and much more..


  • Added DB Version
  • Fixed Upgrading to version 2.0 issues from older version


  • Disable Pie Register to modify avatars
  • Made Custom CSS and Tracking Code appears across the site


  • Major Release
  • First Stable version of 2.0 family
  • Fixed a lot of bugs in version 2.0.1


  • Fixed layout issues
  • Fixed Jquery Conflicts
  • Fixed profile Edit page
  • Fixed Redirect issues
  • Added WP User Roles on Registration
  • Added Profile Picture Option
  • Added Registration Date on Email templates
  • Added help page
  • Updated Get Free License Option
  • and much more


  • A totally new look sporting an attractive New Interface
  • Revamped with a lot of New Features.
  • Built in intuitive Form Editor
  • Added Shortcodes.
  • and much much more..
  • Warning: This is Beta Release – NOT recommended to upgrade/install on Production sites, it still in beta, suggestions and bugs reporting are welcome


  • zxcvbn lib is added
  • Password Strength meter fix and compatible for future versions.
  • UTF character bug fixed
  • Login Enqueue function added.


  • Stripslashes issue resolved
  • function mb_string has change to htmlentities with utf8_decode functions
  • wpdb_prepare replaced with sanitize function
  • Empty URL field is now allowed on After Sign in redirect.
  • Custom Fields are now removeable.
  • Grace Period issue resolved.


  • Backward Compatibility Issues fixed.
  • Plugin Conflict Issue fixed.
  • Input has been sanitized.
  • UTF-8 characters are now supported by necessary text fields.
  • reCaptcha Library has been upgraded.


New Features:

  • You can now specify the landing page on successful login.
  • Added Logo URL box for Login pages.
  • Added ‘Reset to defaults’ Button on Settings Page.
  • Replaced the static path for admin, includes and plugin folders with WP relative Path Functions
  • Replaced the WordPress Link and ALT text from login and registration page logo with site URL and NAME
  • Invitation code will now appear on the user profile page.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed Paypal issues and upgraded the IPN.
  • Fixed password strength meter error.
  • Fixed invitation code widget and auto delete problem.
  • Fixed re-Captcha size issue on registration form.
  • Fixed some security issues.


  • Fixed PHP Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare()


  • Fixed Custom Fields Reseting problem
  • Fixed Invitation Code update problem


  • Fixed Array problem on text fields.
  • Compatible upto wp 3.3.*


  • Invitation Code Section has been extended
  • Custom Email Notification on Admin/Email verification
  • deprecated Functions has been replaced
  • No need to place the „Session” Variable in the wp-login.php file, anymore
  • and much much more..
  • Warning! This is the beta Version of the Pie Register, Do not upgrade unless you’ve upgraded WordPress to 3.2* Version.


  • New ScreenShots Added

v1.2.6 October 4 2011

  • Fixed Multiple Invitation Saving Problem


  • Fixed custom meta fields „Saving” problem by the admin. (Fixed by Julian Warren with Thanks)
  • Added New Layout Pie Register Menu built!


  • Fixed the ‘Backslash’ problem on the admin Setting Page.


  • Highlighted the Code to put on the wp-login.php at the plugin page.


  • Fixed Settings Override.
  • Compatible to Wp 3.0.5


  • Fixed Password strength meter.
  • Compatible to Wp 3.0.4


  • Fixed Image uploads errors.
  • First step to Compatiblity to Wp 3.0


  • Fixed Error after registration.


  • Fixed Login box after verification.
  • Fixed diplaying invitation codes to the user dashboard.


  • Fixed Payment link.
  • Fixed session errors/header errors.
  • And much much more..


  • Fixed Resend verification email.
  • Fixed resend payment link.


  • Fixed Security updates for Paypal resend code.
  • Add Phone/Mobile number Field.


  • Keep away Unverified/Un-paid users to get logged in.
  • Fixed Logo display and form fields.
  • Fixed short tags enabled.
  • Fixed Date fields.
  • Changed Paypal Buy now to One -Time Subscription fee Button.


  • Fixed User Registeration after Paypal Return.


  • Fixed temp user id and email verification.


  • Added Paypal Return and thank you URL.


  • Fixed Password meter.
  • Added Paypal as shopping Cart