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Optimize & speed up your store by compressing product and other asset images with different modes like lossy, balanced & lossless.Store images will get compressed and optimized automatically with auto mode enabled. Renaming and Adding ALT texts makes product images discoverable for various search engines.

Compression – Speed up your store

  • With different modes like Lossy, Balanced and Lossless – You can compress your store images and reduce the actual image size without loosing quality of the image which helps to load pages faster. Choose mode as per your requirement.
  • Faster stores will create a good impression over customer and makes them happy.
  • Which also keep store’s bounce rate lower, Customer will see site contents much faster and it will help to keep lower bounce rate.

Optimization – Increase visibility on search engines

  • Rename and set ALT tags to product images, which helps search engines to identify your product images and increase visibility.
  • More relevant ALT text and name of image will increase visibility and so more store visitors. After all, more store visitors means higher chance to get more sales.

Automation – Setup once and let this app work for you

  • Compress and Optimize images automatically. With auto mode, it will keep compressing new images whenever added in store.

Image Background Remover – Remove background for product images using AI driven algorithm

  • Which will help you to remove background or change background for original product images easily, and then replace the transparent background with preset color or image of your choice.


  • Auto and Manual mode
    Images can be compressed and proceed with auto and manual mode. When Auto mode is enabled, you do not have to worry about new images added to the store. App will perform its action automatically and keep them up to date based on your settings.

  • ALT Texts for Product Images
    Setup template based on your requirement. App will set ALT texts for all product images, which helps search engines to identify images and products associated with it and ultimately increases visibility over search engines.

  • Rename Product Images
    Renaming image file names helps search engine to find related links and products of your store.

  • Store Assets
    Yes, App will process asset images and perform same actions listed above.

Capturi ecran

  • How to get Picsmize API
  • Compression Settings
  • Manual Compress
  • Image Rename
  • Picsmize Dashboard

Întrebări frecvente

HOW to get API KEY?

To setup the plugin you must have Picsmize API key to process further, here is the steps how to get API key :
– Go to Picsmize website and click on Sign Up to create your account.
– Complete the verification process and login to your Picsmize Account
– Now go to the API settings and create new API key for wordpress.
– Copy API key and add to API settings and save.

How to compress image manually?

  • In Dashboard, You can see a list of all images available in your store, To manually compress or process the image, click the option (three dots) button and Click compress.

How to change images ALT text?

In Dashboard, You can see a list of all images available in your store, To change ALT text of the image, click the option (three dots) button and Click ALT Change.

How to rename images?

In Dashboard, You can see a list of all images available in your store, To rename the image, click the option (three dots) button and File Rename.


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