Perfect Brands for WooCommerce


Perfect WooCommerce Brands is a perfect tool to organize your site, highlight the brands you have, and also helps as a filter for your customers at UX exploration. PWB extendes the product’s description and presentation at your e-commerce site.


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Whether we like to admit it or not, we are all influenced by brands. Brands are a guarantee for quality, they assure product recognition in customers.
Is essential to work with product brands for increase sales and generate reliability on your e-commerce site.
With this extension you can add product brands to your WooCommerce site.


  • Very easy to use, 100% free, no ads, no premium version exists
  • Assign brands to products
  • Associate a banner and a link to each brand
  • Translation-ready
  • Visual Composer support
  • Minimalist design and fully responsive
  • Very lightweight
  • Shortcode: Display all brands
  • Shortcode: Display brands carousel
  • Shortcode: Display product carousel by brand
  • Shortcode: Display brands for a specific product
  • Shortcode: A-Z Listing
  • Widget: Display brands as dropdown
  • Widget: Display brands as list (brand names or brand logos)
  • Widget: Filter products by brand
  • Customizable brands slug
  • Show the brands in products loop
  • Import brands (migrate) from other brands plugins
  • Dummy data installer (logos by heroturko)
  • WooCommerce REST API support
  • WooCommerce built-in product importer/exporter support
  • Brand tab for single product page
  • Favorite brands
  • Brands json import/export
  • Brand structured data
  • And much more!

Perfect WooCommerce Brands Premium

The premium version of Perfect WooCommerce Brands plugin offer you a wide range of extra features that allows a full controll of the brands pages.

  • Improve brand search experience by redirecting users to brand page
  • Include brands separator in brands pages
  • Change columns in the brands pages
  • Change the place of your brands list in brands pages and shop
  • Include brands separator in products pages
  • Include breadcrumbs in products pages

Capturi ecran

  • Brands carousel
  • Brands page
  • Brands taxonomy
  • Brands shortcodes (with Visual Composer)
  • Product carousel by brand


  1. Upload the plugin to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Întrebări frecvente

Is Perfect WooCommerce Brands free?

Yes, of course. This plugin is 100% free.

Where are the plugin settings?

Go to WooCommerce/Settings/ and click on Brands tab

404 error on brand pages

Go to Settings/Permalinks and click on Save Changes button to flush the permalinks

PWB is awesome! Can I contribute?

Yes you can! Join in on our GitHub repository 🙂
You can also contribute translating the plugin

Developer Documentation

Click here


14 ianuarie 2023 1 răspuns
Excelente funcionamiento, facil rapido y limpio
11 ianuarie 2023 1 răspuns
It works and looks great! and I have a LOT of brands to display. I did have some trouble displaying them properly on a Brands Page, but with some help on the forums I got it all fixed up and looking nice! Thanks for a great plugin!
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Istoric modificări

= 2.5.5=
* Fix: AZ listing shortcode hide empty
* Fix:Remove duplicated documentation link
= 2.5.4=
* Fix: Readme update
= 2.5.3=
* Fix: PHP error
= 2.5.2=
* Fix: WooCommerce brands loop order
= 2.5.1=
* New: PHP error
= 2.5.0=
* New: Premium compatibility
= 2.4.5=
* Fix: Allow video embeds in brand description
= 2.4.4=
* Fix: Align rest api to WC standard functionality
= 2.4.3=
* Fix: Product tab brand link
= 2.4.2=
* Fix: Carousel shortcode
= 2.4.1=
* New: Load scrips & styles from build folder
= 2.4.0=
* New: Align rest api to WC standard functionality
* Fix: Rollback separate brands by comma
= 2.3.0=
* Fix: i18n az listing shortcode cache transient
* Fix: Shortcode brand description attribute
= 2.2.9=
* Fix: Separate brands by comma
* Fix: Add span to brands filter
= 2.2.8=
* Fix: Settings link
= 2.2.7=
* Fix: WooCommerce compatibility
= 2.2.5=
* Fix: WooCommerce compatibility
* Fix: brand description
= 2.2.4=
* Fix: rating notification
= 2.2.3=
* Fix: PHP error
= 2.2.2=
* Fix: WooCommerce compatibility
= 2.2.1=
* Fix: WooCommerce compatibility
= 2.2.0=
* Fix: WooCommerce compatibility
= 2.1.9=
* Fix: WooCommerce compatibility
= 2.1.8=
* Fix: WooCommerce compatibility
= 2.1.7=
* Fix: small css issues
= 2.1.6=
* Fix: WooCommerce compatibility
= 2.1.5=
* Fix: WooCommerce Product Brands translation plural
= 2.1.4=
* Fix: QuadLayers widget image


  • Fix: Disable search brands in products
    = 2.1.2=
  • Fix: QuadLayers widget cache


  • Fix: WooCommerce Brands carousel


  • Fix: Brand description in product tab


  • Fix: Exclude coupons from brands


  • Fix: Brand image output sanitization


  • Fix: Output sanitization


  • Fix: Security fix
  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: Security fix


  • Fix: Security fix


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: QuadLayers widget cache


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix: Google code snippet


  • Fix: QuadLayers widget cache


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • New. Telegram add to suggestions tab


  • Fix: PHP error


  • Add: QuadLayers dashboard widget


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix: PHP 8 compatibility


  • Fix: PHP 8 compatibility


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • New: remove filters button


  • Fix: security issues


  • Enhancement: dynamic data escaped


  • Enhancement: Update suggestions


  • Enhancement: Update documentation


  • Enhancement: Update documentation link


  • Enhancement: Main file renamed according to WordPress standards
  • Enhancement: „Show only first level brands” option added for the filter by brand widget


  • Fix: Breadcrumbs issues
  • Fix: Ajax search plugins conflict since previous release
  • Feature: New position option „in meta” for brands in the single product page
  • Feature: New param „only_parents” for „pwb-az-listing”
  • Enhancement: Sections for brands settings tab in admin
  • Enhancement: „[pwb-az-listing]” transient for better performance in large sites


  • Fix: Hidden products contribute towards product count for „pwb-all-brands” shortcode
  • Enhancement: Replace hardcoded thumbnail size for product loops with selected size (thanks @orjhor)
  • Feature: Redirect if the search matches with a brand name. Better product search experience.
  • Feature: Add the possibility to filter by product category on product carousel shortcode (thanks @lasdou)
  • Dev: New filter hook „pwb_html_before_brands_links”
  • Tested on WooCommerce 3.9


  • Enhancement: Better support for special characters in „AZ-Listing” shortcode
  • Fix: Filter by brand widget shows incorrect brands under certain conditions
  • Fix: Filter by brands in product tags pages and other product taxonomies
  • Update: WC 3.8 compatibility
  • Dev: New filter hook „pwb_text_before_brands_links”
  • Dev: New filter hook „pwb_product_tab_brand_logo_size”
  • Dev: „[pwb-az-listing]” and „[pwb-brand]” templates for theme overrides


  • Tested up to, bump
  • Dev: New filter hook „woocommerce_product_brand_heading” for editing the „Brand” tab heading
  • Fix: Some problems with the „Brand” product tab
  • Fix: Avoid a possible JS conflict caused by „wp_localize_script”


  • Fix: Stupid JS error introduced in the previous version


  • Fix: Mismatched columns when a brand is added
  • Tweak: Disable brand tab when product not have brand
  • Dev: New filter hook ‘pwb_dropdown_placeholder’
  • Dev: New filter hooks ‘pwb_carousel_prev’ and ‘pwb_carousel_next’ for customize the carousel arrows
  • Dev: Override templates via a theme
  • Minor fixes and tweaks


  • Enhancement: Performance improvements
  • Fix: Breadcrumbs doesn’t take in account pagination


  • Feature: Now is possible to use %pwb-brand% in the product URLs
  • Fix: Fatal error in some themes (like Salient)
  • Fix: Some PHP notices and warnings fixed
  • Fix: Don’t show brand description/banner in paged


  • Feature: Extends the [products] shortcode to allow ‘brands’ attribute
  • Feature: The brands column is sortable now
  • Catalan translation (thanks to Lluisma)
  • Enhancement: Easier select brands page link in breadcrumbs
  • Enhancement: Configure the brand banner and the brand description position independently
  • Dev: New filter ‘pwb_taxonomy_rewrite’ to change the rewrite slug
  • Dev: New filter ‘pwb_taxonomy_with_front’ to change default „with_front” value
  • Fix: Fatal error in PHP5.4


  • Feature: A-Z Listing shortcode
  • Feature: New brands exporter/importer introduced
  • Fix: Missing some brands to filter
  • Fix: Coupon doesn’t work for product variations (thanks @gekomees)
  • Fix: The brand description is not shown if there are no products
  • Enhancement: wpautop() for brand descriptions
  • Enhancement: Other filter by brand widget enhancements
  • Enhancement: Brands page link in breadcrumbs
  • Enhancement: Enqueue the carousel lib conditionally
  • Dev: New filter hook ‘pwb_description_allowed_tags’
  • Update: WC 3.5 compatibility