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3 septembrie 2020
All elements disappear from Elemntor if I use the plugin's shortcode on the page. Plugin is no longer maintained, WP authority should be removed from the directory.
13 aprilie 2020
Contains bugs that were reported a year ago, three years ago, or more. They go unfixed and unacknowledged. They clearly are not supporting the plugin any longer.
3 septembrie 2016
It looked very promissing, but for me it didn't work. The plugin is not intuitive enough to work with. However, perhaps it could work for you. That's up to you to find out.
3 septembrie 2016
At first it looks as not working well and it's not really customizable, but it just need a little bit of work and knowledge. With a little effort it's very powerful - if you know how to make little changes in code (css for example). Here an example of what I could make with it: http://kacperzieba.com I've tried a lot of free filterable portfolio plugins to do this and this was absolutely the best. K.
3 septembrie 2016
I usually prefer to give the benefit of the doubt since the plugin is a free one, and I understand lack of support but when I went to the vendors website for a demo, it didn't work at all. I tried in 3 different vanilla browsers, and the category filtering does not work. It does look like a promising plugin but lacks in functionality. Plugin Demo
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