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The Best FREE WordPress Delivery Date & Time Plugin

The Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce Lite is a FREE plugin that helps you to give your customer the power of selecting order delivery date & time during the WooCommerce checkout.

44% of consumers say that they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience with a particular company. With the Order Delivery Date lite version, you can deliver a personalized shopping experience where the user can pick a delivery date and time at their convenience. As a WooCommerce store owner, you can easily manage your delivery and utilize the time to grow your business.

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce Lite Features

The Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce lite version gives you 20+ features!

Add products to the cart and experience how the Order delivery date works- Live Demo.

Also, Use and become familiar with the admin dashboard controls- Admin Demo.

Here are the Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce lite features:

Flexible Delivery Date Selection Options

  • Allow customers to select a delivery date on the checkout page.
  • Disable the weekdays on which you do not deliver products.
  • Timpul minim necesar pentru livrare poate fi setat în ore.
  • Setează câmpul dată de livrare ca obligatoriu în pagina de finalizare a comenzilor.
  • Auto-populate the first available delivery date & time selection in the delivery date and time fields, respectively on the checkout page.
  • Set delivery date field labels as per your business requirements.
  • Disable delivery for Virtual and Featured products.

Easy to Manage Delivery Options

  • Capture delivery time slot along with the delivery date.
  • Add multiple time slots individually in one go.
  • Add time slots in bulk with a fixed duration & interval.
  • Capture Delivery Date & Time on cart page along with checkout page.
  • Change the look of the delivery calendar by selecting the color code.

Conditional Based Delivery Date Selection Options

  • Set Maximum Deliveries per day by Orders
  • Limit the number of orders to be placed per day.
  • Block a deliverable time slot for a date or weekday.
  • Set holidays on the dates you do not deliver products.

Friendly Admin Controls

  • Admin can edit delivery dates from Orders page & notify the customer.
  • Selected Delivery Date will be displayed on the WooCommerce Order page at the backend.
  • Data de livrare selectată va fi afișată în pagina WooCommerce „Editează comanda” în panoul de control din administrare.
  • Admins can filter orders based on the delivery dates on the WooCommerce orders page.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce HPOS.

** Want to show the delivery dates on the product page? Product Delivery Date LITE plugin allows the customer to choose a delivery date right within the product page and add the product to the cart.

Here is what some of our customers say about this plugin:

I really appreciated that they answered all my questions. They are so awesome. The plugin is so perfect. Everything works fine. If I need help, they will help. The free plugin is so perfect, so the pro version is gonna be excellent too. Thank you so much.
– sisili08R

Un modul perfect, care spune exact ceea ce face și adaugă funcțiile simplu, fără confuzie. Am avut chiar suport suplimentar când am vrut să ajustez modulul ca să se potrivească mai bine cu site-ul meu. Îl recomand tuturor.

Modulul a funcționat așa cum a fost descris și are un suport foarte bun, iar asta este cheia. Funcționează ordonând implicit comenzile în ecranul lor – mai întâi ultimele comenzi – sau le ordonează după data de livrare. Tot ceea ce trebuie să faci este să folosești o bifă simplă pentru comuta între metodele preferate. Dezvoltatorul modulului a răspuns în câteva ore la cererea pe care am făcut-o și rezolvarea a fost în mod profesionist. Acord 5 stele pentru modul și suportul asigurat.

Folosim acest modul pentru magazinul web al florăriei noastre deoarece clienții își pot organiza livrările în fiecare dimineață, de luni până vineri și sâmbătă. Posibilitatea de a seta o oră de livrare sâmbătă (sau chiar duminică) la fel ca în zilele lucrătoare este foarte bună pentru noi.

Pro Tip: The WooCommerce Subscriptions Compatibility addon allows you to select a delivery date based on the renewal period for the renewal orders on the checkout for manual renewals. Delivery Date & Time will be automatically updated for the renewal orders if the automatic renewals are enabled

Order Delivery Date PRO

The Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce also has a PRO version. In the pro version, you get additional features that take your WooCommerce store shopping experience to the next level.

The PRO version offers 25+ additional features along with the 20+ Lite version features.

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce PRO key highlight features

  • 2-way Synchronization of your deliveries with Google Calendar in real-time
  • Ability to enable or disable delivery date for specific product categories
  • Create different delivery schedules from plugins like WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping, Fedex plugin, USPS Shipping Method Plugin by WooCommerce, etc.
  • Ability to create delivery schedules by shipping methods, product categories & shipping classes.
  • Ability to set up recurring deliveries with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin and Subscription compatibility add-on
  • Customers can edit the delivery date from the My Account section
  • Admin can filter the orders by the delivery date
  • Display delivery date & time information in the WooCommerce mobile app
  • Customers/Admin are notified once the delivery is rescheduled
  • Setup same-day & next-day deliveries with cut-off times
  • Compatibility with Pickup Date Addon

You can check the entire features on our Order Delivery Date for the WooCommerce Lite Vs. Pro comparison post.

Order Delivery Date PRO is helping many WooCommerce store owners reduce operational costs and improve their orders .

This plugin is the perfect solution for allowing your customers to tell you when they’ll be available for delivery. Especially if you’re a small business that tends directly to your customer, this plugin will allow you to ensure their happiness with their order in that they’ll know exactly when to expect their delivery. A definite 5 star rating for the plugin and a 5 star rating for the support that it comes with! Please don’t have any doubts purchasing this one! Best money you’ll ever spend!

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce team promise.

Whether you are an Order Delivery Date pro user or a free version user, our support team is always there to help you. Feel free to contact us, and also, please share your review & rate us a FIVE STAR rating to help fellow WordPress users try our plugins.

Recommended Plugin: Product Delivery Date Lite for WooCommerce – This Lets you add a delivery date selection option on the product page and more product-wise delivery options

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Capturi ecran

  • Câmpul dată de livrare va fi vizibil în pagina de finalizare, conform setărilor

  • Filă setări date

  • Holidays settings

  • Time Slot settings

  • View Time Slots table

  • Data de livrare selectată va fi afișată în „Câmpuri personalizate” din pagina Editează comanda

  • Data de livrare va fi afișată în pagina Comenzi într-o coloană nouă intitulată „Dată de livrare”


Acest modul oferă 1 bloc.

  • Order Delivery Date


Opțiunea 1:

  1. Mergi la Panou control WordPress->Module->Adaugă modul nou
  2. Caută modulul Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce folosind opțiunea de căutare
  3. Găsește modulul și dă clic pe butonul Instalează acum
  4. După instalare, dă clic pe legătura Activează modulul pentru a activa modulul.

Opțiunea 2:

  1. Descarcă modulul order-delivery-date-for-woocommerce.zip
  2. Despachetează fișierul order-delivery-date-for-woocommerce.zip și extrage dosarul order-delivery-date-for-woocommerce
  3. Încarcă dosarul modulului în directorul tău /wp-content/plugins/
  4. Mergi la panoul de control WordPress, dă clic pe Module în meniu
  5. Localizează modulul Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce și dă clic pe legătura Activează pentru a activa modulul.

Opțiunea 3:

  1. Descarcă modulul order-delivery-date-for-woocommerce.zip
  2. Mergi la Panou control WordPress->Module->Adaugă modul nou
  3. Dă clic pe legătura Încarcă modulul din partea e sus
  4. Încarcă fișierul descărcat order-delivery-date-for-woocommerce.zip și dă clic pe Instalează acum
  5. După instalare, dă clic pe legătura Activează modulul pentru a activa modulul.


21 noiembrie 2023 2 răspunsuri
I’ve had one of the worst experiences ever with this plugin and especially the premium version and their less than helpful support. We tried to update to the premium version but it had terrible bugs and kept breaking the site upon update on live, staging and local. After their support (eventually) said they fixed, I couldn’t get it to work they asked for live site access and completely broke the site. No apology or even letting me know the site was in a critical error until the next day when we all noticed. They just left us with a completely broken site. Avoid this plugin like the plague
9 septembrie 2022 4 răspunsuri
Can’t recommend this plugin anymore, because the customer service is horrible. I have tried to get their help to resolve an issue for over a month now. Update: Upendra resolved my issue.
29 aprilie 2022
This plugin used to be great and customer service was good. However, the plugin now prevents orders from going through to the payment section. We’ve been trying to reach support for over a month now with no response. Such a shame! I would’ve recommended this plugin before, but unfortunately, my advice now is to look elsewhere.
28 aprilie 2022 1 răspuns
Customers not able to place orders, keep getting error: cut of delivery time has expired. Had to diactivate it. Lost 2 days of sales because of it
12 martie 2022 2 răspunsuri
Update x2: After I went through the effort to switch back it stopped working again. I dont have time for this. Update: I complained and they fixed it in a week. That’s amazing support. I did swap to something else but this support was so great, I went through the work to switch back. Before: Since updating to 5.9 this plugin no longer works. Often I am unable to update the date field and it just shows 1970. If I can get to the point of choosing a date, it doesn’t save it correctly and I have to try again. Very rarely it works now. I have to use something else I cant have this going on.
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

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Istoric modificări

3.21.1 (03.04.2024)

  • Fix – Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability.
  • Tweak – Update compatibility with WordPress 6.5
  • Tweak – Update compatibility with WooCommerce 8.7

3.21.0 (20.02.2024)

  • Fix – Unable to sort the delivery dates on WooCommerce Order page.
  • Fix – Locked out date was not getting released when a date is changed in the admin order edit page.
  • Fix – The delivery calendar was not responsive if „Number of Months” set to 2.
  • Fix – Added Compatibility with cart and checkout block pages.
  • Fix – The delivery date was missing on order received page and in order email when the order is placed with autopopulate delivary date.
  • Fix – The delivery calender was not appearing when holiday name contains double quotes.
  • Fix – Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability.

3.20.2 (23.09.2023)

  • Tweak: Modified the setting sections labels to make them user friendly.

3.20.1 (02.08.2023)

  • Fix: A vulnerability issue was found when filtering the orders based on delivery date on WooCommerce orders page.

3.20.0 (11.07.2023)

  • Enhancement: Added a setting ‘Show filters on order listing page’ to display filter dropdown based on delivery dates on WooCommerce orders page.

3.19.0 (29.11.2022)

  • Enhancement: Plugin has been made compatible with WooCommerce HPOS.
  • Fix: The delivery date field was not being validated even though made mandatory.

3.18.0 (20.09.2022)

  • Enhancement – Added a new date format d-m-Y. Props to @joostvanderzanden.
  • Tweak – Added an order_id parameter to ‘orddd_after_timeslot_update’ action so other plugins can use it.
  • Fix – When creating an order manually from the backend, the delivery date field would remain disabled and would not allow to add a delivery date. This has been fixed now.
  • Fix – Time slots were not coming up for the first available delivery date on the delivery calendar. This has been fixed now.
  • Fix – It was not allowing admin to edit the checkout page with Elementor when our plugin is active. This has now been fixed.

3.17.3 (09.05.2022)

  • Fix – Cut-off time error was appearing on checkout page when ‘Select Time slot’ or ‘Timeslot Not Available’ is chosen.

3.17.2 (05.05.2022)

  • Fix – Cut-off time error was appearing on checkout page when plugin was not used and no date sent.

3.17.1 (29.04.2022)

  • Fix – Cut-off time error was appearing on checkout page for valid dates when no timeslot was enabled.

3.17.0 (26.04.2022)

  • Fix – is_ajax deprecated error was removed on checkout page and cart page
  • Fix – Delivery date field placeholder text was not appearing on the checkout page.
  • Fix – Wrong delivery date was appearing on orders page when order was created in the admin side.
  • Fix – Word „Array” was appearing when delivery date field label is blank.
  • Fix – Was not able to save delivery date while editing orders created in the admin side or editing orders not having a delivery date.
  • Fix – Word „Array” was appearing in the PDF invoice generated by „Invoice for WooCommerce” plugin when location field label is blank.
  • Fix – Was able to place orders when cut-off time for delivery date or delivery time slot was reached. Fixed it by adding a error message when cut-off time is expired.
  • Tweak – Added an option to enable/disable adding of delivery date/time column in the orders page in the admin. Also added an option to sort the orders based on delivery date/time by default.

3.16.1 (08.02.2022)

  • Fix – Delivery date field was not working after updating to WordPress 5.9
  • Fix – Delivery date field was displayed on checkout for virtual products even when ‘Disable the Delivery Date and Time Slot Fields for: Virtual Products’ setting was enabled.

3.16.0 (21.09.2021)

  • Dev – Removed the hidden input fields and sent the data to JS through wp_localize_script.
  • Dev – Created template structure for the delivery date & time fields.
  • Fix – Preview theme calendar not come as per First day of week is selected. This has been fixed.
  • Fix – We have updated .pot file for missing string translations.
  • Fix – &nbsp text appeared in the Shipping Days Settings section. This has been fixed.

3.15.1 (03.09.2021)

  • Fix – Number of dates was getting blocked after updating the plugin to v3.15.0. This has been fixed.

3.15.0 (31.08.2021)

  • Enhancement – Added new settings to add multiple time-slots and bulk time-slots.

3.14.0 (10.08.2021)

  • Enhancement – Added a new setting to apply colors to the delivery calendar.
  • Enhancement – Added Screen Reader accessibility to read the calendar.
  • Fix – The auto populated delivery date was not getting translated. This has been fixed.

3.13.0 (28.07.2021)

  • Enhancement – Added a meta box to edit delivery date and delivery time on the edit order page.
  • Fix – Time slot charges were not getting applied on the cart page. This has been fixed.
  • Fix – Delivery timeslot was not appearing in invoice pdf generated WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin. This has been fixed.

3.12.0 (13.07.2021)

  • Enhancement – Displays the order delivery date and time on the edit order page. Earlier delivery date and time were only displayed in the custom fields.
  • Fix – Customers were able to choose (type) past delivery date in the date-picker field. This has been fixed.
  • Fix – Added a filter “orddd_is_holidays_excluded_from_dates_to_choose” that will not include holiday days in the Number of dates to choose.
  • Fix – Maximum Order Deliveries per time slot was not working. This has been fixed.

3.11.9 (27.01.2021)

  • Fix – The time slot dropdown remained disabled when the checkout page was loaded for the first time and the date was auto-populated.

3.11.8 (22.01.2021)

  • Fix – The first available date was getting selected on every page load even though another dat was selected.
  • Fix – The selected time slot on cart page was not passed to checkout page.

3.11.7 (19.01.2021)

  • Fix – First available day was coming a day later when minimum delivery time was set and a holiday was added.
  • Fix – Fixed the warning coming on checkout page when the current date was set as holiday.

3.11.6 (15.01.2021)

  • Tweak – The minimum delivery time can be set in decimals.
  • Fix – Fatal error was displayed when installing plugin with PHP v7.3.x

3.11.5 (12.01.2021)

  • Fix – ‘Select a time slot’ & ‘As soon as Possible’ string were not present in the .po files.
  • Fix – Saving empty holidays removed all the holidays from the settings.

3.11.4 (28.10.2020)

  • Fix – The minimum delivery time was not calculated correctly when some of the weekdays were disabled.

3.11.3 (12.10.2020)

  • Fix – The checkout page went into infinite loop when the current day was disabled in the settings.
  • Fix – ‘jQuery.selectWoo is an undefined function’ error was coming in the console for some themes.
  • Fix – The ‘Auto-populate first available Delivery date’ setting was not getting disabled.
  • Fix – The selected delivery date was showing as “NaN Undefined, NaN” when we translate the checkout page from the Google chrome.

3.11.2 (11.09.2020)

  • Fix – The first available date was coming wrong when the ‘Apply Minimum Delivery Time for non working weekdays’ setting was enabled.
  • Fix – Minimum Delivery time was not being calculated on the time slots.
  • Fix – Wrong date was being auto-populated on checkout page.

3.11.1 (04.09.2020)

  • Fix – ‘Array’ word was being displayed in the order emails.
  • Fix – The delivery date field was not placed correctly when the setting ‘Field placement on the Checkout page’ was set to ‘Between Your Order & Payment Section’.

3.11.0 (01.09.2020)

  • Feature – Ability to add time slots for weekdays. You can now add time slots with maximum order deliveries per time slot, time slot charges.
  • Feature – Ability to block time slots for dates or weekdays.
  • Fix – Fixed the error coming with WordPress 5.5.

3.10.1 (20.03.2020)

  • Update compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0.0.

3.10 (20.08.2019)

  • Modificări la cod pentru a face modulul să fie conform cu regulile WPCS.

3.9 (23.07.2019)

  • Funcționalitate – acum poți seta un interval de date ca sărbători.
  • Feature – You can now block the holidays for future years too. A checkbox named ‘Allow Recurring’ is added which if checked while adding holidays, it will disable the dates for all years in the calendar.
  • Corecție eroare – calendarul datelor de livrare nu funcționa pe pagina de finalizare cu tema copil Prohauz. Am corectat asta acum.
  • Corecție eroare – numărul de date disponibile în calendar era mai mic decât valoarea setată pentru opțiunea „Număr de date de ales”. Am corectat asta acum.

3.8.1 (22.04.2019)

  • S-a remediat un avertisment care apărea pe panoul de control pentru unele magazine după ultima actualizare.
  • A fost eliminat codul nedorit care a fost executat la actualizarea modulului.

3.8 (15.04.2019)

  • We have done code refactoring by removing unwanted code & use of global variables where it was no longer required.
  • Am implementat folosirea funcțiilor wp_cache_get și wp_cache_set.

3.7 (04.04.2019)

There are some bug fixes in this update:
* Incorrect delivery date was preselected in the delivery calendar on the checkout page when the current date is set as a holiday. This is fixed now.
* Preview calendar width was not coming proper on the Appearance link in Order Delivery Date -> Settings when the Eggplant calendar theme was selected. This is fixed now.
* Incorrect delivery date was preselected in the delivery calendar on the checkout page when the available dates have booked dates in between along with some weekdays disabled. This is fixed now.
* Incorrect delivery date was preselected on the checkout page due to the delivery date being stored in the session. This is fixed now.
* Width of the Delivery date field on the cart page was not proper. This is fixed now.
* On changing the first day of the week from Appearance link, the changes were not reflected in the admin calendars from the plugin. This is fixed now.
* WooCommerce Orders are not sorted in the descending order when „Sort on WooCommerce Orders Page” option is checked. This is fixed now.

3.6.1 (14.02.2019)

There are 3 bug fixes in this update:
* All holidays were getting deleted through bulk options even when only certain hoildays were marked.
* Changes made under Appearance -> Editor submenu were not getting updated when Order Delivery Date lite plugin was active.
* „Apply Minimum Delivery Time for non working weekdays” option was not working for holidays.

3.6 (03.07.2018)

There are some enhancements and some bug fixes in this update which are mentioned below:
* Enhancements:
* A new dismissible notice is added in the WordPress admin, which provides an option to allow usage tracking of the non-sensitive data of our plugin from the website.
* A new FAQ & Support menu is added to Order Delivery Date menu in admin dashboard which lists the top 10 frequently asked questions. This helps you to resolve your queries in a more faster way if they are already been answered or you can simply contact our Support team with the contact details provided.
* A Welcome page is added which will be shown on installation or updating of the plugin. It explains some exciting features or some new features in brief.
* A survey is added on deactivation of the plugin which helps us to know why is plugin is being or not used. This helps in improvising the plugin functionalities.
* Bug Fixes:
* Delivery Date information was not displayed in the Packing slips and the Invoices of the freshly installed WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin. This is fixed now.
* Some strings were not translated using the .po files. This is fixed now.
* Delivery Date field was shown on the checkout page even when the featured variable product is added to the cart. This is fixed now.
* Wrong delivery date was auto-populated on the checkout page when the first available delivery date is set to a holiday. This is fixed now.
* Wrong delivery date was auto-populated on the checkout page where the Minimum Delivery time calculation was not done for non-working days when ‘Apply Minimum Delivery Time for non working weekdays’ setting is enabled. This is fixed now.
* When holidays are deleted, the page was redirected to the Date Settings tab whereas it should stay on Holidays page itself. This is fixed now.
* Some warnings are fixed in the debug.log file.
* Some links shown on the welcome page are modified.

3.5 (23.05.2018)

  • Modulul este acum conform GDPR.
  • Delivery Date & Time for the orders will now be exported to the User’s Personal Data from the Tools -> Export Personal Data menu.
  • A warning was displayed on the checkout page when Minimum delivery time is set to blank. This is fixed now.
  • Some notices are fixed in debug.log file.

3.4.2 (22.02.2018)

  • Additional columns „Fecha Horneada” and „Encargado” were added on the WooCommerce Edit order page when the plugin is updated to version 3.4.1.

3.4.1 (17.02.2018)

  • The language slug of Abandon Cart Lite was being used at many places. Fixed that.
  • The UTM link of AbandonedCartLitePlugin was being used on some links, changed that.
  • Updated compatibility with latest WooCommerce 3.3.x

3.4 (24.01.2018)

  • Auto-populate will be enabled by default for all new plugin installations. This will help in selecting the first available delivery date automatically on the checkout page.
  • Delivery Date was coming incorrect when the option „Apply Minimum Delivery Time for non working weekdays” was enabled. This has been fixed.

3.3.1 (28.12.2017)

*A corectat un avertisment care era afișat când modulul este activat.

3.3 (28.12.2017)

  • Eticheta câmpului dată de livrare nu apărea cum trebuie pe pagina de finalizare. Am corectat asta acum.
  • Zilele lucrătoare de livrare nu se ștergeau când modulul este șters. Am corectat asta acum.
  • Au fost corectate unele erori în fișierul debug.log.

3.2 (06.09.2017)

  • Limba „persană” este adăugată pentru calendar. Acum poți seta calendarul de livrare în limba persană pe pagina de finalizare.
  • Unele șiruri nu au fost traduse folosind fișierele .po. Acest lucru este rezolvat acum.

3.1 (20.07.2017)

  • Poți adăuga câmpul dată de livrare în pagina coș WooCommerce și în pagina de finalizare. Am adăugat o bifă pentru asta în fila Aspect.
  • Data de livrare selectată va fi păstrată până la plasarea comenzii.

3.0 (06.07.2017)

  • Corecție – calendarul de livrare nu funcționa pe pagina de finalizare când setarea „Număr de date de ales” era setată la „0”. Am corectat asta acum.

2.9 (31.03.2017)

  • Corecție – Au fost afișate avertismente pe pagina Comandă primită cu versiunea WooCommerce 3.0.0. Am corectat asta acum.

2.8 (17.03.2017)

  • Feature – From now you can set holidays on the dates you do not deliver products under Holidays tab. Selected holidays will be disabled for delivery in the delivery calendar on the checkout page.
  • Feature – A new checkbox named „Auto-populate first available Delivery date” is added in Date Settings tab. If this checkbox is enabled then the first available Delivery Date will be Auto-populated in the Delivery Date field on the Checkout Page.
  • Feature – A new checkbox named „Apply Minimum Delivery Time for non-working weekdays” is added under Date Settings tab. If this checkbox is checked then the Minimum Delivery Time (in hours) will be calculated on the non-working days which are unchecked under Delivery Days. If the checkbox is unchecked then the minimum delivery time will be calculated on the working days. The default value of the checkbox is checked when the plugin is updated.

2.7 (07.11.2016)

  • Data de livrare selectată pe pagina de finalizare poate fi acum ștearsă fără a reîmprospăta pagina de finalizare.
  • The calendar was not working on the checkout page when Field note text has line breaks. There was an error in the console as „Unexpected token”. This is fixed now.
  • Dacă prima dată de livrare disponibilă este dezactivată pentru livrare, atunci numărul de zile de ales nu funcționează corect în calendar. Am corectat asta acum.

2.6 (16.09.2016)

  • From now on the Delivery Date can be enabled or disabled for capturing the delivery date. A checkbox named as ‘Enable Delivery Date’ is added in the Date Settings tab.

    The default value of this setting is disabled, which when enabled will allow clients to capture the Delivery Date for an order on the checkout page.

  • The Delivery Date field can also be disabled for Virtual and Featured products on the checkout page.

    A setting named ‘Disable the Delivery Date Field for’ is added in the Appearance tab. The default value for both the checkboxes is disabled. When a checkbox named ‘Virtual Products’ is enabled then the delivery date field will be disabled for only virtual products.

    When a checkbox ‘Featured Products’ is enabled then the delivery date field will be disabled for only featured products.

  • A notice will be displayed when the Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce plugin is activated but the WooCommerce plugin is deactivated or it is not installed. The plugin will be deactivated automatically.
  • The width of the Delivery Date field will be the same as that of the other fields on the checkout page.
  • Calendarul nu funcționa pe pagina de finalizare când tema Impreza era activă.
  • The cursor for the Delivery Date field will be text instead of a pointer.

2.5 (11.07.2016)

  • The Delivery dates will now be freed up when an order is cancelled, refunded, failed or trashed.
  • Calendar was not showing up on iPhone 6+ when the Delivery Date field was selected. Instead, it would only show when the delivery date field label was clicked. This is fixed now.

2.4 (03.06.2016)

  • Limba „ebraică” este adăugată pentru calendar. Acum poți seta calendarul de livrare în limba ebraică pe pagina de finalizare.
  • ‘Delivery date in the Shipping Section’ setting in the Appearance tab is now renamed to ‘Field placement on the Checkout page’. It will allow the Delivery Date field to be displayed in Billing Section, Shipping Section, before Order notes or after Order notes on the checkout page.
  • Modulul utilizează acum bibliotecile jquery disponibile în nucleul WordPress în loc de googleapis.com.
  • The notice „Minimum Delivery time (in days) will now be calculated in hours which is from current WordPress time. To keep the functionality of our plugin intact at your site, we have added +24 hours to the ‘Minimum Delivery time (in hours)’ setting.” is made dismissible now.
  • A warning was displayed in the admin and on the front-end pages when the both Order Delivery Date Pro and Order Delivery Date Lite is activated together.
  • The update notice ‘Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce Plugin needs to update your database’ appears even when the plugin is re-installed. The notice should not come once the database is already updated. This is fixed now.

2.3 (19.04.2016)

  • Calendar next and previous arrows were not displayed correctly with the Galleria theme on the checkout page. This is fixed now.
  • Delivery Date was not displayed on the invoice and packing list due to a hook being deprecated from WooCommerce Print Invoices/Packing Lists plugin. This issue is fixed now.
  • A deprecated hook was used to add the Delivery Date value in customer notification email. This is fixed now.
  • Calendar weekdays were overlapping in the calendar on the checkout page when the „Number of Months” was set to 2. This is fixed now.
  • Delivery Dates were not translated on the Order Received page, My Account page and WooCommerce -> Orders page when date language is set to Dutch-Belgian. This is fixed now.

2.2 (18.02.2016)

  • The Delivery Date field label, field placeholder text and the field note text in Order Delivery Date -> Appearance can now be translated with WPML plugin.
  • Until now, only admin user was able to access the Order Delivery Date settings page. From this update, users with the role ‘Shop manager’ will be able to access and edit the Order Delivery Date settings.
  • The calendar was not appearing on the checkout page when clicked on the Delivery Date field on the checkout page. This issue is specific to the ‘Stockholm’ theme. This is fixed now.

2.1 (23.01.2016)

  • The jQuery Calendar on the checkout page will now appear with a Flat Design. The CSS file for the Flat Design is used from the WP Datepicker Styling plugin on Github: https://github.com/stuttter/wp-datepicker-styling
  • The time sliders were not displayed on the admin product page for auction product type from the „WooCommerce Simple Auctions” plugin. This is fixed now.

2.0 (28.11.2015)

  • A checkbox is added on the Date settings tab to prevent the default sorting of the orders (in descending order) on the WooCommerce ->Orders page when the Delivery Date field is visible.

1.9 (20.11.2015)

  • A new ‘Appearance’ tab is added on the settings page where admin will be able to
    • Change the label, placeholder text for the Delivery Date field on the checkout page.
    • To choose different language in the delivery calendar from 62 available languages.
    • Formatul de dată pentru data de livrare poate fi modificat.
    • Pentru a sta prima zi a săptămânii în calendarul datelor de livrare.
    • Field note text can be changed.
    • Numărul de luni care va fi afișat în calendar poate fi selectat la maximum 2.
    • Câmpul dată de livrare poate fi setat să fie arătat în secțiunea Livrare în loc să fie arătat în secțiunea Facturare din pagina de finalizare.
    • Alegi o altă temă pentru calendarul de livrare care să se potrivească cu tema site-ului web.
  • From this update, sorting of orders will be done based on Delivery Date on the WooCommerce-> Order page.
    You will need to update the database for sorting the previous orders from the notice displayed after updating the plugin.

Note: Please take a back up before updating this version.

1.8 (26.10.2015)

  • Funcția timpul minim de livrare (în zile) va fi acum înlocuită cu funcționalitatea timp minim de livrare (în ore). Când modulul va fi actualizat, valoarea existentă va fi înmulțită cu 24 de ore și i se vor adăuga 24 de ore, ceea ce îți va menține setarea intactă.
  • Modulul va avea unele setări implicite când este instalat pentru prima dată.
  • Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce (versiunea Lite) este acum compatibil cu modulul Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce.

1.7.1 (19.10.2015)

  • Comanda era plasată fără selectarea datei de livrare pe pagina de finalizare chiar dacă câmpul dată de livrare este obligatoriu. Am corectat asta acum.

1.7 (06.10.2015)

  • A new setting is being added named as ‘Lockout date after X orders’ which allows to block the dates for further deliveries after X number of orders.
  • The plugin is now compatible with 3rd party plugins like:
    • WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note
    • WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
    • WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export
    • WooCommerce Print Orders
    • WooCommerce Print Invoice/Packing list
  • Delivery Date field on the checkout page has been made readonly preventing manual editing.

1.6 (01.07.2015)

  • The jQuery UI version has been updated to 1.10.4. The old version was throwing a Javascript error in some pages in the WordPress Admin.

1.5 (24.06.2015)

  • The plugin fields in admin have been restructured. We are now using the WordPress Settings API for all the plugin fields in admin.
  • Fișierele .po, .pot și .mo au fost incluse în modul. Șirurile modulului pot fi acum traduse în orice limbă folosind aceste fișiere.

1.4 (04.04.2015)

  • Am adăugat o setare nouă „Câmp obligatoriu?” în panoul de control din administrare care va permite să fie setat câmpul dată de livrare ca obligatoriu în pagina de finalizare.

1.3 (12.12.2014)

  • The delivery date will be displayed on the My Account page’s View Order page.
  • Setările datei de livrare au fost resetate pentru unii clienți, acest lucru a corectat.
  • Data de livrare va fi adăugată la notificarea prin email primită de client la plasarea comenzii.
  • Data de livrare este atașată și la factura clientului.

1.2 (18.11.2014)

  • La dezactivarea modulului toate setările erau resetate. Am corectat asta. Acum la dezactivarea modulului setările vor rămâne intacte.

1.1 (12.11.2014)

  • Poți seta în ce zile lucrătoare dorești să fie disponibil serviciul de livrare.
  • Poți seta timpul de livrare minim (în zile). Introdu numărul minim de zile necesare pentru a livra o comandă.
  • You can set the number of dates to be available for the customers to choose the delivery date.
  • Va fi creată o coloană în pagina Comenzi unde va fi afișată data de livrare.

1.0 (16.08.2012)

  • Prima versiune.