NM Gift Registry and Wishlist Lite


NM Gift Registry and Wishlist allows customers to create and add products to all kinds of gift registries and wishlists, from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries and other occasions. It has been built as a solid gift registry plugin but one which enhances the power of wishlists when used as such. Designed with customers in mind, It provides tools needed to help them create the perfect list, get their items bought and generate sales for the store.

The free lite version of NM Gift Registry and Wishlist provides these features:

  • Create a gift registry or wishlist.
  • Allow guests to create and manage wishlists.
  • Add event date, description, partner’s details and other profile information to the gift registry or wishlist.
  • Add shipping information to the gift registry or wishlist using WooCommerce’s shipping fields to blend well with the shipping setup on your site.
  • Add simple, variable or grouped products directly to the gift registry or wishlist without fuss.
  • Set the quantity desired of products added to the gift registry or wishlist.
  • Add products from multiple gift registries or wishlists to the same cart and even add the same products to the cart as normal items.
  • Track gift registry or wishlist items in the cart individually all the way up to checkout and order.
  • Wishlist cart widget.
  • Wishlist search widget.
  • Customize the appearance and position of the add to gift registry or wishlist button.
  • Customize the wishlist items table, add or remove columns as necessary, sort columns in every way.
  • Social sharing for the gift registry or wishlist.
  • Set the permalink where customers can view their wishlists on the frontend as you like.
  • Set the permalink where customers can manage their wishlists in the WooCommerce my-account area as you like.
  • Advanced search form for searching gift registries or wishlists by title, name, email and other fields.
  • Multiple shortcodes for displaying and customizing every single template used by the plugin including the add to wishlist button itself.
  • WooCommerce-like template system allowing plugin templates to be overridden by copying them to your theme.
  • WooCommerce-style notifications and add to cart functionality for the add to wishlist action.
  • WooCommerce-like API for performing CRUD actions related to the wishlist or wishlist item on the fly.
  • Ability to completely modify the frontend user interface for viewing and managing wishlists to match your custom theme.
  • Ajaxified actions such as add to wishlist, add wishlist item to cart, form submissions and others.
  • Multiple action and filter hooks for tweaking the plugin’s functionality at important steps of its functionality.
  • Translation ready.

The paid full version of NM Gift Registry and Wishlist offers these additional features:

  • Ability for each customer to have multiple gift registries or wishlists.
  • Add multiple wishlist items to the cart at once.
  • WooCommerce-like emails configurable to be sent to custom recipients and the wishlist owner at various stages such as when a wishlist is created, fulfilled and deleted, and when a wishlist item is ordered, purchased and refunded.
  • Featured and background images for each gift registry or wishlist with various display styles.
  • Ability to send custom messages to the gift registry or wishlist owner from the checkout page.
  • Messages inbox for customers to view messages sent to them on the checkout page from their account area. Configure sending messages to customers’ email.
  • Settings for customers to manage the visibility and other properties of their gift registry or wishlist on the frontend.
  • Ability to exclude individual wishlists from search results.
  • Ability to mark an item as favourite in the wishlist and sort items by their favourite status.
  • Extra settings for customizing the add to wishlist button and action completely to your liking.
  • Ability to customize wishlist templates simply with the click of buttons from the admin settings page.
  • Extra setting for customizing plugin functionality.
  • Ability to set separate shipping methods and rates for wishlist items and ability to ship wishlist items to the wishlist owner’s address.
  • Ability to hide or customize the wishlist owner’s shipping address on the frontend when shipping to it.
  • Ability to include/exclude products from being added to the wishlist.
  • Ability to include/exclude product categories from being added to the wishlist.
  • Allow wishlist owners to see details of who bought items for them.

Capturi ecran

  • Customizable items table - add and remove columns, change column contents.
  • Identify items from multiple lists in cart, order and checkout.
  • Add simple, variable and grouped products to the list.
  • Display WooCommerce-like add-to-list notices.
  • Wishlist page appearance.
  • View overview information in the wishlist management page.
  • Add detailed profile information and customize visibility and required status of profile fields.
  • Add shipping address the WooCommerce way.
  • Administrators have Full management control over all lists.


Install and activate NM Gift Registry and Wishlist like any other plugin, it works right out of the box. However it is recommended you go to the settings page to familiarize yourself with the default settings and update them if you wish. Also browse the documentation to see how the plugin works in detail.

Întrebări frecvente

Can I use NM Gift Registry and Wishlist as a gift registry plugin only

Yes. NM Gift Registry and Wishlist is a fully-fledged gift registry plugin. It does that out of the box.

Can I use NM Gift Registry and Wishlist as a wishlist plugin only

Of course, it is also meant for this. NM Gift Registry and Wishlist can be used as a gift registry or wishlist plugin, and everything in between.


13 ianuarie 2022
Finally a perfect gift registry plugin
18 octombrie 2021
This plugin is the best on market for gift registries and wishlists. Would highly recommend! Support is quick and effective. Thank you!
8 octombrie 2021
Aún en la versión gratuita, el soporte es increíble, la atención es rápida y el creador del plugin siempre atiende las dudas oportunamente. El plugin es fácil de usar, tiene excelentes características y está bien presentado. Super recomendado!!!!
22 iunie 2021
I never get the support like this plugin's support.Plugin has great features, easy to use for non technical person.I would recommend this plugin. very helpful and not enough words to say for developer.Thanks
18 iunie 2021
It's a really well thought through plugin with a lot of options even in the free version. Go for it, if you want a wishlist or gift registry in your shop!
15 februarie 2021
I rarely write reviews, but this one is worth it. If you need Wishlist or Gift Registry functionality on your site, this plugin is a great one to do it. The functionality is really well executed, integrated and flexible. The code is clean and extensible in case you need it, and it's done using good practices. Also, support it SUPER good, even for the free version (I've also got the pro/paid version, that it's even better) Totally recommended. Give it a try.
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Istoric modificări


  • Feature – Automatically enabled wishlist archives by default.
  • Feature – Added compatibility with NM Gift Registry and Wishlist – Crowdfunding.


  • Tweak – datepicker displays date in default wordpress date format by default.
  • Tweak – is_nmgr_enabled() returns true when in admin area.


  • Tweak – External, Out of stock and insufficient stock products can be added to the wishlist by default.
  • Tweak – datepicker displays date in Y-m-d format by default.


  • Tweak – Plugin date uses default wordpress date in general settings.


  • Fix – Bug preventing nmgr_created_wishlist hook from firing when wishlists are created in admin area.


  • Dev – Modified wishlist items table view.
  • Dev – ‘nmgr_created_wishlist’ hook fires when wishlists are created in admin.
  • Dev – Show templates currently being overridden in plugin settings page.
  • Feature – Show wishlist count in products admin list table.


  • Fix- Prevent error caused when wc()->countries returns null.


  • Fix – Prevent login error caused by woocommerce address fields not being retrieved by plugin.
  • Fix – Prevent logout error when no page for managing wishlists is set for customers.


  • Dev – ‘template_group’ argument added to account sections template generation code to help retrieve common template data.
  • Dev – Always show existing plugin settings errors on page load.
  • Tweak – Deprecated search template shortcode attribute ‘show_results_if_empty’ for ‘show_results_if_no_search_query’.
  • Dev – Changed delete guest wishlists cron event recurrence from weekly to daily.


  • Fix – Call to action content not showing on shipping account tab for new wishlists.
  • Fix – Unable to properly retrieve wishlist id after save.
  • Fix – Hide account link for guests in shipping template when wishlist is shipping to account address.


  • Dev – Improved output of function ‘nmgr_get_checkbox_switch’.
  • Dev – Enabled translations for default datatables strings.
  • Fix – Fix – Fatal error cause by locate_block_template() when trying to retrieve page to use as template for viewing single wishlists.
  • Improvement – Improved detection of incomplete wishlist shipping address fields.


  • Dev – Added ability to filter wishlist profile fields that are searchable.
  • Dev – cache database queries for faster response.
  • Fix – Bug preventing searching in wishlist profile fields when using shortcode [nmgr_search].
  • Fix – Undefined function ‘wc_print_notices’ fatal error in admin area when using [nmgr_wishlist] shortcode.


  • Tweak – Enhanced wishlist search in admin area to search by first name, last name and other profile fields.
  • Tweak – Removed accents from woocommerce my account page wishist menu item slug.
  • Dev – Items can be added to wishlists uniquely based on custom data.
  • Dev – Changed arguments for ‘nmgr_added_to_wishlist’ action.


  • Dev- Plugin shortcodes added on init hook instead of wp hook.
  • Fix – Fatal error generated when wishlist archives template is called by conflicting wp_query code in other plugins.
  • Dev – Modified parameters to action hooks for displaying plugin archive content.
  • Feature – Added whatsapp sharing option to wishlists.


  • Fix – Bug in preventing custom profile form fields form appearing in admin area.


  • Fix – PHP Warning from enhance_wishlist_search function.


  • Fix – Fatal error caused by is_main_query being called on null.


  • Fix – PHP notice when creating wishlist programmatically on the frontend if no title is set.
  • Dev – Added ability to target dialog template by id
  • Fix – Update wishlist post author when wishlist user id is set programmatically.
  • Fix – Bug in preventing plugin translations being loaded from wordpress global languages directory.


  • Fix – Removed search form from search page to prevent duplicate forms.
  • Fix – Remove slashes from search query when shown in search form.


  • Fix – Item total cost display accounts for tax.
  • Improvement – Show the search form when the search results appear.
  • Dev – More classes prefixed with ‘nmgr’ for targetting plugin’s html elements.


  • Tweak – Wishlist item desired quantity allows for backorders.
  • Improvement – Cart fragments refresh at the right time when wishlist items are added to the cart.
  • Fix – Progressbar shows correct percentage when empty.


  • Improvement – Jquery datatables.js now used for tables in plugin, replaces stupidtables.js.
  • Fix – Properly fixed bug in reading wishlist item from database if it doesn’t exist.


  • Fix – Bug in reading wishlist item from database if it doesn’t exist.


  • Fix – Bug in displaying wishlist menu item in woocommerce account menu items.


  • Dev – Some actions and filters modified or added.


  • Tweak – Changed ‘search_results_template’ plugin settings key to ‘archive_template’.
  • Tweak – Removed some options from wishlist search widget.
  • Tweak – Replaced ‘search-nm_gift_registry.php’ template with ‘archive-nm_gift_registry.php’.
  • Tweak – Item fulfilled tooltip now displays over item fulfilled text rather than on item row of item table.
  • Dev – Replaced filter ‘nmgr_fields’ with ‘nmgr_requested_fields’ to filter requested fields and changed position of ‘nmgr_fields’ to filter raw unmodified fields. Also changed sole filter argument from wishlist object to array.
  • Dev – Improved customizability of search module.


  • Improvement – Added settings to toggle display of add to cart and edit delete columns on items table.
  • Fix – Improved ability to detect user’s wishlist id in global context.
  • Fix – Improved plugin management of the ‘allow_multiple_wishlists’ settings.


  • Feature – Ability to redirect to cart after adding wishlist items to cart.
  • Feature – Filter to redirect to checkout after adding wishlist items to cart.
  • Improvement – Add to wishlist dialog UX.
  • Improvement – code optimization.


  • Fix – Conflict between plugin boostrap js and theme bootstrap js.


  • Improvement – Theme compatibility with wishlist account tabs.


  • Fix – Bug in displaying custom dates.
  • Tweak – Minor code improvements.


  • Feature – Allow guests to create and manage wishlists.
  • Feature – Allow users to create wishlists when adding to wishlist.
  • Feature – Create default wishlist automatically for users without any wishlist.
  • Feature – Added wishlist cart widget.
  • Feature – Added wishlist search widget.
  • Feature – Ability to set custom add to wishlist button text.
  • Feature – Added extra add-to-wishlist button positions.
  • Improvement – Wishlist item add to cart user experience.
  • Tweak – Use jquery-ui datepicker for selecting dates.
  • Feature – Added ability to remove the plugin datepicker styles.
  • Feature – Added ability to change the plugin datepicker date format.
  • Tweak – Show line breaks in wishlist description if present.


  • Feature – Verified wordpress 5.5 and woocommerce 4.4 compatibility


  • Feature – Added ability to set custom image size for products in the wishlist items table.
  • Feature – Added ability to add products to wishlists in the admin area.


  • Feature – Added shortcode for displaying wishlist search form and search results.
  • Tweak – Changed output functions for displaying shipping address fields in wishlist admin area to prevent conflict with other plugins.
  • Improvement – Added extra column to shop order list table in admin area for displaying wishlists in order.
  • Improvement – Added extra columns to wishlist list table in admin area.


  • Improvement – Compability of plugin templates with various theme layouts
  • Feature – Added ability to choose custom page template for displaying single wishlists.
  • Feature – Added ability to choose custom page template for displaying wishlist search results.
  • Note – Verified woocommerce 4.2.0 compatibility.


  • Fix – Invalid form control warning on wishlist items table.
  • Fix – Issue with adding non-variable products to the wishlist on a single variable product page.


  • Improvement – Changed urlencoding of email share link for better display in email clients.
  • Fix – Fixed error on cart page when cart item is removed.
  • Feature – Ability for admins to enable wishlist modules for users in the user profile screen.
  • Added – POT file for translation.


  • Initial release