My Wp Sitemap


  • This plugin enables you to see the crude sitemap of wordpress site


  1. From the WP admin panel, click “Plugins” -> “Add new”.
  2. In the browser input box, type “My Wp Sitemap”.
  3. Select the “My Wp Sitemap” plugin and click “Install”.
  4. Activate the plugin.


  1. Download the plugin from this page.
  2. Save the .zip file to a location on your computer.
  3. Open the WP admin panel, and click “Plugins” -> “Add new”.
  4. Click “upload”.. then browse to the .zip file downloaded from this page.
  5. Click “Install”.. and then “Activate plugin”.


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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„My Wp Sitemap” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări

2022/06/30 ver 1.0
・plugin created

2022/07/03 ver 1.1
・page hierarchy added

2022/10/27 ver 1.2
・version updated