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如果需要在登陆密码输错若干次后限制该IP登陆,或拉入黑名单,可以使用插件Limit Login Attempts Reloaded,与本插件兼容且效果较好。
Adds Captcha code anti-spam methods to WordPress forms. Forms include login form, registration form, lost password form and comments form. In order to post comments or register, users will have to type in the code shown on the image. This prevents spam from automated bots, and increase security.


  1. 管理员可以决定在哪里显示这些验证码。
    Administrator can specify where the Captcha should be displayed.

  2. 管理员可以选择验证码的字符类型:字母、数字、混合或者中文。
    Administrator can select the Captcha type from the options available – Alphanumeric, Alphabets, Numbers or Chinese characters.

  3. 管理员可以选择验证码的字母类型:大写、小写或大小写混合。
    Administrator can select the letters type from the options available – Capital letters, Small letters or Both.


  1. 生成验证码的’imagettftext()’函数需要gd库和FreeType支持。您可以通过执行’php -m’或’phpinfo()’检查php是否具有此拓展,以确保验证码能够正确显示。
    PHP gd2 extension is required. You can run ‘php -m’ or use ‘phpinfo()’ to check if it’s installed properly.

  2. 为了避免出现安全问题,建议将PHP更新至7.2以上的版本,WordPress更新至最新版本。
    Upgrade your PHP and WordPress to the latest version for better performance.


Thanks for downloading and installing this plugin. You can show your appreciation and support future development by donating. Blog page:



  1. 如果您发现了任何BUG,请通过上方的博客页面链接进行报告,这样我们才能尽快修正。
    If you find any bugs, please report in the blog page above, so that it will be fixed as soon as possible.

  2. 如果您认为可以增加新功能,请通过上方的博客页面链接给我们建议。
    If you think any feature adding to this plugin can improve its features, please recommend it in the blog page above.


  1. Active development of this plugin is handled on GitHub.

  2. Translation of the plugin into different languages is on the translation page.

Known Issues

This plugin uses SESSION to save user infomation, you can configure redis or memcached server in your php.ini for better performance.


  1. 设置黑名单(根据用户名,或者IP地址)

  2. 允许用户选择下载字体库
    Provide more user selectable fonts


本项目从Vinoj Cardoza的Captcha Code,BestWebSoft的Google Captcha和Sola的User Generate Password插件中获得了灵感。这些项目的重要信息摘录如下:
This plugin is inspired by some other plugins. More infomation about them is listed below:

Plugin Name: Captcha Code
Plugin URI: http://www.vinojcardoza.com/captcha-code-authentication
Description: Adds Captcha Code anti-spam methods to User front-end WordPress forms.
Author: Vinoj Cardoza
Author URI: http://www.vinojcardoza.com
License: GPL2

Plugin Name: Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft
Plugin URI: https://bestwebsoft.com/products/wordpress/plugins/google-captcha
Description: Protect WordPress website forms from spam entries with Google Captcha (reCaptcha).
Author: BestWebSoft
Author URI: https://bestwebsoft.com
License: GPLv3 or later

Plugin Name: User Generate Password
Plugin URI: http://www.solagirl.net/wordpress-user-generate-password.html
Description: Let user enter password instead of generated by WordPress when sign up. 用户注册时可以输入密码。
Author: Sola
Author URI: http://www.solagirl.net
License: Unknown

Capturi ecran

  • Login form with Mimi Captcha

  • Registration form with Mimi Captcha

  • Lost Password form with Mimi Captcha

  • Comments form with Mimi Captcha

  • Comments form with Mimi Captcha

  • Mimi Captcha settings page


  1. 下载插件
    Download the plugin

  2. 上传至你的博客(/wp-content/plugins/)目录
    Upload to your blog (/wp-content/plugins/)

  3. 激活插件
    Activate it

  4. 在’设置’中点击’Mimi Captcha’菜单
    Click the ‘Mimi Captcha’ menu in ‘Settings’

  5. 进行配置
    Fill in the options

Important Note: It is mandatory to save options in this plugin.
Uninstalling is as simple as deactivating and deleting the plugin.


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Istoric modificări

Version 0.3.1

  • 要求PHP 7.2及更新版本
    Require PHP 7.2 or newer

Version 0.3.0

  • 要求PHP 7.1及更新版本
    Require PHP 7.1 or newer

Version 0.2.1

  • 修复了已知问题
    Bug fixes

Version 0.2.0

  • 修复站点健康问题
    Fix Site Health issue

Version 0.1.2

  • 优化代码风格
    Code style update

Version 0.1.1

  • 增加了更多提示信息
    Add more alerts

Version 0.0.7

  • 优化了验证码生成算法
    Optimize Captcha generation algorithm

  • 增加了更多设置项
    Add more options

Version 0.0.6

  • 升级了验证码生成算法
    Upgrade Captcha generation algorithm

  • 统一了错误信息的提示方式
    Unify the error messages prompted

Version 0.0.5

  • 更新了样式表,适用更多的主题
    Update stylesheet

  • 增加了可用字体
    Add more fonts

Version 0.0.4

  • 针对WordPress 5.0版本更新
    Update for WordPress 5.0

  • 新功能:白名单
    New feature: whitelist

Version 0.0.3

  • 规范了多语言支持
    Prepare for localization

Version 0.0.2

  • 修复了已知问题
    Bug fixes

  • 允许用户在注册时输入密码
    Add Password and Repeat Password fields to WordPress registration

Version 0.0.1

  • 初始版本
    Initial release