Acest modul nu a fost testat cu ultimele 3 versiuni importante ale WordPress. S-ar putea să nu mai fie întreținut sau susținut și ar putea avea probleme de compatibilitate când este folosit cu versiuni recente ale WordPress.

iThoughts Tooltip Glossary


Creează un glosar pe site-ul tău ce leagă termenii din articolele tale via texte explicative. Poți crea texte explicative și fără legături, pentru a clarifica un termen sau o expresie într-un articol singular.

Acest modul este optimizat pentru design web responsiv, SEO, uzabilitate și altele.


  • Manage your glossaries on your own site
  • Add tooltips with fully customizable content (text or medias)
  • Several kind of lists to display your glossary terms
  • Group your terms by categories
  • Fully responsive tooltips, with 6 animations and 10 themes.
  • Theme editor & easy animation customization. Keep control of your site appearance.
  • Support of WPML for multilingual terms

iThoughts Tooltip Glossary funcționează bine cu iThoughts Lightbox, care îți permite să creezi casete lightbox responsive, ce includ imagini explicative.

Pentru informații suplimentare vizitează pagina dedicată modulului iThoughts Tooltip Glossary.

Informații suplimentare

Browse the full developer documentation on GitHub Pages

If you want to contribute, feel free to check the GitHub repository

User manual available on

For bug repports or unexpected behaviors, please see the dedicated WordPress support forum

Mulțumiri & resurse

TCBarrett for his WP Glossary plugin
Laurent Pelleray for graphical elements
Tammi Coles for corrections to readme description
Rikengct for a LOT of usefull suggestions
TinyMCE tooltip icon by Darren Northcott from the Noun Project
Wordpress PHP CodeSniffer ruleset

Support this plugin

Maintaining this plugin takes a lot of time, time that I have to share with my work and my studies. If you appreciate my work, feel free to comment, rate, or even donate to the plugin. I need your help to continue maintaining the plugin, and bringing more features.

Capturi ecran

  • Exemplu termen glosar/text explicativ ce apare pe pagină la trecerea peste legătură
  • Exemplu formular glosar termeni din TinyMCE (editor)
  • Exemplu formular text explicativ din TinyMCE (editor)
  • Glosar termeni de la A la Z și lista de termeni pe bază de jQuery
  • Scurtcoduri index glosar


Instalezi, fie din panoul de administrare (varianta cea mai ușoară), fie din:

  1. Încarcă în dosarul /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Decomprimă arhiva
  3. Activează modulul prin meniul ‘Module’ din WordPress

Întrebări frecvente

Modulul acesta creează tabele noi?

Nu. Utilizează tipuri de articole personalizate și taxonomii.

Niciuna din paginile de detalii nu funcționează!

Resalvează regulile de rescriere: Setări > Legături permanente > Salvează modificările (doar dai clic pe buton)

I got an error when loading my glossary tips

It may be a permalink problem. Go to Settings > Permalinks and click Save Changes

Nu se întâmplă nimic?

Verifică dacă jQuery este încărcat.
Doar pentru glosarul de termeni, e necesar să adaugi termenii (Tooltip Glossary > Adaugă un termen) și apoi utilizează butonul TinyMCE adecvat, pentru a lega textul cu acel termen din glosar.

Installation Instructions

Instalezi, fie din panoul de administrare (varianta cea mai ușoară), fie din:

  1. Încarcă în dosarul /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Decomprimă arhiva
  3. Activează modulul prin meniul ‘Module’ din WordPress


26 aprilie 2018
While looking for a glossary / tooltip plugin in 2016, I found this one and I use it on 2 big sites since then. With the WPML compatibility and many other improvements, I was always happy to discover new features as we use it. The plugin is upgraded frequently and very well maintained by Gerkin who was always quick to fix bugs and answer questions in the forum.
1 decembrie 2017
To be honest I tried them all to find the best solution and here it is! This is the best tooltip plugin. Nice, smooth design, easy to use and to setup. Did I forgot something ? Yes- it’s totally FREE. Thumbs up! 👍👍
22 iulie 2017
Easy to install and activate. Perfect with the „Advanced attributes” button. I didn’t realize that the option existed until I read the manual 🙂 Just mark the text string (or in my case a link) and click on the „Add a Tooltip” button. Add the text you want to appear in the pop up window. Done! Excellent work by the plugin developer!
21 noiembrie 2016 1 răspuns
No function is working properly. The plugin does random things with no evident logical connection between each other. Very strange and absolutely useless. No description for shortcodes to try out things. Just the not working buttons in the tool panel of the editor.
3 septembrie 2016 1 răspuns
A client asked me to solve some issues on their website. It appeared to be impossible to update this plugin from 1.1.6 to 2.x, so I created a support ticket. Together we did some research and found a few improvements in the update process. During this process some other bugs were found and solved pretty quickly. Today with the release of 2.3.2 every issue we found, is solved, so keep up the good work!
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„iThoughts Tooltip Glossary” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


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Istoric modificări



  • FIX Singleton structure


  • FIX Fatal error in Resource management (see the forum thread)
  • FIX Theme Editor


  • NEW Exclude glossary terms from search
  • NEW Automated tests, linting, docs, etc etc
  • UPD Changed shortcodes for prefix itg instead of ithoughts_tooltip_glossary
  • UPD Improved updater performaces
  • UPD Styles & scripts refactoring
  • UPD Resource management process reviewed


  • NEW Support of QuickTags to use plugin shortcodes even in text mode (see ist4000 request feature)
  • UPD List form now more flexible
  • UPD Lists queries more performant
  • FIX Form styles improved
  • FIX Advanced Tooltip attributes now functionnal
  • FIX Lists not doing group/alpha filters well in every situations



  • FIX Moved JS TinyMCE form data object.


  • UPD New version of iThoughts WordPress Plugin Toolbox
  • FIX Enforcing namespaces in JS & PHP.


  • FIX Removed old JS dependencies no more used
  • FIX JS function „removeAccents” injected in another namespace


  • NEW Attributes editor for tooltip-specific configuration
  • NEW Using JS namespacing to avoid conflicts
  • NEW Allow setting explicit HREF on glossary term with warning message
  • NEW Added in/out animations for tip + hooks for adding custom anims
  • NEW Added support of comments on glossary terms if enabled in config
  • UPD New version of iThoughts Plugin Toolbox with no-conflicting naming
  • UPD Rename JS files for uniform naming
  • UPD Increasing the number of hooks (ithoughts_tt_gl-term-content, ithoughts_tt_gl-term-excerpt)
  • FIX Wrong DB query containing static string, which can produce errors


  • NEW Complete simplified theme editor
  • UPD Fixed HTML escaped tooltip content (see this ticket)


  • UPD Security fixes
  • UPD Plugin Core
  • UPD Improved memory & CPU usage for lists, reduce generation time


  • FIX Glossary tooltip linked to the wrong language with WPML


  • NEW Full support of WPML
  • UPD Style editor now saves to a file and add theme in theme dropdown
  • UPD Less.css style editor
  • FIX Click activation mode prevented totally to access a link


  • FIX Delegate register of ithoughts_aliases to parent Backbone


  • UPD Use of namespacing
  • UPD Started documentation compliant format
  • FIX Change JS aliases that were modified by iThoughts comon code


  • NEW Mediatips now support captions
  • NEW Tips now support links href if the type allow it
  • NEW Now uses minified scripts if not in WP_DEBUG mode
  • UPD Updater post types
  • FIX Various checks and fallbacks added


  • UPD new updater step to replace shortcode term’s slug with term id


  • UPD enhance behaviour of tooltips containing quotes
  • FIX Video related styles
  • FIX href link attribute now overridable


  • UPD Better general display of videos
  • FIX qTip Viewport plugin re-added
  • FIX Per-tip overridable termcontent attribute


  • NEW Basic style editor
  • UPD Utility methods (form generation, parsing shortcode attrs) mutualized with all future plugins
  • UPD qTip2 v2.1.1 => v2.2.1
  • FIX Webvideo unpin did not reactivate tooltip normal behaviour
  • FIX overridable qtip style


  • NEW Add attributes filtering & appending to plugin generated HTML
  • NEW Display compiled shortcodes into tooltip
  • NEW Filtering JS Mediatips to prepare compatibility with iThoughts Lightbox
  • UPD Remove versionning on resources when useless to improve browser caching capability
  • UPD Remove obsolete & uncompatible trigger option „mouseenter”
  • UPD Tooltip links now overlined & underlined by default, to be easily recognized
  • UPD List display split in columns more intuitive
  • UPD General code cleaning
  • UPD Corrections in reference link values
  • UPD Reduce globals usage
  • FIX Remove trailing \ before ' in tooltip content
  • FIX Modification in selection of alphas in list & A-to-Z display modes
  • FIX Change handling of static terms for uniformized PHP behavior
  • FIX Various z-index issues
  • FIX Several A-to-Z now can work together without interacting with others
  • FIX iOS specific responsiveness compatibility


  • FIX PHP potential issues


  • FIX z-index problem with SiteOrigin page builder
  • FIX List display for terms


  • NEW added ability to override some plugin settings (interface in dev)
  • NEW Glossary spans now generated by filters
  • FIX Version updater
  • FIX Compat to php >= 5.3.1


  • FIX PHP Syntax incompatibility


  • UPD Added filters for glossary term excerpts
  • UPD Mutualize options to improve performances
  • UPD Remove useless options
  • FIX Raise warn level for less errors in prod environment
  • FIX Sub-TinyMCE basepaths


  • UPD Refactor whole plugin for better maintenability
  • FIX Updater unexpected behavior
  • FIX Tooltip trigger mode hover


  • NEW Static terms to display glossary terms without Ajax
  • UPD Web video now allow mp4, YouTube and Dailymotion videos
  • FIX incompatibility with PHP5.3
  • FIX Force reload for new scripts


  • FIX Update routine


  • NEW Now support images from an URL
  • NEW Support of YouTube videos
  • NEW Ajax Updater
  • UPD Delay hide of mediatips
  • UPD Detached Tooltip form
  • UPD Tooltip with custom content now use TinyMCE


  • FIX TinyMCE change tab detection => mode switching


  • UPD Change default tooltip position (see this post)
  • UPD Sort terms alphabetically into TinyMCE form (see this thread)
  • FIX Added base container on top of Divi header and wpadminbar


  • UPD Transition to prefixed shortcodes
  • UPD Changed some plugin prefixes
  • FIX Renamed shortcode Tooltip for Divi compatibility (see this issue)
  • FIX Change hook for loading TinyMCE plugin (see this issue)


  • NEW Added style previews for tooltips
  • UPD Added security checks on url-related options
  • UPD Admin layout


  • NEW added mediatip
  • FIX tooltips flickered on small screen


  • FIX Random Term Widget


  • UPD improved French translation
  • UPD correction to remove an error message


  • NEW Added select for glossary terms
  • UPD Inline tooltips now integrated to TinyMCE Glossary button
  • UPD TinyMCE now recognize tooltips as like glossary terms
  • UPD Removed „title” attribute on links with JS to allow search engine comprehension & disable double tooltips on some browsers (eg. Firefox)


  • NEW Added inline tooltips


  • NEW Add plugin basic icon
  • UPD fixed dead links


  • UPD clean dirty release


  • NEW Added fr_FR translation
  • UPD Clean old unused translations
  • UPD Admin menu


  • NEW Added „Responsive” ‘qtiptrigger’, which is „hover”/”focus” on computers, and „click” on touch devices.
  • NEW Added ability to set the main glossary page url, which is also the term prefix (…)
  • UPD Group terms in ATOZ even with accents. „ù” will be in „U” section.
  • UPD Clean Theme editor improved with more flexibility. Thrown away useless theme form