Inventory Presser – Car Dealer Listings


Manage and market dealership inventory with listings and photo sliders built on a vehicle custom post type.

  • Store & display cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, and boats
  • Manage multiple lot locations and maintain separate phone numbers & hours for each
  • VIN-decoding add-on available
  • Categorizes inventory by type, body style, fuel, transmission, drive type, availability, new or used, location, and more
  • Includes blocks, shortcodes, and widgets including vehicle sliders and inventory grids

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Capturi ecran

  • This is a vehicle post archive showing post title, full size featured image, price, vehicle attribute table, carfax button, and link to vehicle post single.
  • This is an inventory grid showing featured image thumbnails and post titles. A full inventory link takes users to the vehicle post archive.
  • This is a list of vehicles in the administrator dashboard that the user sees when she clicks the Vehicles or All Vehicles menu items. Each vehicle is listed by year, make, model, trim, stock number, color, odometer, price, and photo count. If the vehicle has photos, a thumbnail is also shown. This screen shot was taken on version 3.1.0.
  • This is the edit screen that adds or edits a single vehicle. The post content box is demoted to handle only the sentence-form vehicle description, and the entire edit screen is enhanced to support vehicle attributes. This screen shot was taken on version 3.1.0.
  • This screenshot shows a vehicle post in the WordPress block editor. An editor sidebar for the Inventory Presser plugin is expanded and contains vehicle attribute fields. An arrow points to a button with a key on it that reveals the editor sidebar.
  • This screenshot shows a vehicle archive on the Twenty Twenty theme before any customization.


Acest modul oferă 9 blocuri.

  • Engine
  • Interior Color
  • Length
  • Color
  • Beam
  • Odometer
  • Last Modified
  • Hull Material
  • Body Style


  1. Upload the inventory-presser directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Load the sample vehicles
  4. Visit to see the built-in templates
  5. Design your own pages using post meta fields or Elementor Dynamic Tags
  6. Decide how to manage inventory updates

Întrebări frecvente

How much does this plugin cost?

This plugin is free and open source. Free and paid add-ons & services are available at

Does it decode VINs?

Not for free. A VIN decoder add-on is available at

Can I import my inventory?

Yes. Visit Adding or Importing Inventory to determine what is best for your client.

Will Inventory Presser work with my theme?

Yes. Check out our Theme Compatibility Guide. If your theme does not include templates to display listing pages and vehicle detail pages, the plugin provides those pages automatically.

Can I change the dollar sign to my local currency? Miles to kilometers?

Yes. Visit our Internationalization Guide.


30 octombrie 2022
It's a very lightweight plugin with plenty of capabilities for customization. Corey, the plugin creator, has been very helpful in answering questions as my team and I implemented the plugin in our new dealership website.
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Istoric modificări


  • [Added] Adds support for marking vehicles „Sale pending”. Adds a term to the Availability taxonomy during plugin activation. Adds a template tag invp_is_pending(). Shows „Sale pending” instead of any price.
  • [Fixed] Removes valid html title opening tags from readme.txt and changelog.txt. These files can more easily be more easily embedded in web pages.
  • [Changed] Changes tested up to version to 6.5.0.


  • [Fixed] Optimizes the way sliders are resized when the browser window is resized.
  • [Fixed] Fixes a bug when prefixing taxonomy term URLs with /inventory to avoid extraneous database queries. This was breaking the menu administration page.
  • [Fixed] Updates the install instructions in readme.txt.


  • [Fixed] Fixes a CSS bug in the inventory grid shortcode and widget.
  • [Fixed] Fixes a bug causing duplicate search results since 14.12.2.


  • [Fixed] Fixes a bug in the photo rearranger Gallery Block when comparing photo numbers.
  • [Fixed] Fixes a bug when saving vehicles to prevent duplicate meta values for meta registered as singles.
  • [Fixed] Fixes a bug where all search queries sitewide were joined to the taxonomy term tables. Vehicle data in terms is mirrored in post meta, so this was no longer necessary.
  • [Fixed] Fixes a JavaScript bug when loading photo sliders on vehicle singles where the vehicle only has one photo and a carousel is not displayed.
  • [Removed] Stops adding a querystring containing the photo has to photo link URLs.


  • [Fixed] Fixes a bug introduced in 14.12.0 in the Grid widget when Show Captions is enabled.


  • [Added] Adds an API method INVP::currency_symbol() and a filter invp_currency_symbol to allow the default US dollar sign to be changed.
  • [Added] Adds a show_odometers parameter to the Grid shortcode and widget.


  • [Fixed] Fixes a bug in the photo numberer class. Makes the post id parameter optional in a callback on the the_title hook.
  • [Changed] Updates icon and banner art.
  • [Changed] Changes the tested up to version number 6.4.2.


  • [Fixed] Updates demo site URL to
  • [Fixed] Fixes bugs in flexslider spin-up script when used outside single vehicle context.
  • [Fixed] Makes more strings translateable.
  • [Changed] Changes the tested up to version number 6.3.2.