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Image SEO optimizer is the best plugin WordPress to optimize your image alternative texts (alt text or alt tag) and names with SEO friendly content. The plugin can optimize your image html attributes on upload or bulk your entire Library. Start saving time with your image gallery optimization, improve your WordPress accessibility and grow your organic traffic!

Our plugin also auto generates amazing Social Media images for your articles using The Open Graph protocol (og tag).

Don’t feel guilty: nobody enjoys writing images alt text, meta titles, pinterest attributes, Twitter or Facebook card attributes and images description. Leave it to our auto alt tags generator.

The plugin also allows to manually edit images names.

Our image optimization plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery, Yoast, SEOPress, All in one SEO, and all the major plugin.

Our Image SEO plugin works in all the major languages and is compatible with all the major image formats (JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF, etc.).

Get your API Key and try with your own images!

What Image SEO Optimizer does ?

Image SEO helps to grow your organic and social traffic. We optimize your media library and your image gallery for Search Engines and Social Media using Artificial Intelligence.

  • On-upload : Automatically fills out your images alternative texts (ALT tag or ALT text) when you upload them in the Library;
  • On-upload: Automatically rewrites your image and photo names when you upload them in the Library ;
  • On-upload: Generate amazing social cards for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest for you post and articles.
  • Bulk : automatically rewrites with SEO friendly content all the alt text and names of the images available in your library;
  • Checks: that all your images have an alternative text;
  • Offers you the possibility to optimize your pages for Social Media. The plugin is compatible with Pinterest (description, URL, ID, Media), Twitter (Twitter cards), Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Offers you the possibility to optimize your images for Pinterest (description, URL, ID, Media).

Image SEO saves your time, improves your ranking on image keywords and allows you to attract new visitors on your blog, gallery or website. The plugin has many filters, making it thus ideal to optimize WooCommerce product sheets.

Example of what our image SEO plugin does :

From : <img src="1235HDFRE.JPG ">
To : <img src="Landscape.JPG" alt="Landscape of a beach in California">

We rename your medias for a better SEO. We help you to get rid of your bad image names that Search Engines (Google, Bing, Qwant) dislike. We also improve your website accessibility : image alternatives texts are optimized with relevant keywords to help users with screen readers.

Leave us this time consuming activity and spare your time and your imagination for something else! The plugin is ideal for artists, photographers, E-Commerce, store owners, niche sites, business, local business, startups, directories, travel agencies, newspapers, digital agencies, bloggers and marketplace websites.


To grow your organic traffic : more than 20% of Google searches are coming from Google Images.
To increase your position in the SERP you need to optimize your ALTs texts and rename your files and medias in a good way: Image SEO does it !

Because optimizing your images will have a positive impact on your global SEO strategy: Image SEO does it !

Because Images are more compelling than words when it comes to sell or tell certain things. Improve your images ranking in Google, Qwant and Bing will improve your conversion rate: Image SEO does it !

Because it’s easier to rank on competitive keywords during image searches (and Image SEO does it, but you knew it already ;))


Step 1 : you have to download and activate Image SEO Plugin.
Step 2 : you need to create an account on Image SEO to get an API Key (it’s free).
Step 3 : Enter and save your API Key in the plugin.
Step 4 : Bulk your library / image gallery and improve your images for SEO !

If you need more information about the importance of Images SEO, check that page :

You can also read our blog if want to know more and be up to date about image SEO best practices :

How does Image SEO work ?

We use Artificial Intelligences (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to analyze your images. Our algorithms rename your medias and fill out your ALT tags with the most relevant results. Our Web Application also provides you with optimized keywords for Search Engines. You just need to set up the plugin and we do all the job. The plugin is also great to improve your semantic.


Image SEO optimize your Media Library and your image gallery for Search Engines and Social Media using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Automatically fill out your images alternative texts (ALT Attribute for IMG) when you upload them in the library;
  • Optimize your images data attributes for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter (hashtag, description, URL, ID, Media, data-pin description, data-pin-media, data-pin-id);
  • See how many alternative texts are missing ;
  • Compatibility and support for Featured Images;
  • Compatibility and support for WooCommerce;
  • Compatibility and support with WordPress Gallery Plugins (NextGEN, Photo Gallery, Responsive Photo Gallerye, FooGallery, etc.)
  • Compatibility and support for Custom Post Type Images;

Our WordPress SEO Plugin is a huge time-saver. It will improve your ranking on image keywords and allow you to attract new visitors on your blog, gallery or website.

What about the Premium?

Image SEO is free for small websites (10 images optimization every month).We have monthly and one-shot premium plans starting from 4,99€ for for E-Commerce, Photographers, Marketplace, and SEO Specialists. We offer professional support to premium users and payment are secured by Stripe. Discover our pricing here :

Image SEO Ressources

If you want to learn about everything about Image SEO have a look at our site. We have ultimate guides about image SEO optimization, Alternative texts, EXIF Data, Figure and Figcaption, image compression and loading-time, Title text and Title tag, Legend, srcset attribute, responsive images, Lazy load, image sitemaps, etc, etc.


Renaming (or moving) files is a dangerous process. Before doing anything in bulk, try renaming your files on by one, then check if the references (in your pages) have been updated properly. The renaming can’t cover all use cases, as some plugins are unfortunately using unconventional ways to encode the usage of the files. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to backup your files and database in order to enjoy this plugin at its full extent.

  • Support and Updates

Bilder optimieren ; Suchmaschinenoptimierung ; Posicionamiento en buscadores; optimización en motores de búsqueda ; Optimizar imágenes para los motores de búsqueda

Capturi ecran


Minimum Requirements for Image Seo

  • WordPress 4.5 or greater
  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/image seo directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

Întrebări frecvente

What is an alternative text?

An alt tag, also known as „alt attribute” and „alt description,” is an HTML attribute applied to image tags to provide a text alternative for search engines. Images with alt texts positively impact SEO. (ie : ).

Do I lose my alts if I downgrade my plan ?

Of course not ! You will keep the alt texts we generated for you.

Do you provide image compression ?

Not yet, we leave it to our friends from Imagify.

Do you optimize image title ?

Image title is not relevant for SEO. We don’t optimize image title attributes.

Does Image SEO integrates with other plugins?

We are compatible with almost every plugin including : Featured Images, WooCommerce, NextGen Photo Gallery, Responsive Photo Gallery, FooGallery, Custom Post Type Images. ImageSEO also works with every image version : – full-sized optimized image, – full-sized WebP image, – optimized thumbnails, – WebP thumbnails.

Is Image SEO available in my language?

Image SEO currently supports English and French.
To help us translate Image SEO in your language, contact us


15 iulie 2021
Ease of use was an important factor for me and ImageSEO is really simple to use. A little expensive but I was able to fill in over 2000 alternative texts without any headaches!
9 iulie 2021
Viel zu teures Plugin, das können andere kostenlos oder für wesentlich weniger Geld. Zum Beispiel für eine einmalige Lizenzgebühr. Dieses Plugin berechnet pro Bild.
9 iunie 2021
I tried this on 6 of my images, and it gave completely innacurate results. It seems to take into account some machine learning as well as your page description text, but without giving you any granular control, and picking bad words. Fo example, i uploaded a celebrity portrait, and the only "alt" tags it gave were "forehead" and "skin". Useless.
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Istoric modificări

2.0.5 (06-26-2021)

  • Removed: Wizard after activate plugin
  • Improved: wording

2.0.4 (06-16-2021)

  • Bugfix: Timeout on register
  • Bugfix: social media meta
  • New: Integration with NextGEN Gallery
  • Next: Bulk gallery NextGEN
  • Bugfix: Check new filename
  • Bugfix: Prevent bulk page if limit excedeed

2.0.3 (05-06-2021)

  • Bugfix: Save options for social network images

2.0.2 (05-04-2021)

  • New: Wizard during activation to guide you through the plugin.

2.0.1 (04-26-2021)

  • Improved: Replacing all custom thumbnails in WordPress
  • Bugfix: on upload rename file

2.0.0 (04-19-2021)

  • New: Complete redesign of the UI/UX
  • New: Removed aliases and added real file renaming.
  • Improved: Bulk performance

1.3.2 (02-22-2021)

  • New: Creation of a new more efficient bulk process
  • Bugfix: Undefined index on social media head

1.3.1 (09-07-2020)

  • Improved: background process for processing images
  • Improved: no permanent updating of the social network image
  • Bugfix: Flush rewrite rules after an update

1.3.0 (08-19-2020)

  • New API

1.2.13 (08-12-2020)

  • Improved: plugin performance

1.2.12 (07-01-2020)

  • Bugfix: Correction of the custom format on the bulk process
  • Bugfix: Repairing the button to generate a social image when editing a post
  • Improved: Added an action to force the shutdown of a bulk process if it is crashed

1.2.11 (06-25-2020)

  • Improved: The bulk process. It is possible to quit your browser
  • Changed: The manual generation of a social image is no longer a background process.

1.2.10 (04-02-2020)

  • Bugfix: Fix parser to insert pinterest metas
  • Bugfix: Sanitize title of filenames to avoid spaces

1.2.9 (04-02-2020)

  • Bugfix: Error notice PHP for users who have not added their API key
  • Removal of file renaming option for NGinx servers

1.2.8 (03-23-2020)

  • Improved: Add compatibility rename file with Imagify
  • [NEW]: We can replace the alts in fro on any type of content (Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc…).

1.2.7 (03-16-2020)

  • [NEW] : New process to rename images. Completely safe!
  • Improved : Checking for images that no longer exist in the library during bulk

1.2.6 (03-08-2020)

  • Improved: Remove cache report so that the data is always up to date
  • Improved: Image query improvement

1.2.5 (03-01-2020)

  • New: Social card compatible with Rank Math
  • Remove bulk filename
  • Improved: Process rename and alt on upload file

1.2.4 (02-26-2020)

  • Bugfix: Updating the cache on the image counter
  • Improved: Background image counter processing (performance improvement)
  • Improved: Possibility to go back on a file name change
  • Remove useless files
  • Removing autoload from some options
  • Removing the duration of permanent image redirections (htaccess)

1.2.3 (02-19-2020)

  • Bugfix: Selection of the default language at the time of upload
  • Clean template settings files

1.2.2 (02-08-2020)

  • Improved: Loading social media images in post list
  • Update of the Image SEO PHP library

1.2.1 (02-04-2020)

  • Update of the Image SEO PHP library
  • Improved: Removing old social media images.
  • Improved: wording

1.2.0 (01-31-2020)

  • [NEW]: Social card optimizer. We automatically generate images for social networks.
  • Improved: Performance bulk optimization for alt and media filename.
  • Improved: Performance query SQL .
  • Bugfix: Support spaces (first element) in htaccess

1.1.4 (01-24-2020)

  • Improved: security
  • Improved: design

1.1.3 (01-18-2020)

  • [New]: Possibility to use a custom template to rename alternative texts
  • [New]: Shortcode compatible with SEOPress
  • Improved: Improved bulk performance
  • Bugfix: Support for filename spaces in htaccess
  • Bugfix: Fixed SQL query for empty alts

1.1.2 (01-12-2020)

  • Bugfix: Fixed query for bulk on empty alts
  • Improved: Ability to manually edit the results of the bulk (alt and filename)
  • [New]: You can rename the file names in your library
  • Improved: Added a new template for alt with Yoast’s focus keywords

1.1.1 (01-10-2020)

  • Bugfix: Calculating the remaining credit percentage
  • Bugfix: Generate report attachement on manual action

1.1.0 (01-08-2020)

  • [NEW]: New design and global improvement of the plugin
  • Add: Ability to manually validate bulk results
  • Add: You can choose among 3 different alt templates during bulk optimization with a WooCommerce specific template
  • Add: It is possible to filter the images that you want to optimize.
  • Improved: You can block file renaming with a WordPress filter in your content database (useful for specific content such as Beaver Builder).

1.0.22 (20-10-2019)

  • Bugfix: Case sensitive on file renaming

1.0.21 (12-10-2019)

  • Improved: Improvement of mass optimization to use only the credits necessary for the optimization of empty alts only.
  • Improved: Prevention of infinite redirection loops on writing htaccess rules.

1.0.20 (12-09-2019)

  • Bugfix: Correction of the calculation of the images to be optimized with the alternative text

1.0.19 (12-03-2019)

  • Improved: Renaming your old file name by new ones throughout your database
  • Add: Creation of 301 permanent redirections for your images that change their name. (Only Apache, soon Nginx)
  • Bugfix: Consideration of images that have never had an alt (=empty) in media library filters

1.0.18 (12-01-2019)

  • New: You can register an account directly in the plugin
  • Improved: Improvement of the overview

1.0.17 (11-17-2019)

  • New: You can filter your library according to the filling of your alternative texts
  • Improved: Possibility to know the traffic gain you should get after optimization
  • Improved: Help to choose your image credit needs

1.0.16 (10-14-2019)

  • Improved: Adding features for developers
  • Bugfix: Unlocking the translation for „one time” purchases

1.0.15 (09-17-2019)

  • Bugfix: Consideration of additional credits on the meter purchased separately
  • Improved: Automatic support for images hosted on a bucket

1.0.14 (06-14-2019)

  • Bugfix: Separation of the 2 bulk options during the alts update
  • Improved: Support for unnecessary”.”” in upload file names

1.0.13 (05-24-2019)

  • Bugfix: Rename file on bulk optimization
  • Improved: Use cache request to avoid consuming too many images

1.0.12 (05-11-2019)

  • Bugfix: Error when replacing the file name if the account was full
  • Improved : Admin notice if the configuration is not completed

1.0.11 (05-03-2019)

  • Bugfix: Error on upload directly image

1.0.10 (05-02-2019)

  • Add : Language support to generate file names / alts

1.0.9 (04-28-2019)

  • Improved : esc_attr on data attribute for Pinterest
  • Add : automatically rename files during upload
  • Add : Featured image support

1.0.8 (04-28-2019)

  • Add : Manage data attribute for Pinterest
  • Improved : Bulk optimization

1.0.7 (04-24-2019)

  • Changed: Improve alt generator

1.0.6 (04-09-2019)

  • Changed: Update library PHP for new API

1.0.5 (03-12-2019)

  • Changed: Update library PHP for improve get mime types

1.0.4 (03-05-2019)

  • Changed: Improve wording
  • Changed: Improve rename file

1.0.3 (02-16-2019)

  • Changed : Improve rename file
  • Changed : Light settings
  • Changed : Improve bulk optimization

1.0.2 (02-09-2019)

  • Changed : prevent limitation images

1.0.1 (02-07-2019)

  • Changed : add start and stop on optimization bulk

1.0.0 (02-04-2019)

  • Initial version