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Acest modul a fost închis la data de 20 iunie 2023 și nu mai este disponibil pentru descărcare. Această închidere este permanentă. Motiv: Cerere autor.


27 aprilie 2018
This plugin in its free version is complete and but there is a bug with the plain text tooltip ! That’s why you get those bad marks I guess. The plain text tooltip field is sometimes not visible. I had to refresh to see this option and not only the pro option „Tooltip builder”. I tried this because I saw your reply speaking of this free option but otherwise I would have uninstalled. Great plugin by the way.
30 martie 2018
This is the best plugin that exists of image mapping. It is the perfect plugin. The work on this plugin is incredible, I did not see such a good plugin. Congratulations, guys, continue like this. Update it please, do not let this wonder get lost.
23 februarie 2018 1 răspuns
This plugin is worth WAY more than they are charging. The free light version has it’s limits and does not give the full impression of it capabilities, but with the PRO is powerful!! It is a bit difficult to understand how to use, at first, but once you understand, you are out rolling! Awesome plugin guys. Great work.
13 ianuarie 2018 4 răspunsuri
Agree with @worels. Not possible to fill a tooltip without buying a ‘Content Builder’. Pity…
11 ianuarie 2018 1 răspuns
You cannot even test this plugin, because even if you want to add a simple tooltip for a shape, you have to „purchase a Content Builder”. So it’s just a try to fool you with a „cat in the sack”.
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