GunTab Payment Gateway


GunTab is the only transaction platform built for firearm and ammunition e-commerce. It enables you pay and get paid safely online. Learn more at

Activate the plugin in WordPress

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for „GunTab”.
  3. Select „Install Now”.
  4. After installation is complete, select „Activate”.

Enable the plugin in WooCommerce

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments.
  2. Select to enable „GunTab Payments”.
  3. Select „Save changes”.
  4. After the page reloads, select to „Manage” GunTab Payments. Now you may set your preferences.


Alter the invoice data before it gets sent to GunTab.


use GunTab\Api\GunTab\Abstracts\Invoice;

function guntabAlterInvoice(Invoice $invoice, \WC_Order $order) {
// Your code
return $invoice;

add_filter(‘guntab_alter_invoice’, ‘guntabAlterInvoice’);

Alter the order status when the status must change due to a webhook request from GunTab.


function getNewOrderStatus(string $suggestedStatus, \stdClass $jsonDataFromGunTab) {
// Your code
return ‘wc-complete’; // Choose a different WooCommerce order status based on $jsonDataFromGunTab->status

add_filter(‘guntab_get_new_order_status’, ‘getNewOrderStatus’, 10, 2);


Called when GunTab sends a request to your webhook endpoint. It runs after the plugin processes the request.


function your_function_name(\WC_Order $order, \stdClass $postedJsonData) {
// Your code

add_action(‘guntab_on_webhook’, ‘your_function_name’, 10, 2);

Capturi ecran

  • Plugin Settings
  • WooCommerce Gateway Settings
  • Checkout Module

Întrebări frecvente

If you have any questions, please visit the GunTab Help Center.


Nu există nicio verificare pentru acest modul.

Contributori și dezvoltatori

„GunTab Payment Gateway” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări

  • 0.1.5

Bugfix: Fatal error due to missing file when running on PHP8. Example: „Failed opening required ‘…wp-content/plugins/guntab-payment-gateway/vendor/symfony/polyfill-mbstring/bootstrap80.php'”
Bugfix: „Add to Cart” button can lead to a 404 error page.
Bugfix: „Deprecated: Non-static method GunTab\GunTabPaymentGateway::quick_checkout_redirect() should not be called statically”

  • 0.1.4

Bugfix: Remove more type hints in an attempt to be unofficially compatible with PHP 5.

  • 0.1.3

Bugfix: Although this plugin officially requires PHP 7 or higher, we have removed type hints in an attempt to be unofficially compatible with PHP 5.

  • 0.1.2

Bugfix: Two buttons appearing for quick checkout.
Bugfix: Settings content going outside container.
Eliminate warning about get_product_from_item().

  • 0.1.1

Bugfix: „An active PHP session was detected”.
Bugfix: Nullable property types.
Replace third-party framework dependency with self-managed version.

  • 0.1.0

Initial beta version.